Open Letter


Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen!


The Applicants  hereby declare that, to the best of our knowledge and belief, the information we have given in the present open letter is correct.

Before to submit/explain the compelling evidences (undoubtedly proving the fact that  the  Senior Judge of the Court of First Instance  Sint Maarten  Mr.R.W.J.van Veen is  the Head/”Puppet Master”/”Voorzitter” of criminal organization,  specialized  in extortion, kidnappings, money laundering, mortgage frauds, tax evasion and forgeries), the Applicants would like to declare  that,  they are expecting  full investigation of the statements/evidences  above(and below)!


The other “key players” in this criminal organization are: Civil Servants/Notary M.Mingoformer Notary F.E.Gijsbertha and the Director of the Stichting Kadaster en Hypotheekwezen  Sint Maarten-Mr. Clemens Roos!


The Applicants will explain the situation “in short”  and any statement can be proven with dozens of compelling evidences! Since Dec.209- up to date -July.08.2013  the Applicants started numerous Court Cases! Most of  those court Cases were handled from Judge Mr.R.W.J.van Veen. In All Court Cases the other Party(s) were represented from the Attorney Mr. Rick Bergman! On the official documents the other Party is represented by Attorney (in training from  BZSE Law) Mr. C.Koster, but on the hearings was Attorney Mr. Rick Bergman!  Judge Mr.R.W.J.van Veen is sharing “legally” Bank Accounts with Mr. Rick Bergman in SBA SXM. In 21 Century the exchange of money electronically is possible for “a split of a second”! Since Dec.209 –up to date – July.2013  The Applicant did not received not one registered, signed “vonnis”! The Applicants  requested the recusal of Judge Rene van Veen not ones, but three times!  The requests were denied!  The result – Bodemprocedure AR 112/2011 and  the Appeal Court Cases AR 184/2010 and AR 21/2012 are illegally “frozen”/still pending! The Applicants can and will submit dozens of compelling evidences, undoubtedly proving the fact that Judge Mr.R.W.J.van Veen is simply  one “White – Collar criminal”,  dressed in a black robe, with silk ties on the sleeves and on the closure of the robe and “dream” for any criminal or terrorist organization!

Therefore the Applicants “will welcome” any investigation on the statements above(and below)!


New evidences/facts

1.              On Jan.11.2012  De bewarder v/h Kadaster en de Opebare Registers  Mr. Clemens A. Roos registered DEED OF DISCHARGE (AKTE VAN KWIJTING). According to this “AKTE VAN KWIJTING”  I quote:


          On this tenth day of January, two thousand twelve, at about nine hours in the morning, appeared before me, Francis Edgar Gijsbertha, LL.M., former civil law notary practicing on Sint Maarten, assigned by the President of the Joint Court of Justice…etc.

           The person appearing, acting in the capacity of person appearing 1A mentioned, stated: that the bank aforementioned at the public sale, held on twenty-third September, two thousand eleven, at approximately ten hours a.m. before me, civil law notary..etc.

In the end of this “AKTE VAN KWIJTING”  also states:

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the original of this deed was executed on Sint Maarten, on the date stated at the beginning of this deed first hereinbefore written…etc.

Was signed: A. Van der Waag, F. E. Gijsbertha


(w.s. F. E. Gijsbertha);

2.            On July.02.2013 (eighteen months latter) The Applicants find out from the Kadaster en de Opebare Registers that, the “AKTE VAN KWIJTING” vanished and/or  replaced with Authentic report of auction. This AUTHENTIC REPORT OF AUCTION start as follow:


Upon this twenty-third day of September two thousand and eleven (September 23’“,2011), at around ten o’clock ante meridiem (10.00 hours AM), appeared before me Marlene Francoise Mingo, LL.M., a candidate civil law notary, residing on Sint Maarten,by these presents deputizing for Francis Edgar Gijsbertha, LL.M., formerly a civil law notary, established on Sint Maarten, Dutch Caribbean, presently acting as substituting civil law notary on assignment of the President of the Common Courts of Justice…etc.

