Taco Stein confirmed to everyone that Romain Laville filed criminal charges against Theo Heyliger roughly a month ago (I’ll pull up the blog about it.) Romain Laville confirmed to ME that he had filed charges. I had gone to Parliament on some mission, and one of the Parliamentarians asked me two things. They asked me if I’d seen the Bobby Velasquez and Theo Heyliger, and they asked me if I knew that Romain had gone to the Prosecutors office the previous day, to press charges. I posted the information, along with some pictures of Romain. I wasn’t sure if the story was 100%, eventhough Romain had told me during his interview that he was going to do it.

After I posted the blog, Romain contacted me on Facebook, and pointed out an era in the date. He then asked me to post the info to his Facebook. That was my confirmation right there, that Romain was serious about taking Theo to court.

Sunday morning, there was a lot of buzz behind the scenes on the phones and on Facebook about the fall of the government. Because Romain has spoken to me personally about the issue, and confirmed that he had already filed charges against Theo, everyone thought that I was in denial, when I kept saying..”This is impossible!”

After Sunday afternoon it had started to sink in, that Romain Laville had done the unthinkable, but then I simply assumed that in whatever new deal he had made with Theo, the charges had been dropped.

Still in disbelief, I asked one source, why Romain would do this? It was political suicide, how could he benefit.

The reply was simple; “Romain gets to be a Minister, Theo gets to stay out of jail.”

Now it’s been confirmed by Taco Stein, that the case is still ongoing, and I’m guessing if there’s been evidence turned over, they can’t stop the investigation now.

So how can Romain say he’s leaving the coalition because of their misconduct, and join up with the party that he’s suing for their misconduct?

In the internet, and viral video age, people are not going to forget everything has done and said since leaving the United People’s Party. Even if they do, there will always be constant reminders on Youtube of what was actually said.

There’s supposed to be several meetings today to discuss the issue of Romain suing Theo, as he forms a coalition with him.

Hopefully, there will be more insight at the end of the day.


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