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damn just when you’d think they couldn’t stoop any lower they have their ppl threaten a man’s little daughter @ school forcing him to say that it was a “loan” he was paying back to Patrick and that Theo told him to record it. what kind of bullshit is that and not even kindergarden children can be fooled by that nonsense especially after watching that tape. the only reason that bullshit should even make it to court is if the new invetigators are taking bribe just like the ones already here and if that’s the case all of us (poor people) here in St.Maarten are FUCKED with their new “buy your own prosecutor” program! (lemme start saving just in case)
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  • Sint Maarten Theo fucked
  • Clevie Arrindell sure, because it was him in the video or it was him who sent Patrick to collect 4 him right?
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  • Sint Maarten Clevie Arrindell we have no issues, but great sources are telling me that the second video is of Theo Heyligerwhether the video is Theo discussing the hit, or paying for it…….I guess you’ll have to see. And Clevie I tend to believe all politicians are corrupt, I am not attesting to anyone’s guilt or innocence, but Norman Wathey came to me with this two months ago, so it IS a set up. And according the someone very closed to Theo, the set up was not because Patrick had done anything wrong, but because he had 600 votes that Theo wanted. Then we can also discuss the Romain Romain J Laville video where he talks of the big boys coming to him with $350.000. I would bet you $350.000 Bada Bing dollars, that there were cameras there too! Have a great morning South Reward, but St Peters knows when the story don’t fit  stay tuned, I have lots more
  • Clevie Arrindell if Theo needed to set up Patric for his measely 600 votes, why not go after William for his thousands and ensure that you never have to “set anyone up” ever again? do you guys ever think before you write? and if Patrick is innocent hoe the hell did he get caught? and i personally know of @ least # other cases involving him so please try a different angle
  • Clevie Arrindell i”m sorry but you”re starting to sound a lot like someone i”m accostumed to agrguing with
  • Sint Maarten Because my dear Clevie Arrindell Patrick was the one seemingly controlling the three amigos. He figured he’d get three in one, and as far as I know, Frans brought in MORE votes than Patrick. So it was supposed to be a “coup” William was supposed to see the tape, Diss Patrick, and forced them to go back to UP, if they could not form their own party. It was a set up, and it was beautiful and Machiavellian, however it failed miserably.  The three amigos have pretty much always maintained that they are together (please review the romain video, at the beginning). They have always maintained that if one go all go. And that’s what Theo was pinning his hopes on. Theo got desperate and made rash moves, NOBODY from UP was giving up their seat. And I HAVE UP ON VIDEO SAYING THAT THEY NOT GIVING THEO NOTHING! Theo knows this, and that’s why at parliament behind the scenes, UP are at UP’s throat. Nothing but beef and friction going on among the United Peoples Party right now. Theo brought in all the votes, and provided seats for like four or five of his “people”, now he out of a job, they saying eff him. Why is UP coming to me, behind the scenes to complain and cry about “loyalty” in the UP if UP wasn’t falling to shambles? Theo thought it would be easy, but times have changed boo-boo. Now tell Maurice Lake the house negro to answer my calls like he promised. Oh Wait! Slave master Theo needs to give permission first.
  • Sint Maarten are u there boo boo?  I’m loving this
  • Clevie Arrindell I mean honestly why go after a “no name” independant when you can go after a leader of the most powerful opposition you have and by the way who is just as gullible (if not more) as Patrick and crumble the entire opposition? and i don’t know what tape you”re talking about because from the beginning it was decided (amoung the UP party) that Theo wasn”t gonna sit in Parliament and he said so himself to the media in his 1st interview after the fall of goverment so as for friction among the party, sweetheart i think you have the wrong party!
