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Swearing in of Ministers on Friday

His Excellency the Governor of Sint Maarten, drs. E.B. Holiday, received the final report of formateur Theodore Heyliger.

The formateur has accepted the commission to form a new government that has a majority in Parliament and that consists of Ministers who are committed to the promotion of the wellbeing of Sint Maarten and dedicated to jointly execute the UP/I-2 Governing Accord, agreed upon by the coalition partners United People’s Party, independent Member of Parliament Van Hugh C. de Weever and independent Member of Parliament Mrs. Leona Marlin-Romeo .

The formateur has nominated the following persons for appointment as Ministers and Minister Plenipotentiary:
1. Mr. Marcel F. Gumbs, Prime Minister, also Minister of General Affairs and – in the interim – Acting Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure;
2. Mr. Dennis L. Richardson, Minister of Justice and – in the interim – Acting Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labour;
3. Mr. Martinus J. Hassink, Minister of Finance;
4. Mrs. Rita A. Bourne-Gumbs, Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports;
5. Mr. Claret M. Connor, Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication
6. Mrs. Josiane Fleming-Artsen, Minister Plenipotentiary

The vetting of the nominated Prime-Minister, Ministers and Minister Plenipotentiary, based on the pertinent regulations regulating the appointment of ministers, has not produced any data that could impede their appointment and swearing-in.

The Governor has scheduled the appointment and swearing-in of the Prime-Minister, the Ministers and the Minister Plenipotentiary on December 19, 2014, 15.00 hours, at the Governor’s Office. After the ceremony, the Governor and the newly appointed Ministers will have the constituting meeting in the A.C. Wathey legislative hall.


Here’s photos, they have the audio in the media room turned down, I guess so that the media can’t hear what they’re talking about…SOS, anyway.

They turned the volume has been turned up it’s about SXM and Kingdom relations

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Yesterday as I was heading to Parliament- some minutes late because of the police calls, I ran into Theo Heyliger and Cornelius de Weever on their way out. I asked Theo almost jokingly who he had call me at the police station to distract me from the meeting. Theo greeted me as usual, laughed said it wasn’t me. Then Cornelius was right behind him- and Cornelius actually nodded to me and said hello. Very unusual, considering the last time he spoke to me, was the incident on Frontstreet when he was Minister-Leroy was Parliamentarian, and Leroy kneed me and took my Samsung. Cornelius and I used to speak fine before that. Had Cornelius been able to talk sense into his uncle, had the police been able to talk sense into his uncle. Leroy wouldn’t have lost his Parliament seat, nor his bid to become Minister. I can look Cornelius de Weever and ANY de Weever in the eye- and I do boldly- because I wasn’t the one who robbed them, or did them wrong. St Maarteners love to preach about equality and democracy, but some have very little self worth, because nobody should be able to commit a crime against you and get away, even if they are a Parliamentarian or Minister- even if they are supposed to have immunity. I can look Cornelius, Millicent and Leroy in the eyes, because my karma is clean. I did not approach or contact Leroy de Weever that day. I had a verbal exchange with his sister Millicent. Millicent came cold- but I came back colder. She didn’t like that- it was like ‘how dare she?’ in the country where we preach of “equality”. TO THIS DAY MY SAMSUNG HAS NOT BEEN REPLACED OR RETURNED- AND PEOPLE WONDER WHY I AM HOLDING ON TO THIS. My work equipment- freshly bought from my Google adsense money was STOLEN days after it was bought- and never returned. Taco Stein is either incompetent or ‘bought’- simple, because the case is simple enough, and there are enough witnesses. I will NEVER let it go, until there are amends- and if they don’t believe me, they can ask Julian Rollocks how forgiving I am. Guess what? You can’t forgive someone who refuses to acknowledge how they’ve wronged you. Can someone explain that to the de Weevers? Cornelius de Weever, I believe is the one who made the greatest error in judgement, and even greater error than Leroy de Weever. Cornelius had assisted me in getting my SVB, gone out of his way to help me, so we were on speaking terms- and politically neutral terms. Cornelius was there the whole time, he did not encourage his uncle, in fact when his uncle smashed my phone to the ground, Connie picked it up and put it back together. The bicycle patrol then approached Leroy to do the right thing, he drove away to ‘attend a meeting’. I went to the hospital, I filed a report at the police station with Van Dam, and the case was handed over to the Lands Recherche. The Lands Recherche eventually handed the case over to the Prosecutor- and Taco Stein, who has been stalling- according to my sources for various reasons, including cronyism. In all this time, in all these months- before the elections, they could have tried to settle this. THEY ROBBED ME! Yet, I lost and could not get back my SVB, they ran to Bibi Hodge Shaw to run the slander campaign- but all they were doing was setting themselves and Bibi up….. who attacked Connie more than Bibi when he defected? :) When Bibi got blows all over the internet- which de Weever stood up and defended her? That’s right,none they hate her guts. These people are supposed to be intelligent, and they thought that running to Bibi Shaw, and kissing Taco Steins ass, or dropping my SVB would make me cave and drop the charges? That shows you how well these people know me. Rather than Cornelius simply getting his lawyers together with me, a mediator, the prosecutor, my legal representatives, acknowledging fault and making amends- they decided to drag out the court case- hoping that I would back down- or die or something. Nope! How much has my $200 Samsung Tablet cost Leroy and Cornelius de Weever? It soon came out that Leroy getting intoxicated and physically assaulting people was the ‘norm’ for him, so when I filed charges- his own best ex-best friends, and family who he had assaulted all had to stop me to tell me their story. It’s a pattern. According to my DP Board sources, Sarah used the charges and the case as a reason to not run Leroy on the slate, instead she used Cornelius- don’t pretend that Leroy wanted to retired, because if he did he wouldn’t be trying to get Minister, he would be relaxing at his ranch in Virginia. Let’s calculate.. Parliamentarians are paid over $500.000 in their four year term- and the make even MORE under the table, and with their perks, benefits, chauffeured rides, personal staff etc. Ministers make even more, and get even more under the table. So far that $200 dollar Tablet has cost Leroy over 1 MILLION dollars, and we’re not even including lawyers fees, and the people who google “Tendall Real Estate, and read about exactly what a monster Leroy is. Yet they won’t settle- because that would be admitting to wrong doing. So they will continue to lose millions over that $200 dollar Samsung. Had my case which was titled “The Potfish” case by the Lands Recherche, not been valid. The first thing Leroy de Weever would have done was to counter sue for defamation, and character assassination, legit charges, considering he is a public figure, and his ‘reputation’ and ‘popularity’ contribute directly to his income. Leroy de Weever is a man with a lot of lawyers, who loves to threaten to sue. I have the entire Parliament witness him- on camera- screaming at me that he would SUE me, because I had posted some photos with him, Cor Merx and Roy Marlin- and I had titled the post “The Plot Thickens”- Leroy rushed up Parliament stairs and in front of everyone threaten to sue me, because he claimed that I insinuated that he was plotting. Now a person like that- wouldn’t they sue over something as serious as this? You’ve been accused of assault, battery, theft, death threats and destruction of property, but you don’t run to your lawyers to counter sue- get the case to court quickly before the elections, and clear your name.. No, you run to Bibi Hodge Shaw- and claimed harassment when you sought me out that day, I hadn’t spoken nor seen you- I had spoken to your sister. How much more money will this little Samsung cost the de Weevers? Well they know by now that I will NEVER let it go. Several months ago, out of the blue- certain departments under Cornelius de Weever, who had been ignoring and even slandering me for months, actually got very nice with me. Started assisting me, anything I needed. Now my first reaction when people are being nice to me in St Maarten is.. where’s the catch? What are their ulterior motives? Turns out, Cornelius and company KNEW that they would try to appoint Leroy, so they started acting ‘nice’, when all they had to do was admit to their wrong-doing and settle the case- in or out of court… How STUPID are they? It doesn’t matter how nice you are to me now, when you STILL have my stolen equipment, and STILL have never admitted to wrongdoing- but instead LIED!!! How do you forgive and let go…… when the person never admits to doing anything to be forgiven for? I am here typing on my HP Windows 8, as I’m backing up my Samsung Windows 7, and editing on an Apple Mac…AND I STILL WANT RESTITUTION FROM MY LITTLE SAMSUNG TABLET!!! I STILL WILL NOT LET IT GO! If you’ve been robbed, and you know who robbed you and up to a year later, they want forgiveness but haven’t returned your property, would you give in? If you would, you would be a fool. I will be visiting Taco Stein, but in all honesty, I can’t expect the man who was involved in the cover up of a missing teenager- Natalee Hollaway to do the right thing. Our Police chief Peter de Witter, Taco Stein and Hans Mos are like those pedophile priests, who when they molested children would simply be transferred. After the Natalee Holloway case, and Peter, Taco and Hans’ connection to the covering up and botching the case in which the main suspect Joran Van der Sloot dad was their CLOSE FRIEND AND ASSOCIATE, they should have been forced to resign, not sent to St Maarten to be involved in more crime, and to botch more cases. Like I told Taco Stein’s assistant- I will be at the Prosecutors Office in my own due time. This case, which should have been a minor matter, will continue to HAUNT all parties involved- it’s not going away. Cornelius de Weever, I can boldly look you in the eyes, because I never assaulted you, or threatened you, or stole your equipment- that’s why I can look you in the eyes, and you have to look away- uncomfortable- I bet you thought that one year later, that whole bachannal that went down on Frontstreet will be over-right? Guess what? If you so called ‘elite’ don’t do the right, moral, ethical thing- 12 months from now- 24 months from now this case will still be haunting you- still costing you money. The Prosecutors office because they are tight with Leroy might not punish you, but that’s all right, since you evidently are good at punishing yourselves :)


PHILIPSBURG–An investigation into police officer A.v.H., who was alleged to have subjected an ex-partner to a serious domestic-related assault, has now been extended after new allegations were made against the officer.

Van Heynigen woman beater attempted murder
Van Heynigen woman beater attempted murder

Spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s Office Tineke Kamps confirmed this to The Daily Herald on Friday. The report into the initial allegations had just been completed, but had not yet been assessed by the Prosecutor’s Office to determine if the police officer would be prosecuted.

A.v.H. remains suspended on full pay until such time that he is either convicted or acquitted. If he is acquitted, he could still be subject to an internal police investigation to see if he has committed any misconduct offences, for which he can be disciplined within the organisation.



Attempted Assassination in Belvedere.
This all was the cause of the UP minister Maurice lake with his b2b bullshit story.
Minister Maurice Lake you are a blatant lier, what you did put out there in the media is to save your ass to get wacked.
You did use my name in your story, One thing you forgot : others called me already to tell me don’t worry because they know it was nothing close like that.
It is you that wanted to lock them the fuck up.
I never did anything on my own that bullshit story you leaving the SXM people to believe.
Minister Maurice Lake let me tell you something: you are more criminal than the criminals out there.
Again this is for the SXM people to know: UP minister Maurice lake fabricated his story to set me up thinking that they will not come behind of him.
But as you can see GOD give a chance to see when your day is coming.
No Minister Maurice lake, you are wrong fucking lier you want to wash your hands.
Come out and tell St.Maarten who all you wanted lock up, don’t use me a scape goat.
What are you afraid of, if they had killed me you wouldn’t be green it would of turn RED from BLOOD!!!
I don’t blame the hitman neither the contractor, I blame you Maurice Lake.
Elston Fos


1) Some call them ‘rabbits’, some call them ‘frogs’, but there’s about to be some more jumping next week according to my sources-and Theo’s ‘newly in formation government’ might be just another failed effort.


