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The Hague, Netherlands
Touch From: Theo Heyliger is a mafia boss
Published on: May 19, 2011 – 1:15 pm | By Scarlet Wind Star ( Photo: Suzanne Koelega )

Minister Donner of the Interior and Kingdom Relations Wednesday, May 19 just knew not how he held a debate with the permanent parliamentary committee for Kingdom Relations. SP MP Ronald van Raak pulled hard leather against Deputy Prime Minister Theo Heyliger St. Maarten.The SP Heyliger called a ‘mafia boss’ and’ mister in percent “, referring to rumors about alleged corruption on the windward island.

The statements by Ronald van Raak were a response to earlier decisions of the Deputy Prime Minister of Sint Maarten. Heyliger called Dutch politicians slavers because St. Martin in his eyes was forced to many impossible conditions of the Financial Supervisory Board, CFT, to meet in order to achieve a balanced budget.


Ronald van Raak about Theo Heyliger


Fruitful Cooperation
Minister Piet Hein Donner distanced himself vigorously from the judgments of the MP. “It makes no sense to speak in those terms the governments of other countries,” said the minister who was about to leave the room after the observations of Van Raak. “I do not think we can cooperate fruitfully in this way if we show opposite each strike,” continued the minister.

The reprimand of Minister Donner and also the request of his fellow MPs to take back his words made little impression on Ronald van Raak. “If from Sint Maarten big words than we need here in the Netherlands but to accept. So I changed my mind that I was on the same level analyzes also going to make. And then you see that the room is too small. Which leaves see that there is something wrong in the relationship. In St. Maarten, the drivers and everything we could, but we constantly have to bind the hands, “Van Raak.


Minister Donner’s statement of Ronald van Raak


Delegation of Saint Eustatius and Saba
“Down all levels”, as commented Mathias Voges, the Minister Plenipotentiary of Sint Maarten in The Hague on the statements of Van Raak. The debate with Minister Donner was also followed from the stands by Dennis Richardson, a member of the State Council for St. Maarten, and Wilbert Stolte, the new government commissioner for the BES. There was also a delegation of directors Sint Eustatius and Saba present. All she reacted in disbelief at the wording of the MP.

The statements of the MPs about the directors of Sint Maarten will certainly not lead to a riot between Sint Maarten and the Netherlands according to Minister Plenipotentiary Mathias Voges. “Minister Donner has responded adequately and thus for us the end of it,” said Voges.

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  1. 1. Before 10.10.2010 Sint Maarten was part of the Netherlands Antilles. With effect from 10 October 2010, the Netherlands Antilles ceased to exist as a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. From that date onwards, the Kingdom consists of four parts: The Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten.

    2. Within the Kingdom, the Netherlands has an obligation to promote the wellbeing of its former colonies, as laid down by the United Nations. The Kingdom of the Netherlands is responsible for the protection of human rights, legal certainty, and good governance in all its constituent countries. On average, the Netherlands has between 22 to 34 Judges and numerous Public prosecutors working in the Caribbean region of the Kingdom. These officials assist and advise the Public Prosecutions Service and the Joint Court of Justice(Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie).

    3. The First Applicant (Evmolpia Private Foundation) is registered and functioning in Sint Maarten (Annex 1-Please go to: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_PuZLSZIKtveHdwN0Q3VWoyZ2c/edit?usp=sharing ).

    4. The Second Applicant (Yordan S. Busarov) is a Bulgarian citizen, living and working in Sint Maarten since year 2 000(Annex 2- Please go to: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_PuZLSZIKtveVdKc2haLUtucTA/edit?usp=sharing ). Both Applicants are referred below as The Applicants.

    5. Judge Mrs. Lisabeth Hoefdraad is the President of the Joint Court of Justice of Aruba, Curacao, and Sint Maarten and of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba (the Court), President of the Supervisory Board over the Notaries and Candidate Notaries (Kamer van Toezicht over de Notarissen en Kandidaat-Notarissen) and Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau.

