I have to post about this, because I see it too often in St Maarten. The mother of Mark Reid Jr just lost her baby in the most brutal fashion. People seem to sympathize with that, but somehow justify the killing of this innocent child saying, that “he was supposed to be the child father……so dey say….i hear dat he was supporting da child”

PLEASE!!!! Just please! First of all that rumour was started by family of this murderer, and it was started in the comment section of the website. Even the people who wrote the comments, didn’t dare write it as fact, they posted that “they heard”. By the time the Dominican blog had picked up the story, the same comment was repeated on the Dominican blog, and then all of a sudden it was fact.


Nothing support that rumour including the fact that the child was named Mark Reid Jr. from the beginning. If your name is Dalton LeBlanc, how do you believe a child named Mark Reid Jr. is yours, and support it unwittingly.

They’re saying that the mother duped this man, but the fact the child was NOT named Dalton Le Blanc jr, should have been enough for the local “black mouth dog”.

This mother is being re-victimized. How would you feel if someone took your 2 month old out of his crib, next to his bible, outside to the streets, and SACRIFICES him?

The next they you know, they’re not questioning HIM, THE MURDERER, they are questioning all of YOUR previous actions. So you lost your baby, and the only thing people can ask is whether you are some type of adulteress, even though there is absolutely no proof to the rumour.
I felt compelled to write this because of a conversation I had with an older Jamaican lady on the bus yesterday, and she was pissing me off so bad, but I couldn’t cuss her out on the bus.

She started.. “well what to you think ’bout what happened?” I said something like “St Maarten needs the death sentence”. But she wasn’t interested in the story from that perspective. She kept saying..”well you know dey say ‘im the chile father..” “you think she needs to do a dna test?” ….”you know dey say ‘im was supporting the child.

And I had to get quiet, because although she claimed to be a mother and a grandmother, she was only interested in the sordid. I finally asked her if the DNA of her child would matter, if a man just walked in and murdered him.

She simply couldn’t get it, and I hope that she is not in the majority.

There is NO evidence that there was any relationship between mother and murderer.

My question to you is, if all of this hearsay and rumours were true.


If all of these rumours are true, then he is TWICE the monster, because he didn’t brutally murder a strange child, he would be the beast that murdered his own child.

People, realize that you’re re-victimizing the family by not questioning the sanity of this man, just the fidelity of this woman who just lost her baby.


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  1. yes but if you don’t think if it’s all true she coulda prevented all this
    i mean that didn’t give him the right to do what he did


    • you retarded people are what makes me want to give up on st maarten, you don’t realize it, but you’re basically that insensitive byatch i was speaking to in the bus yesterday. Please re-read blog, I have given up on you people. When does any man have the right to take any child out of their crib and murder them, and then the people look at the mother and blame her? I give up!


  2. The next day in my Happy Hour hangout one of the Jamaican bartenders told me she heard similar comment that the mom had it coming, she was a slut etc. What kind of a human being would even think such evil thoughts. And these people go to church, right un effing real. Disgusted me! And they have kids all from different fathers you would think they would know. Bunch of animals!


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