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Antonia Scatliffe

I am really starting to feel deeply ashamed of the poor governance we have here in St. Maarten. This bullshit got me wondering what will happen next year for elections? More bribes and selling out of votes or All those who love to claim “They from HERE!!” will actually stand up and rise up against the criminality of those we put in positions to run our so-called Country!. Our motherland “Holland” laughs at our “Way of Running the Country”, they coming in and taking up almost every little piece of growth we have to offer and are already made available to us the natives, which the locals have to fight so damnn hard to achieve. That is simply because they have settled for less. What more or dare I say, when you people of this sweet & sour Land going to realize that this is our last opportunity to put a stop to the fuckry thats going to be our end as a St. Maartner!!? Don’t dare bawl the end of this important election coming up and you come to the Awakening of the End of the Locals famous slang “I from Here” when you people make a T-Shirt finally stating “We Run this, so we took it Back” I would actually be proud to own one, but it has to be a real thing! No generation after this election will be able to overpower the rubbish we have coming our way. Your child would not be able to acquire what you struggling for now. The illusion is transparent right now and yet few claim to see the light now. All of you abroad doing your thing make up your minds to remain where you are and consider your birthplace a vacation trip for years to come. Government asking our youngsters to come in and fill in positions needed, ok.. now pls give this some thought: If you are educated in the areas needed to run a Government why in the hell would you settle for less or just take a leap of faith and form a party and come run this shit! We do not need to see the same old ass people driving sxm into the ground and selling out what is for US and our Generation (I mean to say your children or future children). well I done expressing myself for now cuz the reality of the fact is hope is almost lost! And I said it!! I will continue to argue my points and fight for whats mines but ya’ll need to give up the we from here bullshit now and start representing the Island for a change. Stop reading the foolishness and make sense by actually giving a fuck! Vote or not we going see..

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