Anguilla boat tragedy captain faces 10 years

FULL STORY: The captain of the ill fated boat carrying twenty six passengers to the US virgin Islands on the night of June 30th was arrested last week Thursday according to French Prosecutor Flavien Noailes on Monday. Under interrogation the captain acknowledged he was responsible for the offences he is accused of, Noailles indicated. It was also determined that he had commited similar offences before. At the time of the sinking at the west end of the Anguilla Channel, the captain had escaped to the shore with the help of accomplices. He was the fourth person to be arrested. The third individual, who had provided logistical assistance, was set free as his involvement was said to be very minor. The captain and the two others arrested were transferred to Guadeloupe and placed in provisional detention. THe face a maximum of ten years in prison. Charges include involuntary manslaughter, assistance in entry or stay of an organised group of illegal immigratnts, and non assistance oto persons in danger. Of the twenty six persons on board the doomed Saintoise type boat, three drowned, three are missing and twenty ssurvived. A malfuntioning pump was cited as the cause of the sinking. Some of the Brazilian and Dominican Republic nationals hasd paid upt to $16.000 to reach US territories.

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