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It now seems official. Romain Laville has left and formed another coalition with The Democratic Party and The United People’s party. The National Alliance evidently has been blindsided by the sudden turn of events.

Haven spoken to most of the people involved today, and over the past two weeks, it seem that the behind the scenes plot, were kept carefully under wraps. I spoke to both Leroy de Weever and Cornelius de Weever during the carnival, and Leroy assured me that the government was stable and steady.

I received word of the government falling from reliable sources this morning, and contacted Elegio Somersall of the United peoples party and two other UP sources. Elegio played coy, and said basically there was a power play going on, and everybody was fighting for themselves.

I then spoke to an online reporter, who confirmed the rumours, but the facts could not be confirmed. She had interviewed Romain Laville, and as she told me “was very unsatisfied with his answers”.

She had directly confronted him about joining a new coalition with the DP.

Trying to contact Romain Laville his phone was off.
Considering that Romain Laville told me that he had filed official criminal charges against Theo Heyliger last month, I thought it was impossible.

It seemed political suicide for Romain to do this, but I was told by another source. Romain gets Ministership, Theo Heyliger gets to stay out of jail.

It is now DP/UP/Romaine Laville 8 coalition.

I then contacted Patrick Illidge, who assured me that not only did he not have any involvement in the new developments, he wasn’t even aware of it.

I spoke to Hyacinth Richardson several times, and he said he’d been called earlier, but that it seemed like another ploy by the United People’s Party, to start more rumours.

Hyacinth though became less and less certain.

Kendall Dupersoy finally called me back, and he said that nothing was a sure thing until tomorrow.

That there might have been meetings, or secret negotiations behind the scene, but they appeared to have fallen through.

According to Bibi Shaw at SMN news, Marlin was informed, but nothing has been presented in writing.

I interview Romain Laville in January, and in the interviews Romain made accusations about Theo Heyliger alleging that they had involved in criminal activities from bribery to cover ups. The video is posted on Youtube

There will be further updates as I continue to speak to the people involved, and I will continue to post to this blog throughout the day.

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    • These people in government are sick. They use and manipulate us for the votes, They lie, they look straight into the camera and lie like dogs to us. Romain laville never getting another vote from me. Dp will never get my support because they’re doing to much wrong in our country. How embarrassing is this that st maarten is known world wide a corrupt dirty island, and the people and polticians seem fine with that. Have these people No shame?


  1. I’m not suprised at all, sarah has managed to plot her way into her own early political grave. romain like the blogger said, has committed political suicide. the end


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