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With the turmoil going on in government, it appears certain people are being used to spread misinformation. It’s difficult to blog in this environment, but not impossible. Sometimes it’s best to wait awhile, and hope that everything comes out in the wash. People keep asking me on the street “What’s going on?” And I can honestly tell them, I don’t know anymore. There appears to have been many big money deals behind the scenes, so it’s certainly not about the people, it’s about who got what behind the scenes. People need to be able to distinguish the words “unverified”, “unconfirmed”, “according to sources”. There’s going to be a lot of information out there, most just to distract from the current issues going on in our government. I still believe that St Maarteners should protest the current conditions, and backdoor dealings of our government, but St Maarten would have to unite for that. St Maarteners need to realize that the UP/DP have stayed in power very long, by sending their own agents into these rallies and protests, to undermind any cause or resistance to them. The ONLY common denominator in all of these failed governments would be Sarah Wescot Williams and the DP, the only person who appears to be tangled up in all of these current corruption and bribery investigations are Theo Heyliger. Many don’t like my approach, but if you choose to do NOTHING, your criticism loses some credibility. St Maarten people need to unite not just in homes, and at the bars, but on the streets and protest what we see is going wrong in St Maarten.

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  1. we the st maarteners was and will always be very lacks people,we love to suffer in secret,because we are proud people….this made so easy for those government PHARISEES to become dictators,don’t take my word for true,just look in the commentries in our dailies,people scared to put their name to their toughts…..but things must/will change some day.I have a question for the needy.Do you you think people with money could understand what needy people are going through and visa versa ?


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