Thompson and Union vs. GEBE

GEBE has refused to respond to correspondences from the ASEWI and WOrkers INstitute for Organised Labour. (WIFOL). This has prompted Theophilus Thompson to request a meeting with Minister of Vromi Maurice Lake/Theo Heyliger.
WIFOL’s president Theophilus Thompson told reporters on Tuesday that workers are concerned about the company’s employment practices, which bear resemblance to a certain practice of a former managing director. The practice involves the hiring of retired workers to perform tasks that could be done by existing workers or young persons who have applied for jobs at the company and can be trained for employment. In addition, some people are being hired from Curacao and paid outside of the new salary scales, which means that they are taking home more money than existing employees. The workers are also concerned that some aspects of the Collective Labour Agreement (CLA), signed last December, have not yet been introduced. The “Function House,”which Thompson said outlines the new salary structure and job descriptions, is not yet in place, although it should

gebe accident 2 21 2013 all photos judith roumou (37)




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