I would like to have my say, now thtat the political morass is behind us. Phew! Comrades, that one was very close. Tracked down by the zeitgeist, I am compelled to make some incendiary statments that might “rub some people the wrong way”. And not to sound too stuffy, it is only natural that I use some trendy, colloquial expreessions. I wanna be real with you. I would like to big up the labour front of Country St Maarten. Comrades, keep on trucking until every repressive, anti labour barrier (policy ) falls. When I learned that my “primo” Alberto Bute had to take matters into his own hands to resolve a labour dispute between his beloved spouse and a cheating merchangt in Philipsburg, it provoke the fighting side of me. There are many other ills in this counry that provoke the fighting side of me. But more on that later. Getting back to the political crisis “Watta Ting”. I have an English copy of the Constitution of Country St Maarten. But I have read only its preamble. I have not taken time to study it well. I did, however, pay close attention to the many debates about the seemingly controversial constitution, because it’s alawys good to listen welll. In addition to that I heard that the English copies of the Constitution are seriously flawed. In retropsect, I think that the Honoraable Governor should have advisdly stopped the  political crisist soon.T me it was like a prize fight. WIlliam the slugger had  Sarah the Wily boxer on the roopes, rocking her ith a barracge of blows. THe governor (the The Ref) by breeaking WIlliams flurry, allowed Sarah to recperate and get back into the fight. SSarah became stronger as the fight for power progressed she won a controversial decidion when the scores were tallied.

Sorry, comrades, I had some misgivings about signing the famouse petition. “Nuff repek to you” I strongly believe that the politcial crisis has conscientiezed our young people profoundly. WIth or without political reform(s), a change is gonna come in 2014. To quote one of our nationalists “St Maarten/St Martin needs a political revolution.

Let me break it down for you comrades. We have to send home all those venal, career politicians who put self interst before country They are the ones who ride roughshod over our feelings and over the Constitutuion. Elected officials are accountable to the people for their actions. Neever forget that comrades.

In closing, I would like to wish Wescot-WIlliams III Cabinet all the best. And I would like to heap prasises on former Minister of Education and Culture Siveria Jacobs for the oustanding work she has done. Bravo Silveria. That humble service should tanslate massively idto votes come 2014.

Comrades ah, gone.


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