  • Clevie Arrindell And btw Patrick can never be controlling the “3 Amigos” when what he was collecting in bribes was “chicken feed ” to what his companion was collecting (imagine $400,000 just on the lottery liscense) and that’s just 1 of his deals this year alone. invetigate for yourself and see just between jan-feb $650,000. so not even Patrick’s $150,000 (on his “other nightclub”) deal comes close
  • Sint Maarten Because, Clevie Arrindell you cannot find people like William Marlin and Sarah Wescot Williams at a strip club, you can’t get them to visit one, so they are harder to set up. When Romain Romain J Laville , Frans Richardson, Patrick and Theo Heyligerwere all best buddies, ya kno…when they were “United”, their favorite hangout spot was Bada Bing. According to my source, Bada Bing was the spot for the WHOLE UP party, and NOBODY was down there more with Jaap van den Heuvel than Theo Heyliger. According to my Bada Bing source, Theo started visiting Bada Bing more frequently right BEFORE and After the taping. So I’m not saying anyone else is guilty or innocent, I’m just explaining to you that you can only catch someone on tape like that if you are considered a “friend” and William and Sarah etc are bad arguments, cuz they simply not STUPID enough to be AT a stripclub, Your boy Theo Heyliger though is a leader, but he lived at the strip club. And there are also rumours that Theo is too STUPID to be in parliament, and would be unable to speak unless Joe Richardson or Al Wathey were whispering instructions into his ears. I have received emails from Theo Heyliger Clevie, and I can post them right now. English is his only language, but THE MAN CANNOT SPELL! Want me to prove it???  And let’s be honest sxm is 16 sq miles, and 600 IS a lot of votes, If Patrick Illidge was NOBODY, why did 600 vote for him?
  • Sint Maarten Isn’t it odd Clevie Arrindell that Theo Heyliger who the Dutch call Mr Mafioso and Mr %10 would be working with the Dutch AGAINST the st maarten people, AFTER HE CALLED THE DUTCH ‘MODERN DAY SLAVE MASTERS”? Theo is out of government, he hasn’t gotten ANY OR RINGROAD!! LOL yes THEO HUILEN OVER RING ROAD! All that scheming and nothing. Theo Heyliger who has nothing but Black boys working for him, runs and snitches to the DUTCH government, just to embarrass the local politicians. It was perfectly timed so that when the sxm reps were there, they were going to be humiliated worldwide, It only backfired after the Dutchman spilled his guts. And boo boo there’s a LOT going on in Parliament that neither you nor Theo Heyliger know about. I on the other hand live there (ask security) and I SEE what’s going on. UP is a MESS!!! that’s why all you making SOOOOO many mistakes. Theo TURNED MANY st maarteners against him with the stunt. HE BUST THE BUCKET, BUT MOST OF THE SHIT FELL BACK ON HIM. Eagerly awaiting your response
  • Clevie Arrindell i think you need to get rid of your “source” immediately and start getting out more youself and if you are gonna start comparing Theo”s intellect with that of idiots like Patrick and France them my dear please start by asking France to write his own last name and invetigate if Patrick ever finish school in Holland like he claimed and ask him to take a close look at his cijferlijst and diploma and i can guarantee you i can come up with “the original’ and it’s not his name on that one
  • Sint Maarten okay i will post Theo Heyliger ‘s emails to prove my point that he’s an idiot!!!! BRB!!
  • Sint Maarten According to my sources Clevie Arrindell Darling The UP is currently under investigation AS A WHOLE for bribing 3 police officers. Now neither Patrick nor the NA are under investigation by the Dutch BUT THE UP ARE! WHY HAVEN’T THEY GIVEN UP THEIR SEATS AS A WHOLE, SINCE THEY ARE UNDER INVESTIGATION AS A WHOLE? According to Taco Stein there has been no OFFICIAL investigation launched about Patrick, but there is one about the UP bribing those cops on camera
  • Clevie Arrindell exactly! you just answered your own question! the dutch is clearly after THeo (and you can tell by the way they went after LOUIE and and the minute they cut ties with Theo they’re off the hook) but Theo would want to work withthem to set someone else up? REALLY?
  • Sint Maarten Theo is a skunt. HE SET HIMSELF UP! NOW HE’S A PART OF THE INVESTIGATION. DON’T TRY TO PUMP SUNSHINE UP THE LOCALS ASS. Theo set himself up!!!! he got desperate. But let me go come back with some of Theo’s retarded, illiterate letters to me. And I speak six languages Clevie, Theo speaks but one, and he cannot even speak English properly, as much time as he spends in Miami. And congratulate him on the birth of his baby for me. But he still has to answer the questions. If Maurice Lake is your “writer” then you’re dumber than dogshit, and Maurice is Theo’s negro writer.
  • Clevie Arrindell sweetheart last elections i personally whitnessed the leader of the NA bribe a voter right here @ the MPC in plain view and France was giving out “treats right in front of Harley Davidson during the UP party’s meeting down there so don’t even go down that lane with me.
  • Clevie Arrindell got @ hit da road $ abou @ hrs but post ur shit n i’ll get back 2 u
  • Clevie Arrindell got to go collect my ‘bribe’


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