2) Those reporting that Henry Lynch cannot be found in Dutch St Maarten, and is hiding out in French St Maarten, please check the brothels. We know that brothels are only legal in Dutch St Maarten, and according to my sources- he’s been kickin’ back with the girls. So anyone who is claiming that they can’t find Henry Lynch, isn’t really looking for him… now are they?


3) Henry Lynch evidently was suspended from the SMHDF, according to some he used Government supplies to build his own house or business or whatever- it’s the VROMI method and it’s been going on for years. Don’t forget I have all of those Fowler- ex head of SMHDF emails- I have, and I have posted the behind the scenes chicanery going on at the SMHDF- I also have emails and documents on the games certain VROMI big fish have been playing, and that’s why the ‘own’ so much land, property, businesses and homes- built on STOLEN material.

4)Also someone attempted to kill SMHDF board member Elston Fos, but the gun jammed. As soon as that story broke, people were quick to point out that Henry Lynch ( who they claimed had been getting a Minister coalition when the USPS/NA/DP had a coalition) had either served time for murder or manslaughter, and of course fingers were quick to point to him online, considering that he was involved in the death of someone.

I guess we will all find out when the court date happens- unless of course the main witness dies before the case actually starts like “Masbangu”, where the main witness mysteriously died of ‘natural causes’

6) Roger Gregory Koeiman, former Parliamentarian Romain Laville’s former bodyguard who was busted shipping all those tons of cocaine to the United States CAN be extradicted to the USA, that is according to some higher court ruling.


Netherlands: Rogelio Gregory Koeiman

                                                                 Application for the appointment of a Commissioner to collect evidence for a criminal investigation in the Netherlands into Rogelio Gregory Koeiman for alleged narcotics trafficking andmoney laundering.                          

DOCUMENT.PDFFile Size: 1.64 MB




xxx / xx / xxxx

Case Number:

Xx Xx Xx




Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxxx

Court Name – US Federal:

Xx Xxxxxx Xxxx

Requesting Jurisdiction:

Xxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx

WILLEMSTAD — Rogelio Gregory Koeiman, un eks-polis, ta detené pa ekstradishon pa Merka. A detené huntu ku dos otro persona mas e siman aki. Awor aki lo mester bai kuminsá e proseso pa ekstradit’é pa Merka, entre otro a base di sospecho di trafikashon di droga. Detenshon di e trio ta posibel pasobra Merka i Kòrsou tin un akuerdo di koperashon hudisial. E dos paisnan por pidi pa detene sospechosonan riba nan teritorio den kuadro di loke ta konosí komo un “rechtshulpverzoek”.

Koeiman a traha na Kòrsou, Aruba i Sint Maarten. Ultimamemnte e tabata fungi komo bodyguard di e parlamentario Romain Laville. Den pasado e tabata un di e sospechosonan prinsipal den e kaso di asesinato di e músiko Gabi Castillo den Roodeweg durante di Marcha di Despedida. Wes a konsiderá ku no tabatin sufisiente prueba kontra dje no opstante ku OM a pidi un kastigu di prizon di 15 aña na e okashon ei. El a sali liber di e kaso ei. Koeiman sinembargo tabata enbolbí den diferente otro kaso. Despues ku el a sinta e kastigunan  el a bai biba na Sint Maarten.

Lo por dura algun siman, kisas luna promé ku e ekstradishon pa Merka materialisá. Esei lo dependé si e sospechosonan lo hasi uso di nan derechi pa bringa e ekstradishon tantu den prome instansha, apelashon i kisas te na cassatie.rogelio



7) Dear Dutch………… investigator, detective, inspector……… whatever you want to call yourself- whether its you, the RST, The Marecheusseuse, The Lands Recherche, the VDSM, The Curacao spies, or anybody else who you are tracking and tracing in government- PLEASE TURN DOWN YOUR MICROPHONES WHEN TAPPING THE PHONES!!! This is not paranoia, they told me that the government in formation was crumbling again, and I didn’t believe it, until the feeds in my phone came back. There’s nothing that I say or email, that I don’t expect to be recorded or read- so tap away, but TURN DOWN your microphones, so that I can have a decent conversation. Right now we are assisting Andrew Richardson (Mighty Baker Jr) In getting his wife body back to St Maarten for a proper funeral. The microphone feedbacks on my phone is making it impossible for me to establish and maintain communication. So once again- please turn down your microphones, I’ll even speak in Dutch if that makes it easier for you to understand.

Basically I’ve been speaking to EVERY politician to see if they will donate/contribute towards the Richardson family. I’ve been speaking to DP/USPS/NA/UP/Independent- even Jacinto Mock’s little party, now communication is becoming impossible.

Right now, other than Gracita Arrindell and Christopher Emmanuel- few other politicians have stepped up- which is something I will write about soon.

so that’s the latest in what’s going on with your government vs the Dutch government.

To assist and contribute to the Richardson family contact:

721 586 2783

thank you


His ego was big enough to have full size placards of himself in Supermarkets such as A FOO, but guess what folks? Minister of Health Cornelius de Weever is too busy wheeling and dealing to actually do his job, or fulfill his promises.

Since Hurricane Gonzalo, assistance for those who had property damage was PROMISED by Cornelius de Weever. Gonzalo, I believe struck in early October, for over a month now Minister of Health Cornelius de Weever- also Parliamentarian de Weever is so busy trying to appoint one of his under-qualified, un-educated, unethical, immoral, criminal and straight up crooked family members as a Minister- he’s forgotten ALL his pledges and promises.

Cornelius de Weever too busy trying to appoint his crooked and criminal family. He started with Millicent, but Millicent’s career died the day her brother Leroy de Weever publicly slapped her off the stage in a drunken rage- since then she’s been working at Speentjes Notary- evidently to lose people’s deeds and documents- and don’t be surprised when down the line, those very same deeds are documents turn up as “de Weever” property.

Then rather than actually working on the situation of people not receiving enough food, they did a big charade and photo op on the frontpage, proudly proclaiming their “NEW” food assistance program- BULLSHIT!!!

They added me to the program- I did not ask, but I was curious. This Food Stamp b.s. is such a low budget farce, that I can’t get into it without laughing.

I am not being ungrateful because the only ones who benefited off that little food package was the dog and the cats.  I guess allergies etc don’t matter- they pick up the cheapest, most generic crap to give you as your ‘food donations”.

My dog and cats thank Minister de Weever and the Labor office for the cheapest cans of sardines ever, along with the tuna. My cats also thank them for the powder milk- considering that I’m lactose intolerant, I would only drink their milk if I were constipated, and needed a good cleansing. I took a photo of their little ‘care package’, that’s supposed to be ‘non-political’ and assist…… :)

Let me go inspect the box again




1) They give you what you want, and it has to be the cheapest, most generic brand.

2) They don’t care about allergies, reactions to certain foods, they give you what they want.

3) I am not being ungrateful, when the cats and dogs start complaining about the ‘quality’ or lack there of of the food, THEN they can be called ungrateful, because only my cats and dog have benefited from this ‘care package.

4) Since I can eat neither Sardines nor Tuna because of doctors orders “NO PICKLED PRODUCTS” e.g. canned sardines or tuna… so the cats, sincerely thanks Social Services for being able to eat tuna and sardines for a few days.- they never asked me if I could consume the product- they don’t care- AND THIS CAME FROM LE GRANDE MARCHE! As you see the can of sardines are opened, the cats INDULGED this morning.

5) There’s the powdered Nido milk- except I’m lactose intolerant- which means I only drink milk if I’m constipated and I need a good ‘ethnic cleansing of the bowels’, however the kittens THANK social services- they have at least two weeks of ‘creamy milk’ for their bowl.

6)You see the lowest quality IGA Corn Flakes- but without milk, I assume somebody will be happy with it, I can give it to someone who can eat it- or the birds would really appreciate it this christmas

7) There’s 2 pounds of flour, but no baking soda, so I will have to learn how to make ‘tortillas’ or I’ll put together some hard johnny cakes for Josephine the dog, she likes to play with them before she eats them.

8) I was given a packet of spaghetti, but no sauce- I was also given a can of Vienna sausage- which I can’t don’t eat. So I guess Josephine will be getting a nice X-mas meal of spaghetti and Vienna sausages.

9) I received a container of salt- which I will use to cleanse the house with ritualistically.

10) 2 cans of mixed vegetables in a can which I don’t/can’t eat… I guess someone will need it.

11) A can of tomato paste- with NO spaghetti sauce or anything to go along with it, so I guess I can add it to the vienna sausage, spaghetti meal for Josephine, I’m sure she’ll love it.

12) I got a jar of peanut butter- Social Services etc of all people know that peanut allergies can kill you- but that’s not important- PRETENDING to help the people is

13)Basically when they preen on the front page of the papers about socially assisting those in need to they need to break down the truth- they ONLY thing I got from them that I could actually consume was a small can of coffee


Cornelius seeing as YOU TOO are under investigation, since the Dutch are DYING to find out what you and Leroy TOOK in order to jump ship to the UPP party. I think you should settle your ass down, and assist the people like you promised.

You want to pretend that you’re helping the people and social issues, but you’re NOT- you too busy kicking at them ‘special clubs’, and trying to appoint YOUR RELATIVES to a position that they are NOT qualified for. I DARE you to appoint Keturah!  You don’t have enough fingers or toes to plug all the holes once that bucket busts!

I am busy right now- but I intend to stay on Cornelius de Weever’s ass ( it’s high enough to carry me) and call out the labor office on their bullshit.

Let me re-iterate, I am NOT ungrateful for anything except an 85 gram can of Nescafe instant coffee.

These ten thousand+ a month jokers won’t be there in a few months, whether they are arrested, or whether they are thrown out. They will not last.


antonio brown julian rollocks the way we were memories like the corner o my mind misty water colored memories



I got these videos and photos, and I also got photos of people protesting at the courthouse in “FREE BOB” shirts. Maybe “Bob” Robert Gibbs shouldn’t have been doing what he…. ahem.. was allegedly doing. I have THE FULL STORY- about this case, but it’s being written by an ‘insider’ as soon as I get all details and info, but here’s the gist..

It involves Taxand and Judith Brewster along with many other named involved in what is supposed to be fraud.

The people involved have not given me the full details— so until then!


Condolences to Andrew Richardson (King Baker Jr.) their son, and the Richardson family on the untimely passing of his wife  Fanillia Jahlivia Richardson, due to terminal cancer. This is a true tragedy, considering that she was also pregnant. We had an online prayer campaign- but she is suffering no more. RIP fanny. The Richardson family, need assistance with getting her body back to St Maarten. So this is also a public appeal to assist in fundings to get her body back for a proper burial.

I’ll be in Parliament today…. so I’ll see if anyone will step up with assistance.


721 553 7254

721 586 2783

011 590 690 101020

005 905 20993



rip fanny


Here’s the FULL story from the Daily Herald- now I KNOW why yesterday in the Parliament Media room— EXACTLY what Hilbert Haar and Alita Singhs INTERACTION was about- I might be blind, but you could ‘feel’ the vibe between the Daily Herald and the Today Paper. I said on Sunday and last night on the Edwin Gumbs program that Gibson HAD to resign- I’m glad he took my advice.

The Daily Herald covered it, now let’s see if The Today Paper covers it too :)

PHILIPSBURG–St. Maarten representative on the Committee for Financial Supervision CFT Richard Gibson Sr. has resigned from his post as of December 1. This leaves the country without a member on the committee that oversees its budget and finances.

The CFT confirmed Gibson Sr.’s resignation to The Daily Herald on Tuesday.

Prior to this, CFT Chairman Age Bakker had said during the committee’s quarterly visit to the country last week that Gibson and CFT had agreed to keep some “distance for now.” No information about the resignation was given during that visit.

