I read a lot of articles and opinions in the daily papers, by people who I’ve never seen in Parliament. People like Maurice Lake can never be found in Parliament, they can never be found anywhere where actual governance is taking place.  I wonder why Maurice Lake and Theo Heyliger have never considered showing up at Parliament, and getting firsthand information, as opposed to just randomly writing whatever Al Wathey and Joe Richardson dictate. If Kendall Dupersoy responds to Maurice Lake’s latest “article”, his first question should be…. “Where’s Theo Heyliger?”

Theo Heyliger is supposed to be a leader, but whenever times get tough he miraculously disappears. After the Carnival Coup, he could not be found, he was down at the Atlantis Casino crying to Pepe and Corallo.

Now that he’s been implicated in the “Bada Bing Blackmail”, once again he is impossible to find.

The video was released Friday, March 7th. By Saturday, March 8th Sylvia Meyers was demanding an investigation.

By Monday March 10th, Jaap Van den Heuvel came out saying that Theo Heyliger was the “mastermind”. That Monday I was at Parliament bright and early.

The United People’s Party-The Opposition, was supposed to show up in triumph.

What we’ve seen is chaos coming from the Opposition.

Gracita threw Yanchi under the bus, when she had him embarrass himself on camera for plane tickes FOR HER.

Then Jules tried to make it seem like the government wasn’t present at last week’s important meeting with all of the Ministers, but by the time there was a roll call, all of the government were present, most of the Opposition were absent, and thus the Opposition embarrassed itself again.

I for one think that Johann Janchi Leonard, has a good heart, but he’s being set up by Theo. Theo WAS using Sylvia as a spokesperson until we found out that Mrs. Toachi Meyers had the incriminating tape in her family’s possession all along. So Sylvia was wise enough to send Gracita next, as the spokesperson. I believe Gracita is smart enough to realize that Theo isn’t worth taking the fall for. Anyway, Don Hughes wants Gracita back, so expect the UP/PPA coalition to continue to fracture.

Gracita wasn’t stupid enough to stand up in Parliament and talk nonsense, but we all know how she LOOOOOVES Holland, something about “old habits dying hard”, so she sent Janchi to spout nonsense about corruption in Parliament, while clearly ignoring the fact that his Opposition was under at least THREE investigations, but the government was under NO investigation.

Then they sent Pastor Jules James with some more theatrics, and interruptions, until Leroy de Weever humiliated him on camera……………

So now we’re back to Janchi.

Janchi, please take yourself seriously even if Theo Heyliger and the rest of your colleagues don’t.

There is a circular firing squad going on in the United People’s Party right now….

And the gun has been consistently aimed at YOU.

When you are going on…and on….and on in Parliament, your own colleagues don’t even have the common courtesy, to stick around and listen to your B.S. , they’re busy in the hallway texting.

You pissed off Theo, by refusing to give him your seat, now he’s getting back at you, whether you know it or not.

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