The conspiracy theorists are going wild. The Dutch pressured Sarah, and had dirt on certain members to force them into breaking the coalition.

Our Curacao readers are chiming in their own theories about Helmin Wiels.

Well the Dutch are behind the fall of the SXM government to a large extent, but I do believe that the Dutch would NEVER attempt to pull an assassination AND a government coup on the same day.

Would they?

The Dutch consider both St Maarten and Curacao ungrateful, contemptuous brats……….

But Holland is/was “Mommy Dearest”, so why are they surprised, if they influence us?

New information filtering in concerning the anger of the Dutch towards the SXM government because of Bada Bing. But that would mean that “The Slave Masters” have decided that “Mr Mafioso” or “Mr 10%” is a better deal than the current government.

Well it DOES make sense. The abdication of the Queen took place last week. The Dutch are now officially Mafia, now that Gangsta Girl Maxima is our “Queen”.

The Dutch know, their new queen is a Mafia Princess, who’s gangsta thug father can now dig his heels in at the castle…….on YOUR tax dime.

BTW, has Maxima’s father answered those questions about that murder, disappearance in Argentina yet?

It’s only appropriate that our new Mafia Dutch Government, would prefer Mr Mafioso.

I have a lot of info to update, more people to speak to.

Just my opinion folks. There’s a lot of information on our ‘new” royal family’s mafia, mobster, gangster ties.

All info provided by Dutch sources.

Yes, we have our own Makamba sources 🙂

Much more coming up…..

And if Zwarte Piet isn’t racist, then neither is Makamba

desi bouterse

Mr Desi bouterse


Princess Maxima’s father faces new charges in Argentina

Wednesday 07 September 2011

The father of princess Maxima is facing new charges in connection with the disappearance of an Argentinian man during the junta period, news agency ANP reports on Wednesday.

Dutch lawyers representing the relatives of Samuel Leonardo Slutzky, who vanished in 1977, says charges are now possible following changes to the Dutch law.

The public prosecution department is examining the case, website reports.

Zorreguieta was agriculture minister between 1976 and 1981, when Argentina was ruled by a military junta. Thousands of people disappeared during military rule. Zorreguieta has always denied knowing about the disappearances.

His role in Argentina led to him being barred from his daughter’s wedding to crown prince Willem-Alexander in 2002. Since then, however, he has been invited to attend the christening of his three granddaughters.


– See more at:

Kabinet op Sint-Maarten gevallen

Premier Sarah Wescot-Williams van Sint-MaartenPremier Sarah Wescot-Williams van Sint-MaartenDick Drayer / NOS
Toegevoegd: maandag 6 mei 2013, 11:52
Update: maandag 6 mei 2013, 11:59

Op Sint-Maarten is het tweede kabinet Wescot-Williams gevallen. De regering steunde op een meerderheid van tien zetels in het vijftien zetels tellende parlement.

Twee leden van de Democratische Partij van premier Sarah Wescot-Williams trokken hun steun zondag in, net als een onafhankelijk parlementslid. Daardoor steunde het kabinet nog maar op zeven parlementariërs en dat was te weinig voor een meerderheid.

Het is nog niet bekend waarom de drie parlementsleden hun steun hebben ingetrokken. Aangenomen wordt dat dit komt door de omkooppraktijken waarbij één van de parlementsleden en mogelijk ook minister Roland Duncan van Justitie betrokken zouden zijn.

Nederland had al aangedrongen op het vertrek van minister Duncan.

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maxima foto hellomagazine

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  1. Does anyone know if there wasn’t an attempt on Desi Bouterse’s life yesterday? respond if you do


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