Although convicted and imprisoned Louis Laveist manage to get enough votes in 2010 to return to parliament

Louis Laveist was a member of the DP, but the Democratic Party thought that he was becoming too arrogant. Leader of the DP, Sarah Wescot Williams, Roy Marlin, and Sarah’s advisor Julian Rollocks felt that Louis Laveist was hindering their plans to build million dollar duplexes at Bellevedere. It also appeared that Louis Laveist wanted his cut of the development scheme. Sarah Wescot sent her number one protege, Maria “Marietje” Buncamper to her close friend Prosecutor Mudd with ample evidence on Louis Laveist. The information was shared over an informal wine, and Prosecutor Mudd left SXM soon after, after Marietje faced her own prosecution.
Although Louis has made a comeback, their are many, including local and Antillian busdrivers, who resent the fact that he has close ties to the Haitian community, and is running a bus for hire scam with these Haitians, forcing the local busdrivers off of the road because of too much competition. Sources claim Louis Laveist has over 30 illegal buses on the road. Each Haitian pays him $40.00 per day.
Many question the legality of these Haitian bus permits.

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