Cannabis should be legalized or decriminalized. by Curacao Green:

dutch quarter ganja bust legalize it don't criticize it (12)

Allow people to grow up to 5 plants for their own use…once you have personal growers, the illegal trafficking will be stopped by itself. If you keep it illegal, you are promoting illegal trafficking cause people will NEVER stop smoking this God sent plant, and if there is demand, there will continue to be illegal sales, you will be promoting criminality. I don’t get it, why did our motherland not guide us through the Cannabis laws? They are using it medicinally + recreationally and yet the Dutch never guided us on this manner. Why is this? I know why! Imagine our beautifull Antilles with recreational Cannabis legal, all 6 islands, Curacao,Aruba, Bonaire, Saba, St. Eustatius, St Maarten.. all together with Legal Cannabis…it will mean a threat to our motherland and Amsterdam, all their tourists will rather come to the Caribbean, sip a fresh Coco and smoke a fatty instead of sitting in the cold, drinking maroccan tea and smoking the fatty… its as easy as that, they involve and “educate” us on what THEY want…you can LOBBY all you want folks…the truth is, out of all drugs known to men, CANNABIS is the only one that HAS NEVER KILLED ANYBODY (smoke 10 joints, you pass out, sleep, wake up with bunch of munchies…drink 10 painkillers and see wtf it does to you) …why be hypocrites? why is CIGARETTE,CAFFEINE and ALCOHOL Legal and yet Cannabis illegal? Because it is a threat to ALL pharma’s and a threat to the big oil businesses, cause you can make Cannaplastic, you can make Bio fuel, and you can do A LOT with cannabis that doesnt involve harming the people…they have indoctrinated our last generation on being a slave of the state, keeping us dumb…but the truth is…we have the perfect wheater and equatorial positions to grow Cannabis..both the Cannabis Sativa and the Hemp..we would become independant and never need the help of the dutch, whom never loved us anyways…but it will never happen, cause we are a threat to them…they are afraid of the best thing is to keep the majority dumb and fighting each other through paid media and bullshit newspapers…WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! do your research


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