Gibson’s resignation possibly was linked to his candidacy for the post of Finance Minister in what is said to be the Marcel Gumbs Cabinet. However, his candidacy is said to be in doubt now due to some legal complaints filed against him that have affected his security and integrity screenings.

Whether the incoming government will reappoint Gibson Sr. or opt for a new representative on CFT is not known.


Richard Gibson, attorney and the owner of The Today Paper in St Maarten, is an atheist, like his ‘editor’ Hilbert Haar. Together they run the Today Paper. When you read Hilbert Haar’s profile on his “Smashmouth” account, you will see that he describes The Today Paper as a “muckraker”, and that is the ONLY time Hilbert Haar has ever spoken the truth about his so called newspaper.

I mention this because atheist with egos are their own “GOD”, therefore they believe that they can get away with anything with impunity- because who’s going to tell them what to do?

They don’t believe in God, but they do believe that they are their own God, I’m not religious- but I believe in a higher universal power- some call it Karma!

Everyone noted yesterday, that althought The Daily Herald, and the online blogs and news sites clearly stated that Richard Gibson, attorney and owner of the Today Paper failed the screening to become Minister- there was not ONE report in The Today Paper about their owner failing the screening. In fact, Editor Hilbert Haar, never even wrote what is supposed to be a HUGE political story- considering that after months of effort, we still have no government.

That tells you exactly what type of ‘newspaper’ The Today Paper actually is. Hilbert Haar posted the story on the front page about the new CFT meeting on Friday, he conveniently omitted the fact that Richard Gibson- did NOT attend the meeting.

When Richard Gibson was first appointed to the CFT (they are supposed to investigate any illegal or unethical actions in government) I openly asked the Dutch if they were crazy. How could they appoint a man known not for his legal skills, but for his illicit, underhanded, immoral, unethical- and some might say downright ILLEGAL actions?

How are you a member of the CFT as you are blatantly abusing and exploiting children? And nobody can pretend that these allegations concerning Richard Gibson Sr abusing a child is new, since it has been an open ‘secret’ for years that many have complained about being sexually harassed and abused by Richard Gibson Sr? The only surprise concerning the new allegations, is that the victim was a female.

The Today Paper is as “fair and balanced” as the Fox News Network.

The Today Paper is an admitted ‘muckraker’ created by Richard Gibson Sr, in order to level the playing field when it came to people questioning his scummy actions.

The Today Paper was created NOT to be an alternative news source, but to attack anyone who dared to tell the truth about Attorney Richard Gibson’s dirty and unethical actions. It was created to scare people into remaining silent- so that attorney Richard Gibson could do as much dirt as he wanted, without being questioned or confronted- less they be slandered by his publication.

He hired Hilbert Haar, a Dutchman with a questionable past, and a history of abusing women and misogynistic tendencies, and they formed the perfect partnership.

Attorney Richard Gibson, I will admit does have some intelligence, and so does Hilbert Haar- but they made one FATAL error.

Without ever having met me, or questioned me- or confirmed any information about me, they decided to slander and libel me- at the behest of Gibson’s pal Julian Rollocks.

That was a fatal error. The slander and libel was supposed to DESTROY me, but what it did was compel me to set up a blog- to counter their lies. And as you can see now, four years later- my blogs have exponentially more readers daily than The Today Paper, The Daily Herald, SXM Island Times and SMN- News COMBINED.

Before I got to St Maarten I had never blogged in my life- when I busted my ass for months doing work for the DP and Julian Rollocks as I tried to support my dying mother- rather than doing the right thing, and paying me for my work. Julian Rollocks in the old Parliament building threatened to ‘gutter’ me. That was supposed to scare me into not demanding the money that I had rightfully worked for- so I told him okay…….. I will simply set up a blog site- telling the truth about you, and your methods of getting people to work for you, then scamming them and not paying them. As soon as they demand their rightful payment-then you slander them? I said… “Go right ahead…”

I could tell him that, because I knew that I was doing, and had done nothing illegal. Julian Rollocks was fully aware that I was self employed taking care of my mother with alzheimers and her only support was her pension. My brothers- Jeffrey, who beat my mother mercilessly, and James Roumou- who chose to ALLOW his mother to be beaten contributed NOTHING to my mothers care in the two years I took care of her. When I confronted James at Gijsbertha notary- James who is also a woman beater, but scared of men- REFUSED to assist his mother. He told me he wanted ‘no drama’.

Elton Jones sat in the office with Julian Rollocks that day, as they both laughed at me- and I do have some video and photos in the old Parliament that day.

I set up a site, and began to blog the TRUTH about my experiences. Julian Rollocks who was both Sarah Wescot Williams and Erno Labega’s advisors at that time HAD the power to run, to The Daily Herald, and I was accused of being everything from being a stripper, prostitute, drug addict, extortionist, blackmailer etc- and they used Antonio Carlo Brown of GEBE also to jump in with the libel and slander.

However, words can only destroy you if they are TRUE- and as you can see- I’m still standing :) most of them are NOT.

I went to the Daily Herald, and spoke to the editor/owner. I said “I am Judith Roumou, you published lies about me without even calling me to verify the story and to see my evidence that I am telling the truth, and they are slandering me out of revenge and spite.” The response from the Daily Herald editor, was that he could do nothing, because at the time Julian Rollocks was a very powerful man, being Sarah and Erno’s advisor. According to the editor, because they’d been threatened so much, and someone had even come in with a gun for them to remove and retract a story- there was nothing that they could do. Now that is the Eastern Caribbeans #1 Paper- and they are proud to call themselves that…. So I memorized two names R.F. Snow and Paul de Windt.

I then went to the Today Paper directly after, to confront Hilbert Haar about slandering and lying about me in the paper. HILBERT HAAR TRIED TO HIRE ME AS A WRITER! He explained that Richard Gibson was the owner, but Gibson had NO SAY about his editing. Aswe now see by the omission of Richard Gibson’s child molestation charges- Richard Gibson Sr DOES run the show, Hilbert Haar is simply a puppet.

When I chose NOT to work for the TODAY PAPER, Hilbert Haar brought in Antonio Carlo Brown, a politician who received 12 TWELVE votes on the slate, to ‘interview him about me”, The title began that I was a ‘blackmailer’ etc etc etc… except I’ve never blackmailed or extorted ANYONE in my life.

When you tell someone “Pay me the money that I worked for, or I will blog the truth about you” that is NOT blackmail. When you tell someone “pay me the money that  I worked for, or I will beat you with a 2by4″ is that blackmail? No it’s a threat- pay me the money that you owe me or else.

Hilbert Haar then continued his abuse and lies wantonly of me in his papers. I was accused of neglecting my mother, Hilbert Haar actually posted in Richard Gibson’s paper that I was at a drug house, neglecting my mother, and they came and took her. I was actually with Andrew Richardson the calypsonian. I was supposed to be on Oral Gibbes the next night, so he took be to a Surinamese lady to get my hair done. THAT’S when my mother mysteriously disappeared from our house, although she did NOT have the ability to get out of the house, and I had left her in bed with tea and crackers, since she had just had a growth removed from her mouth in surgery, and I had her on the soup and tea diet that the doctors put her on. The slander- and evil accusations were supposed to STOP me from being a guest on Oral Gibbes.

I showed up that Monday, at his studio and told the truth. The video still exists.

My mother was taken from me on mothers day by the police- and returned to my brother and family who abused her, and she was unrecognizable and dead within months. The officer who came and returned her to her abusers where she soon died was Carolina..

The above photo is criminal officer Carolina, after he was fired for taking Masbangu bribes. When my mother died, I told Carolina at Speentjes arcade. You illegally took my mother, and handed her back to her abusers, who put their names on her bank account, and bled her bank account dry. Carolina was still in uniform then- so he huffed and puffed. I said “Carolina, as God is my witness- you will pay for the evil you’ve done, your involvement in my mothers death, and assisting my family in preventing me from seeing my mother- as my mother would BEG to see me everyday.

It is very easy to become physically violent like many in St Maarten, and seek revenge. But the death of my mother brought me some peace. She was no longer suffering, and no longer in the hands of her abusers.

Within WEEKS Carolina the CRIMINAL was FIRED for his part in accepting bribes as a part of the Masbangu vote buying scandal. And yes, I was there at the courthouse, there’s a reason that he could NOT look me in the eyes. One lady yelled at him “Carolina, you dog! You beat my sister, and that’s why you’re a criminal in court now, and that’s why you’re dying of AIDS!

Whether he’s dying of Aids or not, I neither know-nor care. I do know that EVERYONE who was involved in slandering me, and allowing my mothers suffering and abuse to continue- are now the ones suffering.

Since then our police department have been accused, and convicted publicly of so many crimes, that people are finally realizing that I was telling the truth all along

I had been gone from St Maarten for almost 15 years, so I didn’t know a lot of things- including why a stranger like Attorney Richard Gibson sr and Hilbert Haar would slander someone they did NOT know, and did not question before posting the most damaging lies.

When the article came out calling me a blackmailer etc came out, of course some people CHOSE to believe it. Even those that KNEW it was not true, spread it as a part of the ‘political game’ to discredit me.

The attitude was…. how dare this nobody come back and attack OUR prestigious politicians, the DP and government? The slander and accusations damaged my credibility and made me unemployable, so I struggled and went many nights without eating. The illness and death of my mother took its toll on me, and the stress made it difficult for me to eat, even when I could afford food.

I took care of my mother to the best of my abilities with no professional knowledge of Alzheimers and NO assistance. When she wouldn’t eat- I couldn’t eat. The dental issues that I had been able to take care of in the USA, I could no longer afford in my own country. My four wisdom teeth started to do serious damage. It became impossible to eat, when the painkillers stopped working, and damaged my stomach, sometimes the only way to control the pain was white wine- and passing out. It became impossible to maintain my weight.

I returned to St Maarten at about 130 pounds, and my weight dropped to about 100 pounds.

And they said “look…. see? See how skinny she’s getting?” I told you she’s on drugs………and the stupid people believed it.

They never questioned why in two years I never felt the need to put my name on my mothers bank book to skim money like my uncle Lionel Roumou and my aunt Emma Roumou did. They never questioned the stress I went through of taking care of an Alzheimic patient for two years, only to have her taken away by a criminal police, sent by my family before Doctor Jurgenson could send her to Puerto Rico to find out whether the Dementia was natural, or caused by something that someone had given my mother. Slow poisoning and dementia can show the same symptoms.

When I had doctor Datema, Tjaden and Psychiatrist Jurgenson begin the process to have my mother leave the island to be thoroughly tested- her passport mysteriously disappeared. My family- Emma Roumou etc in front of witness Larry Lashuay denied all knowledge of where her passport was. But after she died, and demanded ALL documents pertaining to her death- mysteriously she had a copy of her passport with her death certificate- My Family, the Marigothill Roumou’s had held her passport all along. But why would a thorough test of my mother scare them so? One reason is land- the other is money. It was also discovered that my uncle Lionel Roumou- his wife is a senior officer at the Windward Island bank, had put his name on my mother’s bank account- without her knowledge- and was skimming her.

My mother was taken after my uncle Winston came to my house to let me know that if I didn’t stop blogging, I would be killed. I looked him in the eyes, in my mother’s kitchen and said “you will HAVE to kill me, because I won’t stop exposing the truth. My mother being taken, forced me to be careful with the blogs, but once she died-mysteriously with Emma Roumou’s name on her bankbook- my family lost their “Ace up their sleeve” they could no longer use my mother as a way to supress the blogs.

In the meantime, I became best friends with Hilbert Haar’s wife Myriam Haar online. I linked up with Hilbert’s daughter Jacqueline and Hertie.

