judith roumou


In the photos are Gracita Arrindell, Rene Richardson, Leroy de Weever, Frans Richardson, Patrick Illidge etc etc. Today Gracita Arrindell of The United People’s Party asked for the resignation of Patrick Illidge and Roland Duncan. I agree, on the  condition that the United Peoples Party ALSO give up their seats, since they too have been under investigation, for bribing three police officers since 2010. The investigation into the U.P. is not over, the U.P. simply assumes that the average St Maartener has short term memory loss, and won’t remember their evil, criminal and corrupt deeds while in office.

If every politician under investigation should resign, then the U.P. should be the first with their resignation papers (as a whole) seeing as they’ve been under official investigation for a while now. 

Also, will Gracita insist that Theo Heyliger resign as the leader of the United People’s Party, considering the fact that he is an ACCESSORY in whatever took place with Jaap Van Den Heuvel and Patrick Illidge. 

Gracita, how stupid do you think the St Maarten people are?

Taco Stein has clearly stated, and it has been printed in Theo’s OWN newspaper “The Daily Herald“, that IF there is an investigation, Theo Heyliger will be a part of is…..

as a suspect in a crime. 

I’ll be in parliament this afternoon for the meeting,

maybe Gracita can respond to me then


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