    6. Judge Mr. R.W.J.van Veen is the Vice-President of the Joint Court of Justice of Aruba, Curacao, Sint Maarten and of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba (the Court), President of the Supervisory Board of Pointe Blanche Prison Sint Maarten, Senior Judge in the Court of First Instance Sint Maarten and Vice-Chairman in the stichting Beroepsopleiding Advocatuur of St. Maarten (SBA SXM).

    7. Attorney Mr. Ric Bergman is partner in BZSE Law Sint Maarten, Chairman in the stichting Beroepsopleiding Advocatuur of St. Maarten (SBA SXM) and is representing Candidate Civil Law Notary Mrs. Marlene F. Mingo in the pending Appeal Court Case AR 184/2010-H-200/12. Should be noted the fact that the Applicants were illegally arrested on April.13.2912 in the Court House of Sint Maarten and illegally prevented of submitting Closing Arguments in in the pending Appeal Court Case AR 184/2010-H-200/12.

    8. The Vice-President of the Court Judge Mr. R.W.J.van Veen and Attorney Mr. Rik (Gerrit Roland) Bergman are sharing the Bank Account(s) of the stichting Beroepsopleiding Advocatuur of St. Maarten (SBA SXM) Please go to http://www.notarysps.com/Lawtrai%20.htm ! How many and were nobody will ever know!

    9. On 05.July.2007 and on Feb.26.2009 Standard Trust Company N.V./Corinne de Tullio-Stam (as Managing Director of the First Applicant) signed and registered false/untrue documents. First and Second Mortgage deed with total amount of USD 1 670 000.00(one million six hundred and seventy thousand US Dollars) was attached to the property of the First Applicant/Evmolpia PF. The Applicants would like to establish the fact that the First Applicant/Evmolpia PF does not have and never had a Bank account and it is impossible to receive USD 1 670 000.00(one million six hundred and seventy thousand US Dollars).

    10. In the beginning of March 2010 The Applicants filed Complaint to the Supervisory Board over the Notaries and Candidate Notaries in the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba (Kamer van Toezicht over de Notarissen en Kandidaat-Notarissen in de Nederlandse Antillen en Aruba), against the illegal activities of Notary F.E. Gijsbertha and Candidate Civil Law Notary Mr. Marlene Mingo, as required by the Law on the notarial profession, Chapter VI. Supervision (Wet op het notarisambt Hoofdstuk VI. Toezicht). The Complaint was registered on March.22.2010. (Annex 3-Please go to: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_PuZLSZIKtvZkRzZXdDT0RXeEU/edit?usp=sharing ).

    11. Since March22.2010 – up to date March.26.2013 The Applicants informed dozens of times the President of the Supervisory Board over the Notaries and Candidate Notaries (President van de Kamer van Toezicht over de Notarissen en Kandidaat-Notarissen) Mrs. L. Hoefdraad of the illegal activities in Notary Office Gijsbertha, and each time filed via (FedEx, e-mails and faxes) dozens of new compelling evidence . Since March.23.2010 – up to date –March.27.2013the Complaint is not handled, in breach of the Law on the notarial profession, Chapter VI. Supervision; Article 53 to Article 65a (Wet op het notarisambt Hoofdstuk VI. Toezicht; Artikel 53 naar Artikel 65a WN of Wna).

    12. With the feeling of impunity on Sep.12.2011the fraudulent Candidate Civil Law Notary Mrs. Marlene F. Mingo summoned the Applicants (without a Court Order and in breach of all applicable Laws), presenting herself as a Notary(Annex 4-Please go to: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_PuZLSZIKtvSUlfOHVUVzQySkk/edit?usp=sharing )!

    13. Up to Jan.10.2012 the total amount of the untrue/false Mortgage Deeds (attached to a Private Foundation without Bank Account/The First Applicant) was USD 1 670 000.00 (one million six hundred and seventy thousand US Dollars) Annex 5-Please go to: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_PuZLSZIKtvSkY1YW1felhjU2c/edit?usp=sharing .

