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It’s funny reading in the St Maarten Daily Herald, that THEIR publisher Paul de WIndt has been called in for questioning by the prosecutors officer and Lands Rercherche (Dutch Detectives)

Of course the Daily Herald will get away with having UP loyalist working for them, and writing biased stories, but people are starting to catch on to what I’ve been saying for four years. The Daily Herald, is not about news or information, it is about generating ad profits, so of course they will be biased in favor of those with the most cash flow to pay for those expensive Daily Herald ads.

Theo Heyliger was also questioned, for the role he allegedly played in the whole “Bada Bing” set up that went terribly awry.

Theo Heyliger has been accused by Jaap van den Heuvel of being involved in a blackmail and entrapment plot, in order to destroy the current government, which is made up of the three Independents, The DP and the NA.

Theo Heyliger allegedly tried to entrap, and then blackmail Patrick Illidge, with the assistance of their mutual friend, Bada Bing Strip Club owner, Jaap Van Den Heuvel.

The Video tape was in the possession of brothel owner Toochie Meyers, husband of U.P. Parliamentarian Syvia Olivacce Meyers for months before being handed over to the authorities, and there is talk that the video had been altered.

One civil servant, and two members of the Bada Bing management team were also interviewed.

According to the Daily Herald, who are also a part of this investigation, and made no mention of Michael Granger their reporter who was also implicated in the Bada Bing set up, Theo Heyliger has NOT responded to questions about the case by them.

My question is, who at the Daily Herald questioned him?

Michael Granger? Lead Reporter of The Herald, Theo’s best bosom buddy, and the man Jaap van Den Heuvel accused of altering the incriminatory tape?

Or Alita Singh, Mrs “Conflicts of Interest“, who works for the U.P. (The United People’s Party), THE DAILY HERALD, AND the harbour?

It’s being called the “Orca” investigation, and although the U.P. were demanding an investigation right after the tape was released, once it was revealed that The U.P. leader Theo Heyliger was the MASTERMIND of the tape, the U.P. camp suddenly got very quiet.

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