judith roumou

BEWARE OF BUS 60 DRIVING TO MAHO BAY. this was taken from the papers and reposted by request.


One busdriver asked me to repost this article from the newspaper, because there are allegations that this was not the first machete pulling incident with this driver, evidently he’s done it before.


A few weeks ago I started traveling with the bus from Maho to the area of Daily Extra Supermarket and vice versa.

Last Saturday I took the bus to Maho at around 1pm  and I asked politely to stop at the roundabout at Maho. During exiting the bus I paid my 1 dollar as I did in the previous weeks. I got a rude remark that it was $1.50 from KFC and I replied that I always paid a dollar.

The driver became very agitated and started cursing that I was a liar and was stealing 50 cents from him. To stop this argument I have him 1 dollar extra and told him to keep the change for the pleasant journey.

When I ws outside he started cursing my mother and with that he reached my limit, and I told him what to do with the money.

He went crazy and got out with a machete and threatened to cut me in pieces. Luckily there were also a few other passengers and they talked to him while I calmly walked away.

Is this how we treat each other for 50 cents, to be cut in pieces? Every traveler by bus, if you see Bus 60, avoid it as there are many other buses going the same way with more decent drivers. As for the police force on Sint Maarten, if you come across this bus, have a word with him and see about the machete next to the driver’s seat.


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