prostitution is not legal in st maarten, but paliamentarian Sylvia Olivacce Meyers and others bypass that with permits

Posted by Picasa Parliamentarian Sylvia Olivacce Meyers demanded an ethics investigation into Patrick Illidge, after he was captured on camera accepting money from brothel owner, Jaap Van Den Heuvel, Sylvia, who is married to the most prolific pimp in the Eastern Caribbean, Toachie Meyers and her kin, felt that Patrick Illidge’s main benefactor, Minister of Justice Roland Duncan, was cutting into the Pimp and brothel game. After it was disclosed that Sylvia’s husband spent a lot of time, along with her Leader Theo Heyliger at the Bada Bing Brothel, and after it was revealed that family members of Miss Meyers, had held the incriminating video in their possession for months, Sylvia Olivacce Meyers, stopped demanding and investigation. Now that Patrick has joined her coalition, she has changed her whole tune.

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