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Justice Minister Roland Duncan, Finance Minister Roland Tuitt, Education and Culture Minister Silveria Jacobs and Tourism and Economic Affairs Minister Romeo Pantophlet ARE OUT! Pantophlet was appointed jointly by Laville and Frans Richardson, however Romain Laville, who once again defected from a coalition government, will be taking over the position.

Minister of Health, Cornelius de Weever‘s position seems secure, considering that he is a member of the Democratic Party.

Rodolphe Samuel, is out as President of Parliament, but there’s no indication if Gracita Arrindell will resume her old post. Gracita Arrindell was St Maarten‘s first President of Parliament.

Phone calls went unanswered on Sunday, May 5th 2013, as word of the downfall of the current coalition spread like wildfire.

William Marlin, is OUT.

George Pantophlet, Louie Laveist, Hyacinth Richardson, Dr. Lloyd Richardson and President of Parliament Rodolphe Samue,l independent MPs Frans Richardson and Patrick Illidge to the opposition, deja vu for the St Maarten people.

Theo Heyliger, will take Dr Ruth Douglas’ seat in Parliament.

Sarah Wescot Williams, will likely stay on as Prime Minister, which would make this her third government coalition in three years. There’s talk that Sarah too might assume either Leroy de Weever or Roy Marlin’s seat in Parliament, but that is very unlikely.

Reports are stating stating that Romain Laville left the coalition, due to disatisfaction with the job of the current government which seems unforgivable to many supporters, who stood by Romain Laville, as the United People’s Party attacked his move to the second coalition government.

One high ranking source explained bluntly:

“Romain gets Minister of Tourism, Theo gets to stay out of jail.”

“Romain might get Minister of Tourism, but he’ll never get another thing from the St Maarten people” said another source.

The news was presented to William Marlin, by Prime Minister Sarah Wescot Williams, at the French Cul de Sac Fish Fry, shortly before gunfire erupted, killing one and seriously injuring two others.

With the assassination of Helmin Wiels, Leader of Pueble Soberano Curacao, the fate and future of the former Netherlands Antilles sisters seem even shakier than ever.

Although National Alliance, Hyacinth Richardson, and Independent Patrick Illidge made private statements in reverance to the Fish Fry Coup, no one so far has made any official statements in government.

Much more to come,

updates will be posted sporadically.

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