Theo Heyliger Leader of the United People’s Party, Over 2 million to break government, still no government job

Theo Heyliger it seems has outsmarted himself…once again. After allegedly spending over 2 million dollars, to cause the current government to fall, Theo it appears is still without a government job. At first Theo tried every which way to lure Patrick Illidge and Romain Laville into his foal. When that didn’t work his crew launched on all out attack on Romain Laville’s credibility, leaving Laville, politically dead in the water. In February, Theo’s family and crew were shopping around a video of Patrick Illidge taking money from a mutual friend, brothel owner Jaap Van den Heuvel. Bada Bing is NOT a stripclub, it is a BROTHEL. The Dutch were happy to get their hands on the video, because Patrick Illidge is closely associated with Roland Duncan, and the Dutch hate Duncan, who has publicly told them to “Shut up”, and “Arrest me”, and many other delightful tidbits. The Dutch wanted to get Duncan, Theo Heyliger provided the perfect opportunity, by releasing the Patrick Illidge tape. It caused an uproar, and has destroyed Patrick Illidge’s career. Left floundering, and feeling like he was getting no true support from William Marlin and the N.A. Behind the scenes Patrick Illidge and Romain Laville plotted the third fall of the St Maarten government. His reputation already damaged, Patrick stayed behind the scenes, while his close political “friend”, Romain Laville negotiated, and did the dirty work, destroying whatever credibility he had left in St Maarten politics. Does anyone wonder why, of all people, Minister of Justice, Roland Duncan resigned? Well because Duncan is Illidge’s benefactor, and Patrick Illidge was a part of the plan to bring down the latest government. Roland Duncan spotted me covering the protest march three weeks ago. He screwed down his window and said “Roumou, I just handed in my resignation, you can’t blame me for everything anymore!” What Theo did not realize is the old saying. “The enemy, of my enemy is my friend”. Once Duncan and co. had resigned, it left the field clear for the Dutch to focus on who they REALLY wanted, Theo Heyliger. The man who called them ‘modern day slave masters’. Theo had worked out a deal with Romain Laville, to get Romain’s seat. In exchange he would appoint Romain Laville, Minister of Tourism. But Laville could not pass the screening for Minister, neither can Theo Heyliger. The question now is, will Romain give Theo his seat? Having spent millions in bribes, to form the new coalition, Theo remains without a government position, and the government remains in limbo.

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