People who Richard Gibson had used his newspaper to attack, approached me out of the blue, to explain to me, that I was not the first victim of Richard Gibson’s slander campaign.

Homosexuality is still very much taboo in St Maarten, so although it is acknowledged, and a large number of our government are homosexuals- it is every man in St Maarten’s greatest fear to be seen or perceived as gay.

It was explained to me that Richard Gibson was a homosexual, possibly bisexual. I say possibly bisexual, because many men in St Maarten who are homosexuals will get with, marry, impregnate a woman, or many women- to have the appearance of being a heterosexual, but they have no sexual interest in women, it’s simply to prove a point. It’s one of the reasons HIV/AIDS has spread so rapidly in St Maarten. Men who actively are involved in rough, risky sex behind the scenes with other men, then they go home to their wives to prove a ‘point’.

The Today Paper, which Hilbert Haar calls a ‘muckraker’ was created by Attorney Richard Gibson to slander, cut down, disparage and destroy anyone who called him out on his wrong doing.

Richard Gibson went through several divorces, which left a bitter taste in the ex wives mouth, because of the horrific way he treated. Not a surprise, homosexual men who are forced to marry women simply to conform to the ‘norm’ tend to abuse both them and the children- because they feel trapped and resent being forced to live the straight lifestyle- when they want to be at a secret club somewhere using the bathrooms “Glory Hole” (Google glory hole).

The Today Paper was created to ‘keep people in check’ who knew about Richard Gibson’s homosexual activities, and predeliction for children.

So many people, from employees at the Today, to the ex wives, other lawyers and political opponents, had so much to tell me, but they couldn’t tell the Daily Herald- Gibson had dirt on the Daily Herald- something about the owner drunk driving while high on cocaine,and being involved in a car accident. There are also the gay bars that Mr Daily Herald is known to frequent- do his lines of ‘blow’ and get his blowjobs in the bathroom. That is the reason why when the Today Paper does a slander piece on people, The Daily Herald won’t cover it. And I have evidence of this.

A certain professional of status, with a name big in St Maarten visited my home. It was to get melee on me (see how I was living) but it was also to impress me with all of the information that he knew. He was in a pretty pissy mood, because both the Daily Herald and the Today had refused to post an ad. So maybe he visited me, just to prove his point to me in person.

He made a phone call in my living room, he called the Today Paper- and complained that they hadn’t posted his ads. He accused them of not posting the ad because Richard Gibson didn’t like him, whoever he spoke to- Hilbert Haar, I believe as usual claimed, that HE was the editor, and Gibson had NO control over what he published.

The certain professional, who CHOSE to visit me as he did this then called Richard Gibson. He told Richard Gibson as I sat there.. ” I just saw you at the tennis court, and you promised me to publish my ad, but I just spoke to Haar and you won’t. I know you won’t post my ad, because I told people about your wife coming home and catching you with Jan Borstje dick up your bottom.”

I sat there in STUNNED silence. The professional continued his conversation with Gibson, he said ‘listen Gibson, I just saw you at the tennis court looking mogga, skinny and like you’re dying, I know you want to tell everyone you got prostate cancer from putting so many things up your bottom, but we both know that you’re dying of Aids.”

The person then hung up the phone, and started dialing again. As he dialed he looked at me and said “I spoke to the son, now I’ll be speaking to the father”. He called up the ‘father’ of the Daily Herald…. Once again he began the conversation very sweetly, then he ‘switched’… he said “You know your son is supposed to be running the paper now, but he won’t run my ad. When I call him he claims that he is in charge, and that you no longer are… but let me explain to you, I’m the one that caught him down at the Chesterfields Restaurant in the bathroom doing his ‘lines’, and taking his c*ck. You know that I’m not afraid to publicly say what I’ve seen and known about your son for years. All of the evil, nastiness he’s doing because he’s supposed to be a lawyer, he’s getting away with it, but you know me- I am going public with ALL the stories, I know your son too well-SO POST MY AD!

My visitor then hung up, and we got to chatting like nobody’s business. He had the two local papers with him, The Daily Herald, and The Today… He showed me where his ad was supposed to be placed, and showed me where his name had been omitted.

He said “Judith, tomorrow check the papers…”

The next day I did- BOTH the Daily Herald AND the TODAY PAPER had his name big and broad with all info in their newspaper-



Since this blog is read by millions, and the majority of the people I’m discussing are lawyers, they can feel free to sue me.

I tried to sue them through Geert Hatzmann- not knowing that Geert Hatzmann of Bermon- was tight pals with Hilbert- but Geert – you KNOW that your day is coming. :)

I am a very patient person….. so let’s go down the list….

1) Julian Rollocks was topdog when he chose to slander me- where is he now? :)

2) Elton Jones laughed with him at me, when i was supposed to get paid.. can you say


3) Sarah Wescot William, my cousin defended Rollocks because he did her dirty work- her daughter is still all over the internet in SHOCKING pornographic poses, her son Andy is under investigation, her DP party has fallen apart- and she has NO power- you should have done the right thing Sarah.

4) Erno Labega my other cousin, defended Rollocks knowing that Rollocks was lying- Can you say BLING BLING- AGAIN? And now the videos of Erno Labega in his little homosexual tryst are all over the internet-not shocking to me

5)) Leroy de Weever ran did his part in th slander- another relative, soon after he had a heart attack and stroke

6) Roy Marlin, call me every name in the book like I didn’t know who had actually been forced into rehab- Roy had a stroke! He thought he bounced back, but he was soundly trashed and kicked out of government- now he’s on Facebook crying that nobody will help him. What about your Back Bay Point Blanche land, and your illegal gas station? Roy Marlin showed up in Parliament- and is on video and photos, with his nose running, paranoid, white stuff running out his nose- and that’s how I learned where these politicians make up their slander about others- they simply PROJECT what they themselves or family members are doing.

7) Hilbert Haar who now tries to be cordial and nice to me after coming to my country to be paid to lie about me, well we know that he got arrested for assaulting that woman, but it wasn’t his first arrest or assault

8) Richard Gibson’s activities are now not just whispered about- the internet is an equalizer. Now everytime you Google his name- it’s clear that he’s a child molesting homosexual- and he can NO LONGER remain as a member of CFT, and he is facing jail for his molestation and more…

9) Antonio Brown who was sent by his lieutenant to spread vicious lies about me is considered cancer in politics- he’s been exposed as being the homosexual that he his, and although Julian Rollocks FORCED him to impregnate that Jamaican woman, so that people would stop questioning their relationship- Antonio’s sexual preferences are now public knowledge- everyone knows now that he has no interest in women, and simply paid one to appear to be straight.

10) William Marlin- Julian Rollocks’s first cousin also picked up the slander- and used Kendall Dupersoy to run the very same slander created by the DP to try to discredit me during the elections- how has that worked out for Mr Marlin and Mr Dupersoy? I have thousands of emails with Kendall. William Marlin went from St Maarten’s top vote getter, to the man who could only get a fraction of the votes of his THIRD candidate. He is a powerless, toothless tiger who lost over 2200 votes. When they couldn’t get power, they called in the Dutch but Williams Criminal son Unday Marlin is now under investigation- and so is Sarah’s son. People talk about Silvio Matser serving time but his silent partners in that business were Unday Marlin and Andy Wescot Williams- so will they be serving time too?

11) Theo Heyliger tried his thing- but I didn’t have to do or say anything in May … did I? the opposition had a field day with him and his sons name

One of the worst things about this is that politicians have emailed me, and told me that they know the slander, allegations and accusations are not true- but they will repeat it if I DARE blog about them- because in St Maarten, the politicians know how dumb the people are. And if they wear a suit, and repeat a lie long enough, it becomes the truth in ‘slow’ people’s minds.

And that is what you call ‘blackmail’ and since you have NOTHING on me, you can’t BLACKMAIL me, but they’ve tried, and my only response…. go right ahead, and please provide ALL evidence- I’ve been waiting for years

11) Last year June 22nd the police illegally entered my home- again- they have entered my home while I was there, and not there at least a dozen times. NEVER have they found ANY evidence of wrong doing or crime. They have found dirty laundry and catboxes for my seven cats. According to the Chief of Police, the police ILLEGALLY entering my home,and dragging me to Mental Health- only to release me within days, because there was no mental illness- is a crime.

There’s a lot more, but in the past five years, I gone through and been put through a lot, simply because I demanded the money that I worked for, and had the audacity to blog the truth. I could not afford legal council, and the lawyers that I did try to retain- well they’ll be in jail on charges soon enough.

When people harm you, your mother- your name. Make it impossible for you to work in your own country, as they hire every incompetent foreigner who kisses their ass, and does their dirty work- it does put you in a rage.

The rage is supposed to make you violent and commit crimes- what they want- but I refused to give in to violence or rage.

I told them “the names you call me…. your children will be”

So said, so done… Ask Hilbert about his daughters Hertie and Jacqueline….. I would post their photos, but I’m not the one to lay down the karmic law of the ‘sins of the father’…. ask Kendall and William Marlin who actual got busted for drugs on their slate… his brother Leroy La PAIX, ask Roy about his brother Claudie- who is/was also his connection and supplier….ask Tuitt about his sons arrest for drugs… ask about the Glen Daniels mega cocaine bust…..more government…. Ask Sarah Wescot about those pornographic photos, and whether there was evidence of drug use in them. Ask Sarah Wescot about her son’s cocaine problem…… Ask Bibi Hodge Shaw about her sons criminal activity to supply his coke habit before his back and forth trips to rehab…..

Now people with intelligence……… it me, or does it seems that all the allegations, slander and lies that they threw at me are either themselves or their children.

The police have entered my home SO MANY times trying to find something- no warning, when I wasn’t even present in my home- isn’t it odd that all the found were cats- a ton of computers, cameras and electronics- but NOTHING illegal?

Why was I not take to Turning Point Rehab? Because when they urine and blood tested me- there was NOTHING in my system…. Unlike the girls who run the Blush Brothel….

Standing up for my rights, and telling the truth has cost my mother her life, and it’s cost me a lot.

However I regret NOTHING, I would do it all over again- but a more thorough job.

I have absolutely NO REGRETS for standing up for me, even after what I was put through- because I didn’t even have to go after the people who Rollocks sent after me, simply because his debt to the Atlantis casino was more important than paying the person who did all that work for me.

I said it in 2009- I often repeat it-, lately to Kendall Dupersoy…….

If I’ve done something illicit, illegal – then PROVIDE the evidence- after FIVE years, with a pictured window directly facing into my yard- you should have some type of evidence of wrong doing by now….

But STUPID people believe anything, some slick politician in a suit tells them..

Then they say that I’M mean….. when I say….


And I could post those photos now, but I’ve realized that I don’t have to do anything but blog the truth- it’s obvious that karma is/has caught up to the majority of them-

the rest are shaking in their boots- and they know what’s coming.

Now I’m going to return to my real job :)

Blogging is not my job- it’ something I do to keep MY people in perspective- so that they know who those vile animals in the thousand dollar suit TRULY are….

to be continued :)


Ton Maan nieuwe Hoofdofficier van justitie Sint Maarten

Ton Maan wordt de nieuwe Hoofdofficier van Justitie (HOvJ) van Sint Maarten. De Rijksministerraad (RMR) is vandaag, vrijdag 5 december 2014, akkoord gegaan met de voordracht.

De heer Maan begint op 1 januari 2015 in zijn nieuwe functie en volgt Rick Noordhoek op die vanwege persoonlijke omstandigheden eervol ontslag is verleend.

