Only the people who attend Parliament on a regular basis know how tortuous a 2 hour long Janchi Leonard marathon speech can be. Roland Duncan escaped Janchi’s tirade in the legislative hall, and bounced into the media room only to encounter ALL of the people who’ve been criticizing him………. well at least he had a good sense of humor about it. 🙂 Yes in the press room, I sit facing the Today rag editor Hilbert Haar, and I sit next to Ms Conflicts herself Alita Singh of the Daily Herald. There’s the one girl who does nothing but listen to Nicki Minaj and chew gum, I think she’s with Pearl. Eddie Williams shows up, because although he is retired, he is still a politico. Sometimes, Andrew Dick shows up, more times not. Ever since I started posting videos and writing about the Daily Herald’s conflicts involving Judy Fitzpatrick, Alita Singh and Michael Granger, I haven’t seen Michael Granger in the press room anymore. Theo is REALLY mad at Alita Singh right now, I’m not sure what the reasons. He sent out Mini-Maurice Clevie Arrindell to call her a backstabbing Guyanese snake…………….. sooooooooooooooooooo Wasn’t there a time that Theo wasn’t threatening The Daily Herald, for Alita? Oh, how times must have changed since “Bada Bing“. I’ve also met Christine Labega (Claudette’s sister) in the media room. She asked me how I hack into emails, and I had to explain to her that I don’t hack, because hacking’s a crime 🙂 Much more photos.

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