judith roumou


Parliamentarians want St Maarteners to respect them, but they have no respect for us, because if they did, they would not treat us this way. I was told by one Parliamentarians, Judith, why don’t you dress up a little, do your hair put on some makeup? I explained to him that whereas my (tax) money was paying for his thousand dollar suits, he was NOT contributing to my wardrobe, so I felt that it was an unfair question. Our Parliamentarians are paid roughly ten thousand per month, they get stipends for wardrobe, gas, EVERYTHING.

But they DARE to ask me, who is independent of the system, to improve my wardrobe, as they refuse to improve their conduct in politics and Parliament.

Parliament has NOTHING for the St Maartener, but they had $500.000 for Tempo. When they hired Tempo, behind the scenes Tempo was requesting my help in their promotions.  I said “F NO!!!! Government give you the money, you do it!

Parliament is insulting The St Maarteners on a daily basis, Parliament defends Roland Duncan when he does not talk about the young St Maarten lady getting an education, bettering or empowering herself, Roland Duncan tells her he’s going to make it easier for her to hook, prostitute herself, sell her body. Parliament DEFENDS that!!!

They have gotten their vote, so now they run around in their airconditioned SUV’s with the windows closed, so that the average man cannot speak to them, so that they cannot smell the disaster that is the pond, so that they don’t have to experience what the average St Maartener encounters every day.

How many St Maarteners have gone homeless, and lost their job since this “New Government” got into power.

Why does the Parliamentarian expect the people who vote them in to beg? You didn’t have to beg for my vote. Why is Parliament allowing Roland Duncan to turn St Maarten into a brothel, a whorehouse?

He says he wants to model it after the Dominican Republic with legalized guns and prostitution, but if Santo Domingo was so great, why are all of the Dominicanos fleeing to St Maarten?

I am working on attacking not individuals, but the system itself, I am allowed to do that.

You will see this blog changing, the system, the authorities, have to be attacked relentlessly,

and just like everyone else in Parliament, I HAVE NO FRIENDS IN POLITICS.

So of course they shut off my wifi signal again,

Don’t you just love a democracy?

You say democracy, I say hypocrisy!

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