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Ton Maan nieuwe Hoofdofficier van justitie Sint Maarten</p>
<p>Ton Maan wordt de nieuwe Hoofdofficier van Justitie (HOvJ) van Sint Maarten. De Rijksministerraad (RMR) is vandaag, vrijdag 5 december 2014, akkoord gegaan met de voordracht.</p>
<p>De heer Maan begint op 1 januari 2015 in zijn nieuwe functie en volgt Rick Noordhoek op die vanwege persoonlijke omstandigheden eervol ontslag is verleend.</p>
<p>De heer Maan (1959) is op dit moment plaatsvervangend Hoofdofficier van Justitie bij het Parket Oost-Nederland. Hiervoor was hij van 2011 tot 2013 werkzaam bij de Regioparket Arnhem-Zutphen als Hoofdofficier van Justitie Zutphen (binnen bestuur verantwoordelijk voor Beleid & Strategie en Politieregio Noord en Oost Gelderland).</p>
<p>Dhr. Maan komt met enorm veel ervaring naar Sint Maarten. Zo was hij bij het Landelijk Parket zowel in Rotterdam Officier van Justitie belast met onder andere de bestrijding van de ondermijnende criminaliteit. In Amsterdam was hij teamleider van het team zware georganiseerde criminaliteit.</p>
<p>Het Openbaar Ministerie (OM) is bijzonder verheugd met de benoeming van dhr. Maan als Hoofdofficier van Justitie en dankt tegelijkertijd Rick Noordhoek voor zijn enorme inzet.</p>
<p>Yves Guillaume Cooper II” width=”287″ height=”354″ /></p></div>
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I already reported this last month- and of course I was St Maarten’s biggest liar, and most unreliable source. But of course you can click on my blogs last month- where everything I predicted came true.

1) Richard Gibson failed the screening for the molestation of a young girl “Ms. D”, this I posted last month, because when the story was reported to me behind the scenes, of course I went in search of answers. I do speak to a few of Mr Gibson’s lawyers, associates etc- trying to be cute they told me that it was Veen who failed the screening. Because this associate had never lied to me before, I actually did a posting, which I had to remove, retract- and I sincerely apologized to Attorney Veen, and explained that I had been set up but would rectify the matter.  Attorney Veen was very understanding and cordial, considering the seriousness of the charge. I removed the story, apologized and in no uncertain terms blogged here, and to my Facebook audience of thousands that the lawyer who failed the screening due to child molestion was in fact Richard Gibson Sr. The truth is, since Richard Gibson’s ‘preferences’ are widely known, NO ONE suspected or believed that he would have molested a girl, knowing that he is a legend when it comes to harassing pretty boys. The Today Paper and Hilbert Haar can try to start another slander campaign about me, because I am laying out the bare truth- but I already visited Richard Gibson Jr’s office to let him know…

I spoke to Richard Gibson Jr. the same way I have maintained communications with ALL of Richard Gibson’s Sr’s EX-WIVES over the years. I do intend to meet with Richard Gibson Jr, to rectify the wrongs that they have done to THIS St Maarten woman- during the past five years.

The Gibson camp even started ANOTHER smear campaign against a very successful female lawyer. I deal with this lawyer, we went to school together- as usual she broke it down to me honestly. It WAS Gibson, and the anger and jealousy of her success has many local and Dutch attorneys angry enough with her in order to try to taint her and attempt to bring her down a notch.

Peggy Brandon failed, because of her partnership and close ties with Former Minister of Justice Roland Duncan. Peggy should have spent more time working on disassociating herself from Roland Duncan – who is under investigation for trying to run a brothel while being Minister of Justice.

Dear Peggy Ann Brandon- I defended you, when they tried to slander you and defame you because you refused to be compromised or involved in a conflict of interest. Your response was to post nonsense on Facebook about me- based on lies by Kendall Dupersoy- never having met me or known me. If that is your skills as an unbiased attorney, then you deserve to fail. How can you become OUR Minister of VROMI when all you seem to have done, is cover for Roland Duncan- everyone knows the back story- and you’re supposed to be a very competent attorney. An attorney with way more legal savvy than Roland Duncan.

What you need to do Ms Brandon, is STOP buying into bullshit on Facebook, and work on YOU!

Disassociate yourself from Duncan and Hypnotique- and you have the intelligence to run your OWN practice, being associated with a whore-monger under investigation, DOES affect you, and this is your the writing on the wall. Roland Duncan is under investigation- cut your losses and move on, maybe down the line you will regain respect for your legal savvy, as opposed to just being known as Roland Duncan’s accomplice.

Leroy de Weever failed not just because of all of his shady connections and crooked ways. The reason that I receive  MORE readers than the Daily Herald, is because they are biased- politically bought and owned- and the people are aware of it. The Daily Herald needs to start reporting actual factual news, and if they are professional journalists then report the truth….

I see myself getting into it with The Daily Herald, Alita Singh and co. You hire all of these foreign journalist-most do not even speak their native English, more or less Dutch.I am not a journalist, but at Parliament or Court, I actually cover the news, I don’t get dressed up, and sit around watching Fragglerock on my ipod like so many so called professional ‘journalist’ and her Guyanese sidekick- Andrew Dick- a criminal supposedly covering OUR St Maarten news. The Daily Herald needs to report the FULL truth, because, as they know- I have no problems coming down there- and forcing the issue.

Leroy de Weever failed, because LIKE it was reported in the Daily Herald when the incident happened, Leroy de Weever in a drunken rage- or maybe he was on something else, attacked ME, Judith Regina Roumou- not because I had done anything to him- he was annoyed that everytime he was involved in another government fall- I was there. His sister Millicent de Weever, that fake Catholic Christian, thought that she her ovaries were big enough to confront me for taking photos and videos on the Boardwalk- because you know the De Weevers and Wathey’s/Heyliger’s believe that they own and run the boardwalk. Millicent tried to get into a battle of words with me, but it was like she brought tweezers to a gunfight, because I was ready for her. When I was done verbally chewing her up and spitting her out, she called up her brother Parliamentarian Leroy de Weever- who showed up with his nephew Minister of Health Cornelius de Weever ( Who I had gotten along with before the incident) And Leroy de Weever proceeded to KNEE me, snatch my brand new work Samsung Tablet, Threaten to assault and kill me, and when I tried to call 911 Leroy de Weever, smashed my phone to the ground. Minister of Health Cornelius de Weever tried to calm down his uncle, and when he smashed my phone to the ground in my efforts to call the police, it was Minister Cornelius de Weever who picked up the phone and put the phone back together for me. They tried in vain- his daughters included, to get him to calm down, and to return my property- But Leroy de Weever does NOT think when he’s in a paranoid rage- but he wants to be our Minister of Justice. The bicycle patrol showed up and tried to get Leroy de Weever to do the right thing, but they had little effect- because he was a Parliamentarian-WITH IMPUNITY AND IMMUNITY, So when we get to court the witnesses will include the local police who I can name. Leroy de Weever refused to return my property, or apologize- he continued to rage on Frontstreet, as the police and witnesses stood by helplessly- because he had immunity. Leroy de Weever upon being asked by the police to do the right thing- told the police ‘I have a meeting to attend to’, and jumped into his jeep and drove off- leaving the police standing right there. It appeared that he actually drunk drove away, but because of his ‘immunity’ the police couldn’t stop him. The local police said “Judith, he assaulted you, and stole your equipment- we can’t do anything, go to the hospital and get checked out, THEN file a police report.” I went to the Medical Center, then filed a police report with Inspector Van Dam of the police department, who handed the information over to the Lands Recherche. The Lands Recherche, came to the scene to investigate and everything- with cameras. They came more than once, interviewed witnesses, and I had to spend a long time at their office going over the exact details of what happened, which is a very tedious process because we communicated in three languages, Dutch – English – Papiamentu. I have no fear of court, because I’ve ONLY told the truth- so my story has ALWAYS remained the same. The Lands Recherche then informed me that the case was ‘official’ and would be handed over to the Prosecutors Office. They then drove me back to the scene in town, where they interviewed more witnesses to confirm my story- and let me go. Since then I’ve spoken to Taco Stein- and I spoke to him this week, both him and his assistant Luke have assured me, that just because the de Weever’s have status and money, doesn’t mean the case is forgotten. It is ongoing.

Cornelius de Weever could not control his uncle’s rage and actions at the time, but he then became an aider and abettor to his uncle’s crime, because he fears his rage-a-holic uncle more than me- BIG MISTAKE!.

Although the doctors AND Cornelius de Weever determined that I do have a LIFETIME physical ailment- My SVB and anderstand was promptly dropped. I was PRESSURED to drop the charges. For Seven months I had NO MEDICAL ASSISTANCE, and NO TABLET to work on, I was forced to suffer, and the pressure was applied by Cornelius de Weever through the labor office for seven months. It was spiteful, retaliatory- and meant to break me into dropping the charges, what they did was make me angrier and more determined to see Leroy in court. It was Peggy Ann Dros, who came through and had my SVB re-instated, after I had been forced to go without medicine, food or money for over seven months. I am also following up on a case against The Labor Office and Cornelius de Weever for malicious, endangerment of my life, by refusing to allow me access to my medication.  My medication is for a MEDICAL ailment. Unlike many in our government and police department- I take NO anti-depressants or psychotropic drugs. And there is No shame in anti-depressants, I simply don’t use or believe in anti-depressants or anti-psychotic medication- which is widely used by many in our government and by many civil servants. I don’t blame them, if I had to work for the St Maarten government- I would be taking anti-depressants too. The case is against Cornelius de Weever- Peggy Ann Dross has no part in this case- she actually came through and did the right thing for me. Cornelius has more than one case in court with me. I will not bend, break nor bow- and strangely enough, I still do not dislike Connie, he was put between Judith Roumou and his uncle Leroy de Weever, and I know the stories. First Leroy has boosted Cornelius in politicals, so there is loyalty – secondly, Leroy is a rage-a-holic prone to physical violence!

Since assaulting and robbing me, Leroy de Weever has assaulted several other people- but because I promised confidentiality, I won’t name names, but they told me themselves. Leroy has a history of drinking, getting into a paranoid rage- then assaulting any man, woman, child or animal that happens to be in his way.

Leroy had the opportunity to do the right thing almost 12 MONTHS ago, but I’m a nobody- and he’s a de Weever…..

But guess what? This nobody has certain ‘skills’ and can hold on to a grudge much longer than the Ayatollah Khomeini- when I issue a fatwah against you, like the Ayatollah- I won’t let it go until you’re at least six feet under.

They wanted to appoint someone named Berman- and everyone in the media was asking the question…. who?

Well evidently he can’t pass the screening because of drug charges in his past. The question is.. is his name Bermon or Berman- because we all know of Bermon law firm, but never heard of this guy. Geert Hatzmann, will tell me, I guess I will try to track him down, but I haven’t seen him at the courthouse for awhile, and he’s hard to miss.

How Dennis Richardson passed screening is a mystery to me- evidently the Dutch didn’t dig deep enough- thats alright- I have been -and I will continue to dig- I just got a brand new shovel. Dennis Richardson is as dirty and smutty as the rest, but he knows how to kiss Dutch ass- so that got him a pass. Being good and curry-favoring and speaking Dutch should not be a part of the qualifications to become our Minister. I will contact the Dutch, with my questions and allegations about Dennis- and let’s see if he can still pass ‘screening’.

Marcel Gumbs evidently passed the screening- cha-ching another pension for him, but with Dennis and Marcel, the government is no longer green- too much RED in it. All of a sudden the Green Party is now the Orange party. And Theo Heyliger is losing MANY loyalists because of it.