3.           In the end of this   AUTHENTIC REPORT OF AUCTION clear states:




has been executed an Sin! Maarten in one original copy on the date and time stated in the heading hereof, …etc.Thereupon, following its brief reading, the deed was signed by the person appearing, the witnesses and by me, notary.

Was signed: A. Van der Waag, M. Mingo.


(w.s. M. Mingo);

4.              In fact the arrogant “White-Collar criminal” Mr. Clemens Roos registered not one, but two Deeds-AUTHENTIC REPORT OF AUCTION and “AKTE VAN KWIJTINGMrs. M.Mingo and Mr.F.E.Gijsbertha


5.              Should be noted also the fact that the arrogance of those “White-Collar Criminals”/Mrs. Clemens Roos, Mrs. M.Mingo and F.E.Gijsbertha is limitless. In the AUTHENTIC REPORT OF AUCTION Article 14( page #3 and #4) clear states:



Article 14:     Apart from the costs and charges…the Buyer shall pay:

Ø  notarial fee;

Ø  the turnover tax;

Ø  the Registration Stamps;

Ø  the disbursements;

Ø  the Transfer Tax;

Ø  the cancelation of mortgages and annulment of attachments

Ø  …etc.

6.              If we ignore the fact that there was not any Auction, the impudent criminals (Mrs. Clemens Roos, Mrs. M.Mingo and F.E.Gijsbertha) not only did not cancel the(false) mortgages and annul of attachments, they attached those false mortgages to the remaining two units(#2 and #3) and added USD 835 000.00(eight hundred and thirty five thousand US Dollars) interest.


7.           Three weeks later (on Jan.31.2012 – based on the claim of USD 2 505 000.00) the one and only Mr. Albert Van der Waag started Court Case EJ 21/2012  and requested the Court of First Instance of Sint Maarten to announce The Applicants  Bankrupt! The Hearing was handled from the arrogant “White – Collar criminal”/” Capo di tutti capi”,  dressed in a black robe, with silk ties on the sleeves and on the closure of the robe- Judge Mr.R.W.J.(Rene) van Veen!


8.           The result-since April.13.2012 – up to date- July.08.2013   the Applicants are illegally deprived of liberty (for 461  days and counting)!


9.           On July.02.2013  the Applicants also find out from Kadaster en de Opebare Registers  that , to cover his/their  tracks, the “Puppet Master”/”White Collar criminal” /Judge Mr. R.W.J(Rene) van Veen and his “Puppets”/ Clemens Roos, M.Mingo,  F.E.Gijsbertha  and  Hendrich A.Sefarina illegally  “transferred” the remaining two units(#2 and #3)  to the one and only Albert Van der Waag.


10.        According to the “Deed”,   Mr. Hendrich A. Sefarina  (without the knowledge of the Applicants )nearly one year ago has represented the First Applicant and “sold” unit  #2 and # 3 to no-other, but Mr. Albert Van der Waag!


11.        According to this  “Deed”,   Mr. Hendrich A. Sefarina “sold” to Mr. A.Van der Waag Unit  #2 and Unit # 3  for USD 275 000.00!  This  “Deed”   do not specify if Mr. A. Van der Waag   “purchased”  Unit # 2 for USD 1 (one US Dollar)  and Unit #3 for 274 999.00  or “the other way around”, but “who cares”? According to the arrogant “White-Collar criminal” Mr. Clemens Roos: –   Mr.Albert Van der Waag purchasedeach Unit (#2 and#3) for USD 275 000.00, or in total USD 550 000.00(five  hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars)! Please compare the “Deed’ and the Cadastral Extracts! It does appear that the criminals in question are “in love” with the amount USD 550 000.00! Units #1,#4,#5,#6 and#7 were “purchased” from the one and only Mr. A.Van der Waag  not ones,  but twice( see here and here) for USD 550 000.00!


