1111roland duncan wants 100 million but he won't clean up this mess all photos judith roumou (238) 1111roland duncan wants 100 million but he won't clean up this mess all photos judith roumou (239)

Yesterday’s Headlines in the daily paper claimed that Dutch Parliamentarian Andre Bosman, and Kingdom Affairs Minister Plasterk, were not done with SXM‘s former Minister of Justice, Roland Duncan quite yet. There were still questions of how Roland Duncan handled the Dutch Royal Marchausseuse, placing them in the back office to train, as opposed to the front line of St Maarten‘s Immigration Office. Roland Duncan angrily responded, that the statements were ‘slanderous’, and that the Dutch M.P. and Minister were using their offices to make these statements because the had immunity from prosecution. Although Duncan resigned in April, his relationship with the Dutch while he was Minister of Justice was filled with animosity. The Dutch tied him to the local brothels, and said that he lacked integrity, and that their were conflicts of interest. Roland Duncan’s angry response at that time was to tell Dutch M.P. Bosman, to “shut up” or “file charges. Roland Duncan it seems felt that once he had handed in his resignation, he would no longer be under the microscope by the Dutch. Roland Duncan went as far as to tell me on the day of his resignation “Roumou, I’ve given in my resignation, so you can’t blame me for everything anymore.” I have not been paying much attention to Duncan since, but the Dutch it seems are not so kind. Whether the Dutch will insist on an investigation, or further investigation of Roland Duncan remains to be seen. Roland Duncan, in his perspective, did a lot of good for the island as its first Minister of Justice, and points out the fact that he recruited and employed over 100 law enforcement/immigration/customs personel.


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