Claret Connor supposedly passed the screening. Like I told Claret Connor- he better soak in Clorox bleach every night after coming home from work. I wish him the best and success, but if he gets caught up in the greed, like the rest of the boys who came in ‘clean’ and within months- big money had them ‘dirty’- well then Mr Connor- you too will be on my Dinner Menu.

claret conner

I don’t know anything about Rita Bourne-Gumbs, which is a really good thing for her. I guarantee you, if she’s done anything, her enemies will be dying to contact me with info- just like Gibson’s ex-wives…..

Josianne Fleming passed, I guess because the screening is based on ethics not morals- I wish her the best in her job.

I heard that Hassink will have issues with the screening- but that is clearly stated as hearsay.

Theo Heyliger has to appoint one more person.

Theo’s problem is he doesn’t want to appoint the most qualified people, he wants to appoint those he can control and manipulate- and it will cost him dearly.

Much more to come today….

sidenote: I was approached in Parliament by a lady, who told me b.s. about Janchi- the woman is a liar- I have spoken to and resolved my issues with Johan Leonard. I have also taken care of that lady- in my own way. There’s always a chance that someone has issues with a person, and try to use you to go after them- I fell for it.

But I’ve taken care of her.

There’s more to come- now I’m back to Carnival.

Maurice Lake Responds to the various complaints concerning flood damage, and residence issues

The last time I saw Maurice Lake was about a month ago, since then various residents have approached me about several issues involving just flood damage.

I certainly don’t look for people with complaints or issues with these politicians, I have my own issues to resolve, and I make no money blogging, so it takes away from my time. I do it as a public service, because if someone asks me to assist them, and I say I will, it’s only right that I follow through on my word. The politicians like to pretend and believe that I’m out to get them, like there’s some vendetta going on, they are delusional. I am approached all day, every day by people with concerns and issues. It just so happens that I have the most read site in St Maarten, so when I post the complaints, people pay attention.

I called one of Maurice’s ‘boys’ yesterday, and broke some things down. While I was in Philipsburg going at it with the National Alliance about William Marlin, Maurice called me, and we met briefly.

I am supposed to sit down with Maurice, and he will go through the list of issues that people are complaining about- and I am fair to those who are fair to me, so I hope we do get the interview, and he comes with facts not conjecture

1) Residents at the Marianne Estate Cole Bay complained bitterly about the illegal housing situation involving the Chinese, who when they bribe officials get away with EVERYTHING. There were complaints that these people who are living ILLEGALLY here are being housed 10-15 per ROOM.

It is a dangerous situation, unhygienic situation, and I will sit down with Geronimo Juliet, the Head of Immigration to find out why raids are no longer being carried out. Roland Duncan the former Minister of Justice stopped all raids, so that he could illegally bilk the illegals and immigrants of their money. Now Dennis Richardson is the Minister of Justice, but the only person he should have been requesting assistance from the Dutch for is his OWN illegal, criminal, unethical, immoral ass! The Dutch will have NO credibility unless Sarah Wescot Williams and Dennis Richardson is at the TOP of their investigation list.

Maurice Lake does not control immigration, but he does control permits through VROMI etc. According to the residents a VROMI representative and crew were their, in suits, supposedly investigating. Whatever the Chinese Home owner slipped into his pocket- it made him forget all about the illegal buildings, extensions and permits. I have the name of that VROMI employer, who NEVER returned. Maurice Lake assured me yesterday, that there would be a follow up investigation. I know that the legal residents are determined to have the situation rectified, they are now being victimized and vandalized. Should there be no follow up, or investigation into this matter, they wil contact me- again

It MUST be noted that Maurice Lake was NOT Minister when this inspection happened, according to my sources it was while the NA briefly were in power. I will re-verify the info, and update the latest as a ‘NOTE” later today.

2) Concerning the St Peters drainage canal that has been falling apart gradually for about a year now. Every time it rains, you can actually see parts of the structure eroding to the point, that there is barely anything left to block the water, which means of course during the next rain storm, the barriers will be completed eroded, and there will be massive flooding. Various Citizens contacted me, because the situation has gotten extremely dangerous. So the barriers to prevent flooding are almost completely gone. The channels used for the water to flow is clogged, making the next rainstorm a disaster. I addressed this with Maurice Lake yesterday, he assured me that he was aware of the situation- it is a priority, and they will get to work on it asap.

The Le Grande Marche roundabout project, is an unfinished joke. The drainage has not been completed according to the person with the expertise to do landscaping projects. Although the Grand Marche roundabout has been paid for at least 6-7 months ago, it remains unfinished and un-maintained. The weeds have obstructed the natural design which is supposed to be a sign. There is litter, and nothing has been maintained. According to the landscaping expert, the project can be saved, but it lacks even the basic infrastructure, and an EXPERT landscaper, who knows how to do the ENTIRE project needs to be in charge. Minister Lake knows the experts- so this should not be a challenge to him. He let me know that he was aware of the issues with the roundabout, and how horrible it looks right now.


When it comes to the latest VROMI controversy concerning the blocking of Belair here is the full Daily Herald explanation:

PHILIPSBURG–A site plan of the future residential complex on the property directly in front of the Belair beach, detailing the development plans which include paved public access to the beach, and a copy of the permit were made available to the press for viewing on Thursday, December 4.

The press conference was called to address widespread property development questions – brought to the foreground due to the December 1 blocking of the entryway to the beach ¬– by Minister of Public Housing, Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure VROMI Maurice Lake.

VROMI Secretary General Louis Brown and Permit Department head Angel Meyers also were on hand to explain the plans. Lake said this sort of information, including permits, site plans and elevation graphs, was available to interested persons through VROMI.

The plans

The residential buildings to be built on the plot of land between the sea and the pond will not be higher than the neighbouring Belair Beach Hotel. The pond and mangroves growing on the development-side of the pond will not be touched, and there are no plans for the pond itself, although the pond area belongs to the property owner.

However, some mangroves on the opposite side of the pond will be cleared by VROMI at some point because they were said to be blocking an underground culvert that drains water into the pond. The Nature Foundation probably will play a role in this, but plans are not set yet, as this will be a separate development in the future.

Some seven residential buildings will accommodate 63 units in total. These will be divided into four units of four floors each and three units of three floors each. Each building will have designated parking in front of its units and some 50 separate parking spaces will be provided for the public.

This parking space is located at the base of a paved path about five metres wide that leads directly to the beach, forming the designated beach access. The path will be located between the residential buildings and Belair Beach Hotel.

Two sewage treatment plants are located under the road levels.

The issues

Talk had spread that property developer Miti Katz was involved in developing the area, something both Katz and Lake told this newspaper was not true. However, Katz’s company Simpson Bay Lagoon (SBL) Management applied for the permit on behalf of the developer who is based in Venezuela. The company only acted as a proxy, said Brown.

SBL applied for the permit, which was granted and is now valid for the location regardless of who develops it. Karis Development N.V. is the name of the development company and belongs to the landowner in Venezuela, Johnny Pavan who inherited the land from his late father.

A local architect will be used, from Arka architecture, design and development.

Lake flatly denied that the issuing of the permit had been any sort of election bribe or something he should have refrained from doing as an outgoing Minister. Building permits, no matter how large the planned development is, are not considered “major decisions,” he said, in reference to criticism that outgoing Ministers were told not to make any major decisions.

The group explained that once a building permit was requested, VROMI aimed to handle the request within six weeks. This is sometimes drawn out if, for example, more information needs to be provided. The process should not have to be stalled because of the changing Governments, the group said in an invited comment.

Brown pointed out in line with criticism received that there were some grey areas and that work on legislation was needed for the future. He highlighted, for example, the role the underway development plans would play in controlling and streamlining the development of various areas. It came up during the press conference that the deadlines for these plans could be seen as having been too “optimistic, but the foundation is there.”

Brown discussed the role of the 1995 Beach Policy 1995 versus private property rights and why legislation was needed, which also has been pointed out by many stakeholders, including environmentalists.

The beaches are public but “I know private property boundaries that actually run into the water,” he said. “The beach policy basically prevents people from building too close to the shoreline, but the ownership situation doesn’t change with that.”

He also touched on the accessibility aspect of the policy, among other topics, but said that technically, “I don’t see anywhere that it is legally regulated that if this is your property you cannot fence your property.”

He said Government had been able to control development through permits; for example, by having property owners provide beach access or parking space. The discussion of private access and public beaches has been going on for many years and Government is working on making this more concrete, he added.

Besides public alleys, for example in Philipsburg and Simpson Bay, Brown said there were few beaches that had direct public access and in many cases the access points are a matter of private owners tolerating public use. The group said that in moving forward, the Government would try to obtain some of these pathways from private owners, which may have to be done by buying the pathways.

Another issue brought up by the media was that although there is technically a chance to appeal, the permit request never had been made public. VROMI said in an invited comment that the request did not legally need to be made public; building permits do not need to be publicised. This was another example of a situation that needed to be streamlined, they added.

A member of the media also pointed out that the day the gate was closed was the exact day the appeal period was over, but this was said to be a coincidence. The problem the representatives had was still said to be the trees. The permit had been issued October 10 and approval by the Fire Department given on September 10.

Lake said both Meyers and Brown had made improvements to VROMI over the years, and VROMI was acting in a transparent manner. “The Ministry is very open to the public.”

When it comes to the GEBE issues, I have yet to discuss that with Maurice Lake, like I said the conversation was brief. GEBE is growing into a bigger nightmare than anyone thought possible. They maintain their small offices, as their rates skyrocket, and their service is literally the worst in the Eastern Caribbean. Isn’t it a shame that people who went without electricity and water for OVER a month, due to a brief category 1 storm- are being forced to stand in line, in the hot sun, while the CFO of GEBE has allegedly been given a vehicle worth over $45.000 dollars? Now why do the politicians get mad at me? Angry at me? Call me names, call it a vendetta when EVERYTHING I provide the documentation to?

Concerning the abundance of dead Tilapia and other fish that died during the last storm, according to Maurice Lake the clean up efforts are moving as quickly as humanly possible. So yesterday I went I checked. There are less dead fish and dying fish, but I still saw some fish corpses floating around. What has to happen is that this needs to be PREVENTED. It’s not about cleaning up after a ‘disaster’ it’s about preventing the issues caused by the ‘disasters’ in the first place. Ever since Frans Richardson and William Marlin, filled in the pond for Guyanese benefactor MacSood, who provides them with election cash, the fallout and evidence of the utter destruction of our pond is becoming more evident. Ring Road has made the flooding WORSE. It’s not a Theo issue, it’s a political issue, because William Marlin was so busy getting as much of Ring Road land, and dividing up Point Blanch land, he had no problem turning his back while Frans DESTROYED our SOUALIGA to build his benefactor a racetrack- in a residential district- mine you, and a cricket field, in a country that couldn’t give two shits about cricket!.

Evidently Macsood gave his money to Rodolph Samuel, because this election his campaign became ALL about cricket. I don’t care who hates because because I am blogging verifiable facts. If they try to build Macsood ANYTHING!!


How do you forget all about your people, as you busy up this Guyanese ass? That’s why Karma caught up to both Marlin and Richardson and Samuel!!!!

The ONLY intelligent thing William Marlin has ever done in his life is to give his criminal son an unpronounceable name, so that when he’s caught up in illicit activity, nobody can spell his criminal son’s name, but I will get the correct spelling of ‘Unday’s’ name. Like Sarah Wescot Williams, William Marlin appears to have clean hands because they have their sons do all the dirty work. You cannot talk about Maurice or Theo, without FIRST discussing Sarah, Frans and William Marlin own criminal misdeeds and scams. But that’s an entirely different blog. All of that info deserves a blog of its own.