12.        After all and above, every reasonable person will consider that Mr. Clemens Roos (and others) are just presumptuous, overweening and  insolent   “White-Collar criminals” (or mentally ill)!

13.        And this is just “the tip of the Iceberg”!!!!!


14.          The “Iron Grip” of the organized crime “suffocating” the Rule of Law in  Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba! The ”White Collar criminal” – Mr.R.W.J.(Rene)van Veen     is still  the Vice-President of the Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie van Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten en van Bonaire, Sint Eustatius en Saba.


15.         It may take years, but the forged documents will be annulled,  the truth will prevail, the criminals (mentioned above) will be punished and the Justice will be served! “On the other hand” the “stain” on the Dutch Judiciary will remain forever!


16.        No wonder the arrogant “White-Collar Criminal” Mr. Clemens Roos is driving USD 70 000.00 car (Rover). Next year he may be able to afford LAMBORGHINI.


17.            Every reasonable person will consider that the Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie van Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten en van Bonaire, Sint Eustatius en Saba is “penetrated” by the organized crime group(s)! In fact one of leaders of the organized crime is “posing” as a Judge, dressed in a black robe, with silk ties on the sleeves and on the closure of the robe and is rendering “Justice”!


18.        Is it Rijksbesluit rechtspositie Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie Artikel 53 naar  Artikel 64Wet op de rechterlijke organisatie Artikel 13 b naar  Artikel 13 h  (Wet RO), Rijkswet Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie Artikel 32(c), Artikel 33 and Artikel 34, just words on paper, without any value and “sand in people’s eyes”?


19.          For how long the Netherlands ( de Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie,  Procureur-Generaal bij de Hoge Raad der Nederlanden and the College van procureurs-generaal) will ignore the facts and will risk the security and the  life of the residents of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,  and how many are currently the victims (of the “White-Collar criminal”/Judge Mr. R.W.J. (Rene) van Veen) in Pointe Blanche Prison Sint Maarten ???


20.           For the Applicants it is not clear if the “White-Collar criminal” will continue to “render Justice”  in the Netherlands, or will follow the willingly “blind, deaf and mute” Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau/President of the Court Mrs. L.Hoefdraad in to an early retirement at age 62-not 70.


21.        The fact is that, instead investigated and prosecuted – he is celebrating! The Applicants will “follow up closely” his “professional career” and will inform the publicity accordingly! Sooner or later the truth will prevail and Justice will be served!


22.          Since the beginning of March.2013  VVD-MP Mr.André Bosman questions the integrity of Mrs. Sarah Wescot Williams, Mr.Theo Heyliger, Mr. Romain Laville, Mr.Roland Duncan…etc.  VVD-MP Mr.André Bosman and   Minister of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations Ronald Plasterk  continuously are “spitting fire” against the politicians of Sint Maarten and Curacao!  Those actions “has gained pathetic accent” and in fact are aiming to allure the public opinion in the “desired direction” !


23.         Is it not logical the Netherlands to “clean up first their own house- the Dutch Judiciary”, and then “finger point” others?


24.           Is it not the “White-Collar criminal”/posing  as a Judge/Mr. R.W.J. (Rene) van Veen – the only chance  of the criminal and terrorist organizations to” launder money” ?


25.          Is it not the “White Collar-criminal”/ posing  as  Judge /Mr. R.W.J. (Rene) van Veen threat for the National Security?


26.            Where are de Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie,  Procureur-Generaal bij de Hoge Raad der Nederlanden and the College van procureurs-generaal?


The Applicants will submit upon request dozens more irrefutable evidences, undoubtedly proving the statements above!

Respectfully: Y.Busarov.(Second Applicant).

On behalf of Evmolia PF(First Applicant).
Sint Maarten.


Cell: +1721 587 3007 


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