FULL VIDEO COMING UP-Yanchi Leonard might be upset by this article, but then again, I’m upset for Yanchi Leonard throwing that tantrum at Parliament today, storming out of the meeting. I met him in the lobby, and I asked him if he stormed out as a protest. He claimed that he had to got to the bathroom. Now watch the video and tell me if he didn’t storm out of there. Like I said on Edwin Gumbs program, lots of theatrics and histrionics, but very little being done. The U.P. want to sanction Rudolph Samuel, president of Parliament for starting the meeting late on Friday. But twice now I’ve seen U.P. Parliamentarians disrespect their fellow parliamentarians, today and when they walked out on Minister of Health Cornelius de Weever, because Dr. De Weever had chosen to answer to questions orally.

1) Neither Patrick Illidge nor Roland Duncan are under investigation right now, so you are doing your St Maarten people a great disservice when you insinuate anything other than that. Yanchi YOU know, that YOUR boss and LEADER, Theo Heyliger is under investigation for the bribing of those three police officers: Officer R. Officer W. and Officer B….I know who they are, you are a former police officer, you know who they are.

Patrick Illidge has NOT been questioned in the Bada Bing case, but YOUR leader, Leader of the United People’s Party, Theo Heyliger has been questioned by the Lands Recherche AND the prosecutors office in the case.

Yanchi, you are trying to feed the St Maarten people BULLSHIT!

If it offends you so greatly, to go to Holland, because you don’t want to be considered corrupt, then you would have resigned from the United Peoples Party a long time ago, because as you can read in the below article, the Dutch have called YOUR LEADER, Theo Heyliger, a corrupt crook, a criminal, a mafiaboss, and Mr 10%.

Check out the video:


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