photos jules james has criminal charges pending against his new coalition partner romain laville

The Jules James/Romain Laville feud has destroyed two government coalitions. Romain Laville claimed that Jules James was the reason why he was a part of the 2012 “Carnival Coup”. Jules James probably deserves his own criminal investigation concerning the conflicts of interests involved in being a Parliamentarian AND the Head of Pelican. Jules James convinced his workers at the Pelican back in 2010 to vote for him. They did, and once he became a Parliamentarian he promptly sided with Management at the Pelican and Fired the workers.In an encounter with Romain Laville in 2012, Jules James claimed Romain Laville pulled a gun on him, and promptly filed charges agains Laville. In April of 2012, Romain Laville filed official charges of bribery and more against his former leader, Theo Heyliger of the UP.  Since then, everyone has reconciled to form a new coalition, but it appears to be too late. Jules James criminal charges against Romain Laville, disqualified him from becoming a Minister. Romain’s criminal charges against Theo Heyliger, is one of the reasons Theo cannot become Minister. Behind the scenes, before the new coalition was formed, Romain had agreed to give Theo Heyliger his seat, And Theo promised  Romain Laville a position as Minister of Tourism. Now that Romain has failed the screening, he cannot give Theo anything. So after all of the millions of bribe money spent to form this new coalition, Theo Heyliger is STILL without a government job.

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