Right now VROMI is under heavy scrutiny, but the people who are being scrutinized the most like Claudius Toontje Buncamper have been there a lot longer than Maurice Lake. Right now Toontje who talked to me during the elections, suddenly won’t talk to me anymore, which is PERFECT for me, because he doesn’t have to talk to me, everyone else is. I can ask Maurice Lake about the current scandals involving VROMI- and some want to point all fingers at Maurice, but let’s be fair.

Maurice Lake wasn’t supervising people late at night (to my knowledge) to steal VROMI supplies and equipment. According to my witnesses and source, certain Higher Ups at VROMI were coming with crews after hours to steal equipment and supplies to their hearts delight. I was told the fact that it was done after hours, in the darkness of night PROVES that it was done illegally and without anybody’s approval. Minister Lake was not the head of VROMI then, so you can’t place the blame on him- we know who was behind this. It was NOT Maurice Lake stealing Vromi equipment and supplies, to ensure that his wife got the biggest and most expensive election campaign posters.

When they illegally filled he Salt Pond, that was NOT Minister Lake but Frans Richardson and William Marlin.

Anyone who knows me, knows that it’s not about which politician I ‘like’ because I don’t like any of them, it’s about who I hate the least.

People who are political have a bias, and lose credibility, Kendall Keith Dupersoy, William Marlin’s #1 bottom boy is a good example of this. I have THOUSANDS of email exchanges with Kendall Dupersoy, and when NA were in power, these very same issues were going on, I have the emails, audio and video to prove what I’m saying. But I have completed an entire blogsite PROVING that the National Alliance are NO better.

When I would visit and speak to Kendall, as he was William’s assistant at the time Willy was in power- we discussed the very same issues.

1) Ringroad mess

2) Lack of infrastructure

3) The Pond filling- don’t forget- I’m the one who busted that bucket, which led to the most ludicrous Parliament ‘investigation’ ever. It was such a farce, the Parliament Hearing about the illegal filling of the Salt Pond, that it is almost impossible to believe the incompetence of Frans and William- luckily I was there with four cameras, so when I post the evidence will be there for you to verify and re-verify.

4) I RECORDED Kendall Keith Dupersoy giving me FULL authorization to RECORD him at ANY time, because he said he had nothing to hide. Now Kendall Keith Dupersoy, since he’s been busted ran an active Facebook campaign to discredit me saying that I SECRETLY recorded him, and that I altered video and audio of him.

leroy la paix

This b.s. is not even worth responding to because anything he claims was ‘illegally’ done, he certainly has the money to take me to court. Because I have Kendall on audio giving me FULL permission to record him- I’ll let him argue with his own audio. Kendall Dupersoy has NEVER heard any of his recordings or SEEN any of his video- but he claims that it’s been tampered with. Like I said Kendall is a joke. Kendall tried to discredit me by saying I was on drugs, but that would be his Brother Leroy LePax the drug addict and dealer, who was busted on the Airport with all those drugs. Isn’t it like Kendall to call someone something, that his own motehr produced. Both Kendall and Leroy worked at the airport, and yes Leroy Le Paix, Kendall’s brother and drug addict- was busted… AND HE RAN ON THE NATIONAL ALLIANCE SLATE- When Kendall is talking shit about “Judy”, it must be ANOTHER Judy, namely Judy La Paix! Now I want Kendall to SHOW me where I’ve ever been busted in my life for drugs, or where I have FAILED any drug test in my life.  I am a proponent of Marijuana as a Medical alternative, if that makes me a bad person- hey.. I don’t care, I’m not the one getting busted on drugs like Kendall’s brother. The National Alliance want to appear ‘clean’, but why is Tuitt son getting busted with cocaine? So when you here these people talking about drug use and abuse, take a close look at them and their family, then you will see who they’re talking about. And I can get into this further- but that’s not what this blog is about.

Now the above photos are strictly about Maurice Lake and ME! Maurice, is there a reason why your little ‘grasscutter’, side of the road cleaners are NOT maintaining the public property outside my wall,like they’re doing to everyone else’s yard? Is it a coincidence that they are pruning and grooming everywhere else but MY yard? I had my yard cleaned and done, but what difference does it make if Public Works isn’t doing it’s part? VROMI and GEBE have done substantial damage to my wall and yard. This is verifiably proven on audio and video- however this was also during William Marlin’s brief tenure.

Maurice Lake promised to have Roddy Heyliger send me press briefings the same way they send them to the Hollander, South African and Guyanese, so it will be interesting to see if Roddy Heyliger actually sends me the press briefings. If they don’t, when the DOZENS of people who approach me about Maurice have complaints THEN, I can give them a direct answer from the horse’s mouth.

Maurice Lake has promised to be interviewed etc, but I learned a long time ago- when it comes to politicians, it’s not about saying- it’s about doing.

Maurice Lake has promised to sit down and discuss all issues, but I won’t hold my breath- it’s nothing personal. I’m a realist, I know that few politicians words mean anything.

People are asking why I’m blogging less frequently and if you are my facebook friend, you would know that I am blogging less, because I make NO money blogging, and I’ve been working on sites that actually are supposed to help me generate income.

Until January 1st 2015, there will be breaking news and updates etc, but not at the same frequency because I am ONE person, and I run hundreds of sites with zero assistance.

There are many more politicians to question etc.. and when I run into them, like I ran into Maurice- then we can discuss them answering the question.

There are Big investigations going on right now in St Maarten politics- but there’s way more than meets the eyes..

Me, along with a few others know EXACTLY what’s going on. Usually I post my tidbits on Facebook, but don’t be surprised about a mega blog concerning these investigations.


I am but a mere blogger, but sxm needs a TRUE investigative reporter to find out if it’s TRUE that Bobby Velasquez, who was CONVICTED of molesting his niece, paid Bibi Hodge Shaw ‘s son college tuition, so that she wouldn’t cover his pedophile case, where he was found GUILTY. hmmmmmm And how do you collect French Caf for somebody living in the USA……….. and if your son is ‘retarded’ as you told the police when you were trying to get out of a ticket for driving with your cellphone to your ears……… how did he graduate again? And while you busy making up lies about people’s children, why is one of yours homeless?? So many questions- so little time.

She is a William Marlin agent- but these questions need to be answered, and the Dutch better get rid of this foreign rat, once and for all.

I saw Bibi Hodge Shaw sitting on the stoop by RBC with a friend. I asked her what she had to tell me now….

It’s like she lost the ability to speak English.

Bibi Hodge Shaw- you thought I would have let go of your little Guyanese con ass by now- wishful thinking. Why don’t you get the De Weever’s to get your back? Oh wait, they used you, the discarded you like the used up Demarara trash that you are.

Isn’t what you’re doing to the French Government FRAUD?

Take care of your kids Bibi Hodge Shaw, the one you call ‘retarded’, the one you got on the streets, and the one out of rehab, then come mess with me in MY country.



BREAKING: MARIA BUNCAMPER MOLANUS IN COURT JANUARY 7TH SILVIO MATSER TO FACE HIS DAY IN COURT FOR TAX EVASION AND FRAUD ALSO Versgeperst Sint maarten NIEUWS Maria Buncamper Molanus Curaçao caribisch Buncamper  Maria Buncamper Molanus 150x150




Maria Buncamper Molanus the former Minister of Health, Social Labor and Welfare of St Maarten is slated to appear in court in a pro-forma hearing on January 7th 2015. She is being accused of tax fraud/evasion and fraudulent activities in association with a criminal organization.

Maria Buncamper Molanus was brought was accused and officially resigned from her post on December 23rd 2010. Earlier that month, it came to light that together with her husband Claudius “Toontje’ Buncamper had re-leased government land for three million dollars, using their own ‘shell’ company Eco Green NV.

Maria Buncamper Molanus is the second member of Theo Heyliger’s 2014 political party slate The United People’s Party, to be facing her day in court.

On Wednesday it was announced that her slate member Silvio Matser will also be facing his day in court for tax evasion and fraud involving 3.2 million dollars.

According to the notary Eco Green signed of on 1.6 million dollars, and proposed to deposit the rest in 90 separate terms/payments of 18.750 dollars per term.

According to Maria Buncamper Molanus- nothing was paid.

The OM have been involved in the criminal investigation of Maria Molanus Buncamper.

In August, Maria Buncamper Molanus went before the judge to have the charges against her dismissed/cleared.


CURAÇAO – Het Openbaar Ministerie (OM) heeft voormalig minister van Volksgezondheid, Sociale Zaken en Arbeid van Sint Maarten, Maria Buncamper-Molanus, gedagvaard voor een pro-formazitting op 7 januari. Het OM beschuldigt haar van belastingfraude, valsheid in geschrifte en lidmaatschap van een criminele organisatie.

Dat meldt Caribisch Netwerk.

Buncamper-Molanus viel van haar voetstuk op 23 december 2010. Eerder die maand werd bekend hoe zij samen met haar man Claudius de economische eigendom van een stuk erfpachtgrond voor drie miljoen had verkocht aan het nep-bedrijf Eco Green NV.

Verenigde Volkspartij
Buncamper-Molanus is het tweede lid van Theo Heyliger’s Verenigde Volkspartij (UP) die voor de rechter moet verschijnen. Op woensdag staat UP-parlementslid Silvio Matser terecht op verdenking van belastingontduiking voor een bedrag van 3,2 miljoen dollar, valsheid in geschrifte en het niet aangeven van omzetbelasting.

De notarisakte van de overdracht meldt dat Eco Green 1,6 miljoen dollar betaalde bij tekening en dat de rest in 90 termijnen van 18.750 dollar zou worden voldaan. Bij haar aftreden zei Buncamper-Molanus dat er niets was betaald.

Het OM heeft het strafrechtelijk onderzoek jarenlang voor zich uitgeschoven. In augustus ging Buncamper-Molanus naar de rechter om duidelijkheid te eisen over een mogelijke vervolging


The Italian authorities have issued and executed a search warrant for the home and places of business for Francisco Corallo in St. Maarten. The Prosecutor’s office in Curacao is taking advantage of the situation to see if any additional information can be found to be used in the ongoing BABEL case.

BREAKING NEWS: Entrada hudisial den kas i negoshi di Fransisco Corallo na St. Maarten riba petishon di Italia. I ministerio publiko Korsou ta probesha di e entrada hudisial pa wak si tin algu pa Babel ku tin investigashon andando.



PHILIPSBURG–A man drove himself to St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC) Monday night after he was shot. His vehicle, a greenish-blue Chevrolet Monza with French number plate 9367AAB, was left in the car park.

A large bloodstain on the top part of the driver’s seat suggested that the man had been shot in the upper body, but he was still able to make his way to SMMC.

A source described the man as “not a young guy” and stated that a tow truck had taken his vehicle to the police station.

The location where the man was shot and the circumstances in which this happened were unknown at press time. The police could not be reached to comment.



As you can see, most of the wall, has eroded and fallen away. Every time it rains or even drizzles in St Peters now, the residents get worried, because everytime it rains now, more of this wall falls apart. So the barrier is not only eroding quickly, the debris is congesting and clogging the rest of the canal. I posted about this last week, no reaction, no response- so I’ll post again, since this is a disaster ready and waiting to happen.

Even if Maurice Lake isn’t reading this, please have someone read it for him. I’m not sure what they’re up to in Parliament today, but VROMI needs to realize that they’re not doing their job.

I did try to reach VROMI over the weekend, but I guess they think I’m calling about who’s house the National Detectives raided lately, or who made the front page last week.

No, I am calling about this disaster about to happen, it seems that in St Maarten, people have to die for anything to be done.