    14. With the feeling of impunity on Jan.10.2012the former Notary F.E.Gisbertha illegally “transferred” five (of seven) apartments (property of The First Applicant) for USD 550 000.00 Annex 6-Please go to: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_PuZLSZIKtvdUIwRVRRWThPdFE/edit?usp=sharing .

    15. On Jan.11.2012 the five hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars) “paid” for the five apartments disappeared, and the total amount of the untrue Mortgage Deeds was illegally increased with USD 835 000.00 (eight hundred thirty five thousand US Dollars) penalty, – from USD 1 670 000.00 up-to USD 2 505 000.00(two million five hundred and five thousand US Dollars) Annex 7-Please go to: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_PuZLSZIKtvX0tZOWdfS0htclU/edit?usp=sharing .

    16. In fact, the fraudulent former Notary F.E.Gisbertha and fraudulent Candidate Civil Law Notary Mr. Marlene F. Mingo not only “transferred” five apartments (property of The First Applicant), but also added USD 835 000.00(eight hundred and thirty five thousand US Dollars) interest/penalty. Please compare the total amounts in Annex 5 and Annex 7.

    17. On April.13.2012, based on untrue/forged document (“vonnis” to EJ 20/2012 – Annex 8-Please go to: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_PuZLSZIKtvUFhkRk9lMXZSUTg/edit?usp=sharing ) to a not-existing Court Case the Applicants were arrested in the Court House of Sent Maarten, prevented of submitting Closing Arguments in in the pending Appeal Court Case AR 184/2010-H-200/12 and after ten minutes in the Police Station send directly to Pointe Blanche Prison Sint Maarten (Annex 9-Pleasevgo to: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_PuZLSZIKtvNVlfMlBWV3kwZHc/edit?usp=sharing )!

    18. On April.26.2012 Judge Mr.R.W.J. van Veen on his own initiative acknowledged the existence of Article 5 of ECHR, and ordered the release of The Applicants (Annex 10-Please go to: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_PuZLSZIKtvSUw0QnBpcy1lVHc/edit?usp=sharing ) under lifetime Home-detention!

    19. In fact on March.28.2012 (Annex 9) article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights was not applicable and Judge Mr.R.W.J. van Veen ordered the imprisonment of The Applicants. One month later on April.26.2012 Article 5 of the European Convention Human on Rights was applicable and Judge Mr.R.W.J. van Veen suspended the imprisonment of the Second Applicant, and in breach of all Domestic and International Laws ordered the illegal Home-detention of the Applicants for indefinite period of time(Annex 10).

    20. Since April.26.2012 up to date-March.26.2013 (for eleven months and counting) the Applicants are under illegal lifetime Home Detention!

    21. The Applicants would like to establish the fact that all and above it is happening with the knowledge of Hare Majesteit de Koningin, de Gouverneur van Sint Maarten Dhr Eugene Bernard Holiday, de Minister van Veiligheid en Justitie Dhr Ivo Opstelten, de President van de Hoge Raad der Nederlanden Dhr. G.J.M. Corstens, de Procureur-Generaal bij de Hoge Raad der Nederlanden Dhr J.W.Fokkens, Plaatsvervangend Procureur-Generaal Mw. C. L. de Vries Lentsch-Kostense, de Nationale Ombudsman Dhr. Alex Brenninkmeijer ,de Procureur-generaal Dhr. Dick Piar, de Hoofdaanklager Dhr. Hans Mos….etc!

    22. The Dutch Judges are appointed by Royal Decree for life. They are dismissed by Royal Decree at their own request or when reaching the age of 70 years. The President of the Court Judge Mrs. L.Hoefdraad (born 1951) will retire at age 62 effective Aug.2013!

    23. The Vice-President Judge Mr. R.W.J.van Veen will also no-longer be part of Joint Court of Justice of Aruba, Curacao, and Sint Maarten and of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba effective Aug.2013!

