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Suspect Dalton le Blanc


Dalton Le Blanc, 26 of Mahaute  Dominica has been described by friends as a hardworking quiet person. According to one source, there had been a personality change, and Le Blanc appeared to be on a downward spiral. Mr Leblanc in fact had become so disruptive at his job at Sheriff Security, that he had been sent home from work the previous day.

-The mother of baby Reid, Latoya Morgan is a mother of three from Jamaica, who works at Oyster Pond.

-The father of the baby, Mark Reid, also Jamaican, is also an employee at Sheriff Security

-Police were sent to Basseterre Drive at approximately 11:30 pm, they had been called because Dalton Le Blanc had been involved in an altercation at the Defiance brothel, and had hit several cars in the parking lot and after he left the establishment.

-When he realized that the police had been called, he fled and tried to hide out in the home belonging to Mark Reid Sr and Latoya Morgan.

-Latoya Morgan was already in bed, and so were her children

-According to the local papers, Ms. Morgan heard a loud bang, and when she got up, the front door was wide open, and there was a shirtless man in her living room speaking gibberish. She thought that it was a burglar.

-Ms Morgan then hid in the bathroom, but when she realized that the man was not leaving she fled to cry for help.

-The landlord called the police, but they were already on their way because of Dalton’s prior accidents.

-While waiting for the police, Ms Morgan heard her baby cry, became anxious and went back into the house which was now ransacked. She also discovered droplets of blood and panicked.

-The man removed the baby AND the Holy Bible that was with the baby in his crib.

– Dalton La Blanc left the house with the two month old where he proceeded to shake him voilently, and eventually slammed the baby to the streets, where he died.

-When the police arrived the suspect had already fled.

-After hearing a loud noise, the police then went to Middle Region road, where a white truck was found.

-The truck driven by Dalton Le Blanc had damaged the house when it struck it, andwas the reason for the loud noise.

-Thinking that they were investigating a traffic accident, the police were approached by Dalton Le Blanc carrying something in his hands.

-he then dropped what he had in his hands.

-the something turned out to be two month old Mark Reid Jr, and a struggle with the police ensued.

-he was promptly arrested and taken to jail.

Speculations abound about what Mr Leblanc had consumed before the tragic incident. He had been at The Defiance brothel shortly before the incident.

Rumours were rampant online that he might have been given “something” from “bathsalts (a powerful hallucinogenic) which is smoked, to something being slipped into his drink at the brothel.

The fact that sources close to Le Blanc have claimed that he had been acting strange for a while somewhat puts a damper on that theory.

The chain of events prior to the brutal murder appears to be  as follows:

1) friends notice Le Blanc “not being himself” for awhile

2) his employers at Sheriff send him home for his behaviour

3) he goes to Defiance and gets into an altercation

4) as he’s leaving Defiance he hits several cars in the parking lot

5) he continues anyway, and on the way hits several more cars

6) in a rage he jumps out of his car, and randomly enters the home of the 2 month old victim at close to midnight when everyone is in bed or asleep

7) He somehow finds the child in the home, takes the baby outside in a rage and slams him to the street until he dies.

8) Le Blanc allegedly hides from police in the bushes when they first arrive

9) he is carted off to jail as a suspect in the murder of two month old Mark Reid Jr.

Paparazzi, Gromyko Wilson, who knows the mother of the child personally, was forced to post to his Facebook, that he knew the mother, and that there was NO relationship between the mother and the suspect.

Rumours quickly flooded cyberspace about an alleged relationship, but Gromyko Wilson ended those rumours on Facebook in no uncertain terms, after having spoken to the mother.

We in St Maarten can only hope that the Sint Maarten police department do a professional and thorough job when it comes to the investigation, including a full screening for any and everything in his system.

The fact that friends and co-workers are coming forward to say that he has been acting strange for a while, will certainly hurt the theory of the “spiked drink” when it gets to court.

Whether it was mental illness, or something he consumed, our sympathy lies with the family of Mark Reid Jr.

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    • Really buddy, when one critiques another’s work, they usually post an example.
      For example: YOU need to proofread YOUR work, and make sure THAT there’s proper use of grammar (there buddy.)
      Your sentence is fragmented and grammatically incorrect. I type up to 8000 words per day, so you can expect the occassional typo.
      You however, cannot even write one correct sentence.
      The “there buddy” part doesn’t even make sense.
      You write like a hillbilly Appalachian hick, and you’re criticizing MY writing?
      You need to take a remedial course. lol


      • After reading Travis’ comment, I just had to shake my head in disbelief. As a critic of someone’s work, the critic should ensure that his or her work is flawless.


  1. Can you point out the errors, Travis? You made me read the blog twice and nothing really stood out. BTW your spelling is atrocious. Lots of errors


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