Also Maurice, “your” people are ‘fishing’ behind Jump Up Casino, and EATING AND SELLING that Pond Tilapia to locals and others in the district??

I will stay on Maurice about this- Cornelius de Weever also needs to get in the papers, and there has to be a LAW about the Dominicanos and Chinese eating and selling this pond Tilapia… because there will be an epidemic.



You say ‘sick leave’, I say ‘vacation’ .. you say ‘toe-may-toe’,  I say ‘toe-mah-toe’

Yesterday, I went to Parliament for the meeting at 2:00 pm, but I also asked if it was possible to speak to Leona Marlin-Romeo our new Parliamentarian, because I’ve honestly NEVER met her before, and there are concerns that I want to voice before Parliament, but I want to do it the right way. The meeting was cancelled- no shocker, but Ms Marlin actually came down, sat down, described the basic process to me, and explained that although she was new to Parliament, she told me to the extent of her knowledge. What the procedures were when it comes to addressing members in Parliament. So I really appreciated that, there was no meeting yesterday, but I got things done anyway.

Politicians will NOT understand the TRUE realities of politics, and that’s why they are in and out like a revolving door. As a politician, it doesn’t matter how much you dislike a person, you treat them with courtesy, not just because they are a blogger/writer.. it should be automatic-if you CHOOSE to be a public figure. The Dutch don’t understand why so many locals love Theo Heyliger. It’s not just because he’s ‘Mr Moneybags’ and helps people out. He ALWAYS shows people common courtesy-publicly, and even his enemies will tell you that

William Marlin acts like you OWE him something, like you have to bow and scrape when you greet him.

I had to stop William Marlin in the Government Administration Building parking lot, when he was briefly in power, just to tell him how much I disliked his nasty, contemptuous arrogance. William Marlin was GENUINELY SHOCKED!! I’m not sure if he was shocked at the revelation that I didn’t like him, or just shocked because someone dared tell him in his face.

William Marlin has a Narcissitic Personality Disorder. Trust me, I’m an ‘amateur-expert’ on personality disorders.

William Marlin fits the definition of a NPD:

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is characterized by a long-standing pattern of grandiosity (either in fantasy or actual behavior), an overwhelming need for admiration, and usually a complete lack of empathy toward others. People with this disorder often believe they are of primary importance in everybody’s life or to anyone they meet. While this pattern of behavior may be appropriate for a king in 16th Century England, it is generally considered inappropriate for most ordinary people today.

People with narcissistic personality disorder often display snobbish, disdainful, or patronizing attitudes. For example, an individual with this disorder may complain about a clumsy waiter’s “rudeness” or “stupidity” or conclude a medical evaluation with a condescending evaluation of the physician.

In laypeople terms, someone with this disorder may be described simply as a  “narcissist” or as someone with “narcissism.” Both of these terms generally refer to someone with narcissistic personality disorder.

A personality disorder is an enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates from the norm of the individual’s culture. The pattern is seen in two or more of the following areas: cognition; affect; interpersonal functioning; or impulse control. The enduring pattern is inflexible and pervasive across a broad range of personal and social situations. It typically leads to significant distress or impairment in social, work or other areas of functioning. The pattern is stable and of long duration, and its onset can be traced back to early adulthood or adolescence.

It takes a special sort of person to run for politics, and then STAY in politics-


They’re called “Sociopaths”, and I’ve met many of them in St Maarten politics.

I realized very early on in 2009 when Julian Rollocks FORCED me to start to blog and write about the government- that Sarah

Wescot, my dear cousin is a devious snake. It doesn’t matter how often the snake changes its skin, it will ALWAYS be a snake.

Everytime Sarah changes her skin,Theo welcomes her back, only to discover once again, that she’s the same old snake, just a differet outfit…. I mean “skin”

What color is Sarah’s ‘skin’ this week?

It was red a while back, then she changed her skin to green…… and right now I’m really confused it seems like her next skin change will be white or blue…..

Good luck with Sarah, boys…….. it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


Dr. Lloyd Richardson it seems will be the new President of Parliament.

I’ve heard a lot, behind the scenes- I might even know a lot, I just don’t feel the need like certain ‘journalists’ to make up stories, just to make the plot more interesting.

Janchi Johann Leonard used to be my boy- but too much style. I have removed my postings about him, I haven’t blogged about him, just posted my feelings on Facebook, then I removed it, because I still kinda like Janchi…..but……

Here is my BIGGEST pet peeve……. Politicians think that they can schedule an appointment, or tell you to show up, and because they

wear a suit, they don’t call – don’t show up. And they will do it for days. I lived in the States too long. No Call- No show, means that you

are FIRED! It’s an act of DISDAIN, so don’t be surprised by the reaction. You cannot BUY time, so do not waste people’s time.

Now I am over my anger with Janchi, he can take his anger with me to the grave, I don’t care. Time is PRECIOUS, life is

SHORT! If you, a professional cannot fulfill a promise, DON’T make one. If you cannot show up at an appointed time, call me let me

know, don’t have me waiting around seething, and seething.. .especially with wisdom tooth pain. People think I hate certain

politicians- I don’t waste my hate on politicians, I save that for abusers, paedophiles, rapists etc. I don’t hate ANY politicians.

There are a few, I hate their attitudes, and almost like Tourette’s Syndrome I am COMPELLED to tell them when I see them, how I feel about them, and their ‘airs’.

I sometimes have a compulsion to blurt the truth out, I don’t care if you’re the queen.

When you hold in everything, the stress builds up, it leads to stroke, a brain aneurysm etc…. don’t hold in anything.

I met Tamara Leonard for the first time since we went to school together at Sister Magda Elementary School. Same old Tamara, I wish her the best in her treatment.

When it comes to George Pantophlet,

I don’t know nor care what he might say or whisper behind my back. Only once was he rude to me, and we made up after. George

Pantophlet is he consumate politician, unlike Marlin- he’s seen the light- and that’s why people prefer Georgie to Willy.

Silveria Jacobs and I had an email exchange after I was told by Lamin Ibrahim, that she was backing him as he was harassing me. I did ONE photoshop- the deleted it.

Silveria emailed me. I got the whole story and apologized to her- and that’s how it’s supposed to be. I see she’s been on ‘vacation’,

I’ve been in Parliament more than Silveria this term, and I think I understand why. When William Marlin realized Silveria was more

popular than him, it was WILLIAM and his agents who were BEHIND the scenes cutting her down… AND I CAN PROVE THIS! Lamin

tried to make claims…. oh Judith called Silveria a whore etc etc. NO LAMIN, William Marlin and his NA agents did, to CUT her down,

to CUT her popularity, and it backfired.. Now she is supposed to be on an “independent” vacation…. Good. I have NO ill will towards

Silveria, they tried to cut her down, by feeding me negative info, then sending NA to harass, and then tell me that they were

‘representing’ Siveria. Silveria Jacobs should be smart enough, to realize that I laid off the women during the political campaign. She is

smart enough to know that her own riled me up then sent me after her…. enjoy your independent vacation.

I saw dear Sister Connie, face up, I do NOT care Cornelius. If the Lands Recherche handed the evidence to the Prosecutor, and named the case “The Pot Fish” case, then boo……you under investigation too! Bosman isn’t your only issue right now. You, Cornelius de Weever is an Accessory to a CRIME! There is a CRIMINAL investigation called the “Potfish” which both YOU, and your drunken, borracho uncle PETRUS LEROY DE WEEVER is involved in.

How are these fools suggesting Leroy de Weever for a Minister position, when he is under a criminal investigation???

Google the Youtube video: “Taco Stein, when will you arrest that Criminal Leroy de Weever”:

Did I miss something? We’ll see who passes screening……. Do you remember when EVERYONE wanted Minister Position?

Now when you ask a local politician if they want to become Minister, they act like you tell them that they have Ebola!

Peggy Ann Dros of Labor Office was supposed to be lined up for ‘something’ in the Ministry….. I like that, if she can pass the screening, then let her get the position. Fresh blood, we have too many Dinosaurs fighting for this and that position, and they don’t have skeletons in their closet- they have ENTIRE graveyards, in their closet, and want to pretend like they can pass screening.

Peggy Ann Brandon, is supposed to be getting …… “something”… listen, I don’t know this woman personally, but her partnership with Roland Duncan might hurt that. Unlike Peggy Ann Brandon, who bought Kendall Dupersoy’s Facebook lies…. I don’t simply believe what people tell me any more…….I have begun to confirm, verify, re-confirm, re-verify – authenticate everything, because

They said Richard Gibson was lined up for a Ministry position, then they said a certain attorney failed the screening due to molesting a young girl.

Now that there, just threw everybody off………….including me!

Now had they said that an attorney had failed the screening because he had molested young boys………………..

I tried to talk to Brenda Brooks to see if she was in the line up- she denied it left and right..

So either she’s a really good actress………or she’s a lawyer, but she sounded convincing to me.

They tried to say that Millicent de Weever was supposed to be lined up for a position.

As soon as Millicent de Weever stands up to take the oath as Minister, all of those missing Speentje Notary documents and land deeds will drop out her skirt.

Part of the reason, Leroy de Weever is in legal trouble is because, I had a verbal exchange with Millicent de Weever at the Blush store on the Boardwalk. The de Weever’s BELIEVE that they OWN the boardwalk.

Millicent de Weever told me this, and I will take a polygraph test and a lie detector.

Millicent de Weever said; “Get the FUCK away from this store, before I break your Tablet.

I was on the Boardwalk, PUBLIC PROPERTY- she assumed that I had been recording her with my Samsung Tablet, like she is a ‘somebody’ to me.

When Millicent de Weever, my Roman Catholic sister in GOD, told me to get the FUCK away from Blush before she broke my Tablet, I turned to Millicent de Weever and responded….. “Are you going to smash and break my Tablet the same way your brother, Leroy de Weever smash and broke your face all over that stage, knocking you out of politics, and into Speentje’s Notary, where you can steal and lose people’s land deeds???”


I don’t care what degrees Millicent might have, in a verbal battle of wits with me, she is poorly unarmed!

They’re saying Marcel Gumbs as Prime Minister, at least they were saying that before Sarah just Gracefully resigned :) as President of Parliament… If Marcel Gumbs becomes Prime Minister, then once again the UPP would have gotten the most votes, but the party with the least amount of votes (DP) would be in power…………so.

There was a lot of mumbling and anger in the background of the UPP because of that, they were FURIOUS with Theo. So you got over 20 Candidates, they and their people bust their asses for you to get you the most votes, and the only people you can appoint are the ones who called the.. DUTCH to investigate y’all??? :)

We don’t call them the “Young and the Wutless” for no reason :)

They were saying the man who called in the Dutch, Dennis Richardson would remain as Minister of Justice……

Okay, So Dennis is a CROOK- the CROOK who called in the DUTCH…… and you want him to maintain his position???

I can’t say much about Marcel Gumbs, except that he is a die-hard DP who has managed a collection of pensions, yet no one seems to know what his qualifications are, or what he does.

Claret Connor appears cool- the only thing that they seem to have against him is age and inexperience.

I don’t know anything about Rita Gumbs who’s supposed to be appointed Education- so there’s nothing to say.

They tried to say that they were going to appoint Maria Buncamper something, but as soon as Theo said “Marietje”, The RST Dutch detectives – were up in her and Toontje, so I haven’t heard her name since.

I could go into details about the Parliamentarians, but there have been so many ‘lack of quorum’, absence, ‘sick leave’, cancellations…………….. that I’ve been at Parliament, more than Any of those Parliamentarians earning 10.000 to call and ‘cancel’.

The Public is genuinely angry at what’s going on with ‘the lack of quorum’ going on right now, don’t think that they don’t notice and know what’s going on.