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body of helmin wiels curacao after assassination

body of helmin wiels curacao after assassination

body of helmin wiels curacao after assassination

Evidently it was gang violence, that was the cause of yesterday’s shooting in French Cul de Sac, at a massive fish fry, that hosted several thousand guests, including many of the Officials from French and Dutch St Maarten. According to original reports, there were as many as five shot, but the story was unfolding as the news was being posted.

According to reports, one individual was shot through the heart, and died instantly. The second victim was shot in the face, and is not expected to make it.

The third victim, appears to be an innocent bystander, and is expected to recover.

St Maarten was left reeling on Sunday May 5th 2013, when locals awoke to the news that the current DP/NA/IND had dissolved, with Romain Laville returning as a member of a DP/UP coalition (8 seats).

Romain Laville was unavailable for information. Although there are strong suggestions that Prime Minister Sarah Wescot Williams (who was present at the Cul de Sac Fish Fry) would be calling early elections, other experts disagreed, saying that she had neither the power nor the majority to call new elections.

St Maarteners speculated about their government, as they receieved news that Soberano’s Leader, the controversial Helmin Wiels was gunned down by two individuals, while taking an early Sunday morning walk.

Wiels caused controversy, when he suggested on his radio show, that “the Makambas’ (the Dutch) had to be returned to Holland in bodybags.

As the news slowly filtered in about the assasination of Wiels, St Maarten received it’s third shocker, a deadly shooting in Cul de Sac, during the annual fish fry.


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