Citizens of the world. There are about 60.000 – indigenous St. Martiners worldwide, including the over 15.000 who are presently residing in their homeland St. Martin (North and South)’ a 37 sq mile Caribbean island with a total population of 100.000

By definition, a Native – Indigenous St. Martiner is an individual of any race, creed, religion, or nationality born in any part of the world, who can trace his or her family tree, blood lineage, heritage, identity and prescriptive land right back to the post-slavery historical period between 1848 and 1963 in North and South St. Martin.
It’s imperative that we as a dignified St. Martin People in the months to follow do some serious soul searching and reflection on our present state of the union, as being a non-recognized, re-colonized people, reduced to a native minority in our homeland. Struggling to maitain our dignity and God given right of self-determination to finalize our spiritual, mental, cultural, socio-economic, and constitutional emancipation processed towards Sovereignity of a unified St. Martin; “ONE PEOPLE – ONE ISLAND – ONE DESTINY.”
The Historical Rights of Native Indigenous St. Martiners Worldwide must be recognized in their homeland as described in the U.N. declaration concerning Post-Colonial Rights of native people.
“conditio sine qua non” if there is to be any viable future for our sweet St. Martin land. We as a dignified St Martin people must think seriously out of the box when during the transitional period (2015-2020)
We re-negotiate our constitutional relationship with the European Union (EU) to become a full fledged constitutional democratic Ultra-peripheral unified sovereign member state with permanent – exempt status within the European Union (EU) ;
The conference of European member states in October 2007 consented to modify article 299 of the draft that governs the EU Treaty and the treaty of the European Community where it relates to St. Martin.
St. Martin will be able to consider a third option, that is to say negotiate a status specifically to suit the needs of an island with a unique identity.
A proposed third option for a constitutional democratic Unified St. Martin sovereign state must be presented as the original thinking out of the box, thus creating the window of opportunity for both Dutch and French to establish a unified, indigenous government structure in the form of an autonomous constitutional assembly during the transitional period will not only have as a task, the unification of French and Dutch St. Martin into one sovereign state, but will also have as its main task to prepare St. Martin to meet all criteria tobe admitted to join the EU as a sovereign full fledged ultra-peripheral member state with permanent exempt status by July 1st 2020.
This proposed political independence in the form of the sovereign St. Martin option, would entitle the citizens of St. Martin to hold St. Martin – European passports as full -fledged EU citizens.
St. Martin as a full-fledged Ultra-peripheral EU memberstate with a permanent exempt status would have legal competence as a sovereign nation to conduct international outside of the EU, also with direct participation and integration into the United Nation (U.N.) the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and other regional and international organizations.
Now considering the fact that the Conference of European member states in October 2007 consented to modify aarticle 299 of the draft governing the EU treaty and the treaty of the European COmmunity to enable St. Martin to consider a third option, that is to say negotiate a status specifically to suit the needs of an island with a unique identity is reason enough for we a St. Martin people to finally get our act together by holding an island wide constitutional referendum on the Sovereign St. Martin Option; EU membership St. Martin (North and South) will never be able to make use of its God-given right of self-determination to achieve its full socio-economic potential as a constitutional democratic unified sovereign state if was a dignified St. Martin Native people do not have the political will and courage to overcome the North-South political divide to pursue this proposed third option; THe Sovereign St. Martion Option, guided by the principle of: ONE PEOPLE – ONE STATE – ONE DESTINY

Theophilus F. Priest

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  1. Dear Mr. Theophilus F. Priest!
    1. It is obvious from your opinion/statements above that you are well educated/spoken person! If you allow me, I would like to express my humble opinion! It is a fact that within the Kingdom, the Netherlands has an obligation to promote the wellbeing of its former colonies, as laid down by the United Nations. The Kingdom of the Netherlands is responsible for the protection of human rights, legal certainty, and good governance in all its constituent countries. On average, the Netherlands has 22 to 34 judges and numerous Public prosecutors working in the Caribbean region of the Kingdom. These officials assist and advise the Public Prosecutions Service and the Common Court of Justice.
    2. Until the Netherlands stop sending Judges and Prosecutors which are refusing to prosecute “white collar criminals”, posing as(or appointing them) Notaries, Candidate-Notaries, Director of the Cadaster…etc , or you should not use words as “Unified St. Martin sovereign state” …etc! But once again, that is only my humble opinion!
    Rgds. Y.Busarov!


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