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On Thursday Romain Laville Independent Parliamentarian began legal proceedings against Theo Heyliger, Leader of the United People’s Party and St Maarten’s current Opposition leader.

The proceedings evidently have to do with a proferred bribe of $350.000 dollars to Romain Laville, at the UP headquarters in Point Blanche  in exchange for his loyalty to the United People’s Party.

Not only did Romain Laville turn down Theo Heyliger’s money, Romain defected from the United People’s Party, became an independent Parliamentarian, and joined St Maarten’s new coalition government with the National Alliance, and the St Maarten Democratic Party.

The new coalition did not need Romain Laville to form a new majority, but according to Laville, he left because of principle, i.e. he did not like the direction the United People’s Party were going in, and he had a huge conflict working with UP colleague Jules James after Mr. James laid off over 100 Pelican employees, while being a parliamentarian AND the manager at Pelican, which was clearly a conflict of interest.

Theo Heyliger publicly came out a few weeks after the fall of his government to complain about Romain Laville “betraying” him.

Since then Romain Laville has stated that he too had become a member of the latest United People’s Party smear campaign, and he felt that Jules James, and Isidore “The Mighty Dow” York, were intentionally sent by the United People’s Party, to discredit him, and to give him a bad name.

When I interviewed Romain Laville on camera, he said if it was a betrayal, then he learned it from Theo who betrayed the Democratic Party, the legacy of his grandfather Claude Wathey, and Sarah Wescot-Williams when he (Theo) defected from his grandfather’s DP, and joined up with the National Alliance.

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