    24. According to the knowledge of the Applicants, the Chief-Prosecutor Mr. Hans Mos will no-longer part of the Prosecutors Office Sint Maarten effective Aug.2013!

    25. On March.23.2013 one of the local newspaper informed the publicity as follows:

    Candidate Civil Law Notary Mrs. Marlene F.Mingo will be taking over the office of notary Francis Gijsbertha ….on April.05.2013…etc Annex 11-Please go to: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_PuZLSZIKtvd3dPY3p3NmJNdVk/edit?usp=sharing )

    26. It is a fact that the Members of the Judiciary do not enjoy immunity from prosecution. They are subject to the ordinary rules of criminal law, but with one exception. To guarantee that the prosecution and trial of a judge are fair, there is a special statutory regulation for determining which court is competent to judge such a case. The aim is to ensure that judges are not tried in the court in which they serve.

    27. “On the other hand” in the past fifty years, the Supreme Court has rarely suspended a judge and has dismissed a judge only twice. In 2008 because of illness of the judge concerned and in 2009, due to the incapacity of the concerned judge for work, due to other reasons than illness Please go to http://www.rechtspraak.nl/Organisatie/Hoge-Raad/Supreme-court/The-Procurator-General-of-the-Supreme-Court/Pages/Disciplinary-measures-and-complaints-against-judges.aspx .

    28. On March.23.2013 one of the local newspaper informed the publicity as follows:
    Candidate Civil Law Notary Mrs. Marlene F.Mingo will be taking over the office of notary Francis Gijsbertha ….on April.05.2013…etc. Annex 11 !

    29. As mentioned above, the Second Applicant is with Bulgarian nationality! It is a fact that, The Netherlands has been vetoing the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the Schengen Area since September 2011 out of concerns for corruption, organized crime, and rule of law in the youngest EU member states. The Dutch government has confirmed the Netherlands’ veto on Bulgaria and Romania’s Schengen entry in a briefing to the Dutch MPs (Dutch News reported Sep.2012).

    The opinion of the Applicants is that the following questions should be asked:

    30. Why instead investigated and prosecuted, former Notary F.E.Gijsbertha was appointed “to represent his vacant practice location” and continue with the Forgeries, Mortgage Fraud, Money Laundering and Tax Evasion?

    31. Why instead investigated and prosecuted, Candidate Civil Law Notary Mrs. Marlene F. Mingo will be sworn as Notary on April.05.2013 and continue with Forgeries, Mortgage Fraud, Money Laundering and Tax Evasion- https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_PuZLSZIKtvd3dPY3p3NmJNdVk/edit?usp=sharing ?

    32. Why is necessary Candidate Civil Law Notary Mrs. Marlene F. Mingo to be sworn as Notary, after she is acting as such and signing documents/summons as Notary since Sep.12.2011?

    33. How Candidate Civil Law Notary Mrs. Marlene F. Mingo will “repay” for the favor (appointed as a Notary instead investigated)?

    34. Is it any Government Institution capable of “breaking” this endless circle of continuing destruction of the Rule of Law and fundamental human rights?

    35. How many others (specialized in Forgeries, Mortgage Fraud, Money Laundering and Tax Evasion) will be sworn before the President of the Court (Mrs. L.Hoefdraad) retire and before the “departure” of the Vice-President(Mr. R.W.J.van Veen)?

    36. How can be possible the victims of criminal activities to be imprisoned and/or placed under lifetime Home-detention for requesting Proper Administration of Justice?

    37. Is it a common practice the Dutch Judges to share Bank Accounts with Attorneys (of “white collar criminals” or any criminals) -http://www.notarysps.com/Lawtrai%20.htm ?

    38. Is it the Joint Court of Justice(Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie) “the heir” of the Tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition(Spanish Inquisition), profiting from “confiscation” of the property of “convicted heretics”/The Applicants?

    39. Why the Honorable Governor of Sint Maarten Mr. Eugene Bernard Holiday refuse to assure (for over a year- since Feb.13.2012) the implementation of the Kingdom Laws (Rijksbesluit rechtspositie Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie Artikel 53 to Artikel 64)?

