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The rumours started on Friday night that Romain Laville had left the Coalition government. I tried to contact Romain, his phones’ been turned off. I called Elegio Somersall of the UP and two other UP sources, and they were coy, saying to wait until tomorrow. According to Elegio Somersall, there is a major power struggle going on in government right now. Gromyko Wilson started the latest buzz last night, by posting to the rumours to his Facebook.

I contacted Patrick Illidge, who assured me that he is not involved in anything, and has no idea what’s going on with the coalition right now, he just knows that he’s not involved.

According to Hyacinth Richardson of the National Alliance, the opposition tried to use the same rumour back during St Maarten‘s day 2012, and that they tried to build momentum off of the rumours, but according to him the government was stable.

I was then told that Sarah Wescot Williams was being the plot, and was negotiating with Theo Heyliger behind the scenes.

That rumour has been denied by a DP insider, who says that the DP simply are smart enough to carry out a plan that way, that Theo had enough money to bring Romain Laville back.

I said, “that’s political suicide”, the person agreed.

This is what I received:

Romain, UP and DP : 8 seats

This is all what is being said, so nothing should be considered as fact.

Because of my interview with Romain Laville, I do not think that it is possible for him to leave the coalition.

I spoke to Leroy and Cornelius de Weever for carnival, and Leroy assured me that the coalition was solid.

Cornelius also seemed happy with the way things were going.

If this is not true, I believe that someone from the government, or better yet Romain Laville himself, needs to come forward, and put the rumours to rest.

Why would Sarah betray Marlin, and run back to Theo?

Why would Romain?

Nothing’s making sense. I have more info, but I’m waiting for more before I post any further updates.

So that’s supposed to be the new coalition. I will continue to speak to sources and I will update this blog, so return to this blog, for further updates.

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  1. i do not believe this,after all the promises and lies and I watch the romain laville video i wont say anything i want to hear from him and sarah


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