Police detained three young men after chasing a Hyundai 110 with the number plate P9178 and a brief foot chase through St Peters on Saturday evening. It could not be ascertained whether the police had managed to apprehend a fourth suspect who had been in the pursued vehicle. Police spokesperson Inspector Ricardo Henson could not be reached by phone for comment on Sunday. Information from the Herald indicated that the car chase had begun in the vicinity of Man Chung Supermarket, also known as the Sheik Supermarket on L.B. Scott Road. The vehicle apparaently had been involved in a hit and run accident the day before and the police wanted to stop it in connection with the previous accidnet, but as they approached the vehicle the driver sped off and turned into Messapple Road with the police in hot pursuit. THe car chase continued onto Grapefruit Road, Lemon Road up  St Peters and then unto Genip Road and Marigot Hill Road, where the occupants abandoned the vehhicle and fled on foot. The police managed to detain three of the men, one of whom was in the nearby bushes and one who fled down the street. Shots were fired at on point during the chase. The ambulance Dept. was called to the scene to check on one of the men who had a scratch on his forehead. Several police officers with a number of vehicles were involved.


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  1. if one wanted to destroy sxm economy, the lesson is here!…..the effect of the ongoing publications will negate the need for any new runway….u be back to dirt runway days….you must understand your putting on the www reasons NOT to vacation in sxm…..then again u trashed minster/lawyer/scholar Roland Duncan whose skill and labor freed sxm of curaco…..a lesson on self destruction, daily……


    • On the other hand; putting it on FB is not such a bad idea at all; since most of these ‘experimenting’ people are young and use d internet as a way to check out what people can get away with… So if this can scare them off or put second doubts in their ‘mixed up’ brains, it might just be effective enough.. And btw tourists do know that wherever you go nowadays there are some rotten apples that try to nasty up d place.. So, sorry no, I can’t agree with you.. But that’s only my humble ex-SXMner opinion.
      (ps With family still living there though)


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