    40. Why the de Procureur-Generaal bij de Hoge Raad der Nederlanden is “blind and deaf” for the severe destruction of the Rule of Law?

    41. Why the Member of the Constitutional Court of Sint Maarten and Vice-President of the Court(Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie) Honorable Judge Mr. Jan de Boer is “blind and deaf” for the severe destruction of the Rule of Law?

    42. Is it the ill treatment, illegal punishments, acts of arbitrariness, acts of direct coercion, flagrant acts of intimidation and severe destruction of the fundamental human rights against/of the Applicants the only way to protect the image and the trust in the Dutch Judiciary?

    43. Is it the illegal imprisoned and/or illegal lifetime Home-detention example for the Bulgarian and Romanian Judges and Attorney-Generals?

    44. Is it the intentionally inflicted severe mental suffering, the illegal punishments (aiming to “cover up” criminal activities within the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of the Netherlands) example for Proper Administration of Justice for the Bulgarian and Romanian Judges and Attorney-Generals?

    45. Why the competent authorities are placing above the applicable Laws the President of the Court (Mrs. L.Hoefdraad) and Vice-President(Mr. R.W.J.van Veen) and refusing to investigate the severe destruction of the Rule of Law and fundamental human rights?

    46. How all and above can be possible in 21th Century within the jurisdiction of the one of the founding Members of the Council of Europe and ECHR?

    47. Is it not the improper behavior of the President of the Court (Mrs. L.Hoefdraad) and Vice-President(Mr. R.W.J.van Veen) one of the main reasons Curacao and Sint Maarten to be considered as Countries/Jurisdictions of Primary Concern in the report of the U.S. Department of State 2013(Please go to http://www.state.gov/j/inl/rls/nrcrpt/2013/vol2/204062.htm )?

    48. What will be the next illegal punishment on the Applicants for requesting Proper Administration of Justice, speaking the truth and asking questions-Death Penalty?

    49. Is it the ill treatment, illegal punishments, acts of arbitrariness, acts of direct coercion, flagrant acts of intimidation and severe destruction of the fundamental human rights against/of the Petitioners the only way to protect the image and the trust in the Dutch Judiciary?

    50. Is it not an obligation on the judicial authorities themselves not to engage in any prohibited behavior, such as in the imposition of an illegal punishment?

    51. Is it not an overriding obligation for the judicial authorities to investigate allegations (and evidences) of illegal punishments?

    Personal liberty is a fundamental condition, which everyone should generally enjoy. Deprivation of liberty is something that is also likely to have a direct and adverse effect on the enjoyment of many of the other rights, ranging from the right to family and private life, through the right to freedom of assembly, association and expression to the right to freedom of movement. Furthermore, any deprivation of liberty will invariably put the person affected into an extremely vulnerable position, exposing him or her to the risk of being subjected to torture and inhuman and degrading treatment. If the refusal of the judicial authorities to investigate is aiming to protect the image and the trust of/in the Dutch Judiciary, the effect is inverse! The Applicants strongly believe that every reasonable person (after having verified the accuracy of the facts and their legal interpretation) will condemn all and above for unacceptable and damaging the image, the trust and the reputation of any Judiciary!

    Copies of dozens (if not hundreds) compelling evidences undoubtedly proving the statements above will be send by post/FedEx (upon request)!

    To read about: in belastingparadijs Nederland koestert men ook het meest corrupte rechtssysteem ter wereld en zie de lijst van organisaties die werden geïnformeerd over die rechterlijke valsheid in geschrifte please go to http://www.sdnl.nl/actueel.htm (stichting Sociale Databank Nederland) .

