How NOT to Park on Backstreet, Philipsburg St Maarten. SXM towing companies are illegal extortion scams.

Some people think it’s a good idea to park their cars on one of SXM’s busiest streets, and put “For Sale” signs on their vehicle, sometimes leaving them for months. Well the SXMPD came up with a solution. Random towing of any illegally parked vehicle. The situation has somewhat improved. The Towing Companies of Dutch St Maarten are ILLEGAL. Black Dog, and all of those companies towing people, and charging them exorbitant rates to retrieve their vehicles, by law are considered extortionists. The ONLY people allowed to tow you are the Police Dept, unless they use a towing company for their service, then it is illegal. In the above photos the SXMPD are the ones in charge of the towing. If any of the towing companies try to tow your vehicle, or hold your vehicle until you pay money, go to the prosecutor. Don’t call the police, because some of these illegally towing companies are ran by none other than off duty and retired cops. Unless the police tow your vehicle in Dutch St Maarten, it is extortion.

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