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Theo Heyliger DID set up Patrick Illidge when it comes to the video, because I can prove Norman Wathey broached the subject of the video twice with me. I won’t get into details, but I discussed it with Taco Stein yesterday on camera. I dislike Theo and his politics, but I’ve been cool with Norman since I would hang out at his radio station, so I guess The United People’s Party thought that it would be a good idea to approach me with the video offer, knowing that I could bring in millions of hits.

I asked Norman for the video, and for the chance to EVALUATE and ANALYSE the video, KNOWING that it is easy to manipulate video, that is when the conversation ended.

There is much more.

I don’t know what went down with Van Den Heuvel, OR Patrick Illidge. I cannot attest to guilt or innocence, I can attest that Theo Heyliger is behind the video, because his uncle approached me late january/early february about it.

I posted my blog directly from The Blue Bitch Bar/Tallulah Mangoes that day, so here’s the blog on the day that Norman came about the video:


Scroll down on the second link where I am at Tallulah Mangoes and the Blue Bitch………..

Now Norman has to ask the question…..

Was I recording him?????

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