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According to Jaap Van den Heuvel, Patrick Illidge committed no crime, but if what he is saying is true, and he does testify, the question is, will Theo Heyliger be charged with a crime? Because entrapment, IS A CRIME. So it will be fascinating to see how this unfolds. Surprisingly, even before Van den Heuvel made his statement, the majority of St Maarteners felt that it was a set up. There are also several people willing to step forward and testify that UP and Theo were attempting to set up Patrick Illidge, NOT because he had done anything wrong, but because Theo had become desperate. He had lost Romain, Romain had gotten close with Frans Richardson and Patrick Illidge. They were supposed to be working on a new Party, which would have devastated Theo Heyliger in the next election. And then it is alleged that everything was perfectly timed, for when the St Maarten Parliamentarians were in Holland, to humiliate the representatives world wide.

The strategizing seems to be backfiring. People have expressed disappointment in Illidge, if the allegations are true, but they stand behind and support him, because they feel he has done a lot of good for the St Maarten people, and if you are going to arrest one, then you have to arrest all.

Much more information.

And if they try to come after me for writing the truth,

that too, will backfire

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  1. Open Letter
    Dear Members of the Press!
    In the last couple of days the Local and International Media “exploded” in connection with “MP Patrick Illidge allegedly taking a bribe from Bada Bing owner Jaap van den Heuvel”. The Socialist Party parliamentarian Ronald van Raak called St. Maarten “nest of crooks and a corrupted mess”. I am reading all this and wondering, is it the real problem in the MP of St. Maarten! What about the fact that the Vice-President of the Joint Court of Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten and of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba Judge Mr. Rene van Veen have access to/share Bank Accounts with the Attorneys Mr. Rik Bergman, Mr. Bert Hofman, Mr.Roeland Zwanikken and Mr.Remco Stomp in the stichting Beroepsopleiding Advocatuur of St. Maarten (SBA SXM) Please go to http://www.notarysps.com/Lawtrai%20.htm? Now many Bank Accounts (and where) nobody will ever know! What about the fact that the Vice-President of the Joint Court Judge Mr. Rene van Veen abuse the power invested in him and on April.26.2012 detained me/Y.Busarov (and my Company Evmolpia PFF) under house-arrest for indefinite period of time(lifetime home-detention)! I quote:
    The examining judge in bankruptcy:
    Suspends the order of remand in custody ordered against Yordan Stoilov Busarov pursuant to article 85 Fb effective Friday April 27th 2012, 12.00 hours.
    Thereby sets the following conditions:
    a. that the suspect complies with the provisions in article 86 Fb, namely that he may not leave his residence without permission of the examining judge;
    I will not comment the fact that the Great power of the Police, the Prosecutors Office of Sint Maarten was redirected from Judge Mr. Rene van Veen and I/Yordan S.Busarov and my Company/Evmolpia PF were arrested in the Court House Sint Maarten and (after ten minutes) send illegally to Pointe Blanche Prison Sint Maarten! What about the fact that Pointe Blanche Prison Sint Maarten was used from Judge Mr. Rene van Veen as instrument for ill treatment, illegal punishment, act of arbitrariness, acts of direct coercion, flagrant acts of intimidation? What about the fact that Mr. Rik Bergman as Chairman has more power from -Judge Mr. Rene van Veen/the Vice-Chairman in SBA SXM! Should be noted the fact that Judge Mr.R.W.J.van Veen is considered as one of the most powerful persons in Country Sint Maarten! He is the Vice-President of the JOINT COURT OF JUSTICE of Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten and of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, Senior Judge of the Court of First Instance Sint Maarten and President of the Supervisory Board of Pointe Blanche Prison Sint Maarten! How can be possible in 21th Century a Judge from the Dutch Judiciary to order lifetime home-detention? I/Yordan S.Busarov informed every possible institution within the Jurisdiction of the Kingdom of the Netherlands(H.M. Queen Beatrix, the Supreme Court, The Minister of Security and Justice Mr. Ivo Opstelten..etc). Up to date-“voice in the desert”. Therefore I am asking what is it “MP Patrick Illidge allegedly taking a bribe” in compare with ill treatment, illegal punishments, acts of arbitrariness, acts of direct coercion, flagrant acts of intimidation and severe destruction of the fundamental human rights against/of me/Y.Busarov (and my Company) in the Court Rooms of the JOINT COURT OF JUSTICE of Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten and of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, aiming to “cover up” illegal activities within the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of the Netherlands?
    Rgds. Yordan Stoilov Busarov.
    On Behalf of Evmolpia PF.
    or “Don Quichotte Busarov” according to Mr. Hilbert Haar/the Editor of the local newspaper Today. Please go to http://www.todaysxm.com/2013/03/05/don-quichotte-busarov-rides-on-bankrupt-bulgarian-takes-his-quest-to-queen-beatrix/
    Be aware that I/Y.Busarov (and my Company) approached Mr.Hilbert Haar in the begging of year 2012, aiming to inform publicity about the violations of the applicable Laws! Before fully understand my attention, Mr.Hilbert Haar informed me/Y.Busarov (and my Company) that his wife have a part-time job in the Court House of Sint Maarten as translator and he is very happy with the Judges from the Court of First Instance and especially Judge Mr.R.W.J.van Veen . It is obvious that Mr. Hilbert Haar is not aware of the fact that, the Cervantes’s novel is still considered relevant. In different eras this novel has been interpreted in different ways. For example, when the first book was released (year 1605) – the audience perceived it as a comic story. After the French Revolution, the novel is seen quite differently, the ethical pattern is reversed – the individual may be right while society is actually wrong. In the 19th century, the novel is considered “journalistic” comment about social status. It was not until the 20th century, when become clear that “Don Quixote” is not only unique moral work, but the first true modern novel. Therefore the I/Y.Busarov am considering that, the incompetent attempt for discreditation and sarcasm it is actually in favor of me(and my Company). I truly hope the wife of Mr H.Haar to be called more often for translations in the Court House Sint Maarten (and bring more money home) after his article about me/my Company! This is just the “tip of the iceberg’, more to follow!

    Rgds. Yordan Stoilov Busarov. E-mail: jordan@caribserve.net
    Sint Maarten Tel: +1 721 587 3007


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