    Respectfully: Y.Busarov.(Second Applicant).
    On behalf of Evmolia PF(First Applicant).
    Sint Maarten.
    Cell: +1721 587 3007
    e-mail: jordan@caribserve.net

    via e-mail: Committee of Ministers ; Combat Racism ; jean-pierre.Geiller@coe.int ; commissioner@coe.int ; Press Contact; AmnestyIntl@amnesty.eu; aimember@aiusa.org ; aiusama@aiusa.org; aiusamw@aiusa.org; hrwpress@hrw.org; blatche@hrw.org; paris@hrw.org ; berlin@hrw.org; sfeiertag@transparency.org; Press-Info@ohchr.org; civilsociety@ohchr.org; editor@dutchnews.nl; redactie.woc@whm.wegener.nl; redactie@bndestem.nl; un.brieven@ad.nl; rd.redactie@ad.nl; rl.redactie@ad.nl; hc.redactie@ad.nl; gh.redactie@ad.nl; dd.redactie@ad.nl; ac.redactie@ad.nl; internet@ad.nl; redactie@spitsnieuws.nl; nrc@nrc.nl; opinie@nd.nl; dutchcaribbeanlegalportal@gmail.com; jvdgraaf@telegraaf.nl; brieven@ad.nl; ombudsman@ad.nl; elaine.boer@minbzk.nl; richard.gielen@minbzk.nl ; vera.hoogendoorn@minbzk.nl; w.kortman@minvenj.nl; m.p.bruinsma@minvenj.nl; w.alkema@minvenj.nl; j.van.de.sande@minvenj.nl; j.s.t.fransman@minvenj.nl; m.de.vink@minvenj.nl; j.van.opstal@minvenj.nl; j.a.oosterveer@minvenj.nl; redactie@metronieuws.nl; internetredactie@nd.nl; redactie@volkskrant.nl; ombudsman@volkskrant.nl; redactie@haagschecourant.nl; redactie@rotterdamsdagblad.nl; redactie.elsevier@ebi.nl; opinie@standaard.be; redactie@niw.nl; algemeen@antilliaansdagblad.com; a.polak@antilliaansdagblad.com; redactie@amigoe.com; rickhart@radiohoyer.com; egon@dolfijnfm.com; info@paradisefm.com; kabinet@kabgsxm.com; info@vnp.minbzk.nl; St. Martin News Network; St.Martin; AVS News Online.com; Hilbert Haar; F.H. Claret; caribbean ict news; caribbean ict news; lisbeth.hoefdraad@caribjustitia.org; jan.deboer@caribjustitia.org; Rene.vanVeen@caribjustitia.org; Koen.Luijks@caribjustitia.org; dick.piar@caribjustitia.org; hans.mos@caribjustitia.org ; selena.scharbaai@caribjustitia.org ; shulaika.gustina@caribjustitia.org ; sharon.simmons@caribjustitia.org ; Parket.StMaarten@caribjustitia.org ; TURNER ; NEWS COM EU ; Telegraaf ; g.de.korte@om.nl ; Burgerbrieven@minvenj.nl ; secretariaat.crvb@rechtspraak.nl ; crvb@rechtspraak.nl ; H.Oosterveer@nationaleombudsman.nl ; info@rijksrecherche.nl ; Raad van State ; OM; inhuldiging@staten-generaal.nl; gert.riphagen@eerstekamer.nl; postbus@eerstekamer.nl; joris@jorisbacker.nl; l.c.brinkman@wxs.nl; e.brinkman@bouwendnederland.nl; wbrocker@hotmail.com; j.beuving@eerstekamer.nl; abroekers@planet.nl; a.broekers@law.leidenuniv.nl; : mdeboer@groenlinks.nl; J.A.Bruijn@LUMC.nl; eerstekamerfractie@d66.nl; S.C.vBijsterveld@uvt.nl; anne-wil@duthler.nl; ahflierman@hetnet.nl; 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    I hereby declare that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information I have given in the present application form is correct.
    Respectfully: Y.Busarov (Second Applicant).
    On his behalf and on behalf of Evmolia PF (First Applicant),
    Place: Sint Maarten.
    Cell: +1721 587 3007
    e-mail: jordan@caribserve.net


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