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  • Julian Rollocks

    I’m trying to verify what EVERYONE has been telling me about you

    Because when I asked around, they said everybody know billy dirty that’s why he got no votes

    this said you ran in election but nobody vote for you, they will listen to your bullshit every morning but they won’t vote for you lol


    I know this cannot be billy dee writing to me, YOU CANNOT SPELL

  • Sos-Radio Billy D

    i think the truth is u need a mans attention sorry to say i cant be tha man im already taking

  • Julian Rollocks

    the only real man at your station is BIGGAZ lol

    so tell me what was the name of the under age girl

  • Sos-Radio Billy D

    but tsill you understand wtat im saying

  • Julian Rollocks

    and try to spell carefully, you’re proving that you were not properly educated

    Yes dear, I worked with four year olds for years, that’s why i understand you

  • Sos-Radio Billy D

    and your i q is below 25

  • Julian Rollocks

    lol are you dyslexic you can’t even spell still. so you’re at zero

    but you can’t spell zero

    and you are a grown ass adult who cannot spell four letter words but you want to argue with me lol

  • Sos-Radio Billy D

    that is why your acting like a 2 year old

  • Julian Rollocks

    and yet i can spell but you can’t which tells me all about you lol

  • Sos-Radio Billy D

    u need to get a life

  • Julian Rollocks

    you cannot spell basic english words and yet you want to argue how stupid are you

    were you always this dumb???

    you can’t even keep up dodo

     I’m a busy adult with work to do

  • Sos-Radio Billy D

    takes one to no 1

  • Julian Rollocks

    Read this whole conversation at

  • Julian Rollocks

    now go fuck yourself, but leave the little girls alone.

    good night enjoy the blog

  • Sos-Radio Billy D

    this is julian you ass hole

  • Julian Rollocks

    lol! no wonder you can’t spell!!! this is the funniest shit ever

  • Julian Rollocks

    I am STILL laughing!!!!!!!

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