I was the first to break the Prosecutors investigation of Theo Heyliger-and Theo, you are welcome.

I was at the police station harrassing them about a personal matter, and Taco Stein of the Prosecutors Office walked by. To get me off of their case, the police said “That’s Taco Stein of The Prosecutors Office, why don’t you ask him?” So I interviewed Taco Stein on camera, and for the first time it was revealed that the Prosecutors Office was taking Jaap Van Den Heuvels statements seriously, and that there was a probe or investigation.

After I posted the interview with Hans Mos, the Daily Herald called him, he confirmed the statements he had made to me, and the Daily Herald published the story the next day-you’re welcome also, daily herald- 🙂

Now the Daily Herald published that one article about Theo being under investigation-not the 30 plus articles in 3 days, like they did Patrick Illidge, to appear fair and unbiased.

Taco Stein referred me to Prosecutor Hans Mos, and I went down and scheduled an appointment for the 28th of March. His Office then asked me to write down the questions that I wanted to ask him, which is odd since as a prosecutor, and top legal mind, one would think that he wouldn’t have to pre-prepare all answers.

Anyway, I did as told, showed up and was told that he was in Holland.

Of course he’s a busy man, but the same secretary who called me to pre-prepare my questions and submit them, could have called me to tell me he was off island, and had to re-schedule.

I believe Hans Mos does not want to talk to me, but that’s okay, he’ll have to come back from Holland some time, and I’ll be waiting.

Hans is in a pickle, because in the past, and possibly presently the Prosecutors Office has been too “chummy” with many politicians, which puts them in a conundrum, when it’s time to actually prosecute the case.

What about Marietje?

What’s the latest? It’s been three years,

hasn’t it?

Dutch Parliamentarians were actually made to look idiotic and ignorant when they jumped on a video (sent by their Machiavellian arch-nemesis Theo Heyliger) and it turns out the the videos were not only supplied by “Mr Mafioso” it was a part of a blackmail and entrapment scheme AND it had been doctored (altered).

Do the Dutch realize that many of their own who are sent here, to clean up the “St Maarten corruption mess”, either come in with “dirty hands” of their own, or quickly become corrupt themselves?

The Dutch somehow are supposed be our “example” our “ideal” when it comes to good governance, but they to appear to be tainted.

When they focus their anger on little St Maarten, for a week or so the Dutch can focus on 16Sq miles as the cause of all of their problems, as opposed to the fact that they are supposed to be a European First World Country, but most of their tax money is going to Greece and Italy for their bailout.

It’s easy for Dutch Parliamentarians to try to switch the focus, when Holland is supposed to be thriving, but they are not, and their unemployment has sky-rocketed.

Holland is in a giant mess right now, and it’s easy to pick on “Lil St Maarten” 🙂 but we are not to blame for the Dutch financial and unemployment mess, their European counterparts who sucked them into the European Union, and has them blowing all excess cash on Greece and Italy, along with Hollands own lack of economic foresight is to blame for Hollands current “conundrum”.

I was not upset about the Dutch Parliaments comments about St Maarten, or the articles.  People were very upset, even Yanchi Leonard lost my respect by whining in Parliament about the Dutch thinking that we are corrupt?

Why should I get upset as a St Maartener, when I know the motives of the Dutch?

They even got in bed with Theo Heyliger, Mr Ten Percent himself, to distract the ignorant Dutch voters for a week or two.

Corruption is PREVALENT in Dutch politics, they’re just more low-keyed about it.

The Dutch’s attack on St Maarten has to do with their impotence when it comes to dealing with Curacao, their powerlessness when it comes to Dezi Bouterse of Suriname, and the mess that Holland is in right now because of  the Austerity measures along with the rise in Dutch unemployment rates, and the record failures and bankruptcy of many Dutch businesses and financial institutions.

Holland had to take a week off, to distract their not too bright voters, with a doctored tape of a St Maarten Politician, initiated by ANOTHER politician, who the Dutch themselves call “Mafia

But the St Maarten “neger” is supposed to be too stupid to realize that 🙂

much more to come 🙂

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