Open Letter

Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen!

Herby the Applicants informs you as follows:


The Senior Judge  of the Court of First Instance  Sint Maarten  Mr.R.W.J.van Veen is a psychopathic criminal, specialized  in blackmailextortionkidnappings, money launderingmortgage fraudstax evasionrobbery andforgeries! His “right hand” is the Registrar Mrs.Maritsa James-Christina. As mentioned before, the other “key players” in this criminal organization are: Civil Servants/Notary M.Mingoformer Notary F.E.Gijsbertha , the Director of the Stichting Kadaster en Hypotheekwezen  Sint Maarten-Mr. Clemens Roos, “the Wannabe” / Mr. Hendrich A. Sefarina,  and the one and only Mr.Albert Van der Waag! Due the fact that the crimes mentioned above are usually performed by the both types of criminals (“White-collar criminals” and “Blue-collar criminals”), the color of the “collars” of the criminals in question is difficult to be define, maybe Gray???Therefore the criminals mentioned above will be referred to below as “the Gray-collar criminals”!




1.           The First Applicant is the rightful owner of seven apartments in Oyster Pond Sint Maarten (see here).  Up to July.2009 the Applicants trusted unreservedly to the Trust Companies, the Notaries and to Judges of the Joint Court of Justice of Aruba, Curacao, and Sint Maarten and of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba. The result: not one, but two fabricated Mortgage Deeds attached to a non-profitable foundation- without Bank Accounts -for total amount of USD 1 670 000.00(one million six hundred and seventy thousand US Dollars) see here.


2.           Up to Sep.23.2011 the total amount of the false mortgage Deeds attached to a Foundation without Bank accounts (The First Applicant) was USD 1 670 000.00(one million six hundred and seventy thousand US Dollars) see here.


3.           According to the “Deed” registered on Oct.21.2011from the arrogant criminal/De bewarder  Mr. Clemens Roos(see here), the Candidate Notary Mrs. M.Mingo sold “on Auction” five apartments (property of the first Applicant) to Mr. Albert Van der Waag for the amount of USD 550 000.00(five hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars).

4.           On Jan.11.2012 the insolent  bewarder v/h Kadaster en de Opebare Registers Mr. Clemens Roos registered second  Deed(see here).According to this “Deed”, former Notary Mr. F.E.Gijsberta sold  “on Auction” the same five apartments (property of the first Applicant) to Mr. Albert Van der Waag for the amount of USD 550 000.00(five hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars).

5.           Both “Deeds” are referring to Sep.23.2011-10 AM(please compere the AUTHENTIC REPORT OF AUCTIONand AKTE VAN KWIJTING). According to those “Deeds”, Mr. Albert Van der Waag purchased the five apartments “on Auction” from two different Notaries at the same time (Sep.23.2011 at 10am), and paid twice!


6.            If we ignore the fact that there was no Auction, in the AUTHENTIC REPORT OF AUCTION Article 14( page #3 and #4)clear state :

Article 14:     Apart from the costs and charges…the Buyer shall pay:

Ø  notarial fee;

Ø  the turnover tax;

Ø  the Registration Stamps;

Ø  the disbursements;

Ø  the Transfer Tax;

Ø  the cancelation of mortgages and annulment of attachments

Ø  …etc.

7.             On Jan.11.2012 the Candidate Notary Mrs. M.Mingo, the former Notary Mr. F.E.Gijsberta and the Director of the Kadaster/ Mr. Clemens Roos not only did not annul the mortgages and the attachments, but  they “transferred” the false Mortgage Deeds to the remaining two units(see here).Those fearless “Gray-collar criminals” not only did not annul the mortgages and “transferred” the false Mortgage Deeds to the remaining two units, but they also they  added USD 835 000.00(eight hundred and thirty five thousand US Dollars interest/penalty (please compere  here. and here )!


8.           Three weeks later – on Jan.30.2012 the “two times Buyer of the same five apartments on Auction” – Mr.Albert Van der Waag  started EJ 21/2012 and requested the Court to declare the Applicants Bankrupt(see herehere and here).

9.           The hearing was on Feb.20.012. The Judge was the arrogant criminal/“Mastermind” Judge Mr.R.W.J. (Rene) van Veen .

10.        On Feb.27.2912 the Applicants received “Vonnis en process-verbal” to EJ 21/2012(see here). Along with the “Vonnis en process-verbal” to EJ 21/2012 the Applicants received a “Vonnis en process-verbal” to a different Court Case EJ 20/2012(see here). Should be noted the fact that Court Case EJ 20/2012 is concerning  a local Construction Company and has no connection with the Applicants whatsoever! The Applicants were not summoned nor party in EJ 20/2012 AND THAT IS A FACT!


11.          On March 12.2012 The Applicants submitted Complaint against the behavior of Judge R.W.J. (Rene) van Veen (see here).

12.          To “transfer” the responsibilities to other judges and legalize his forgeries, the impudent criminal Judge Mr. Rene van Veen summoned the Applicants (on March.19.2012 see here and here). Please compare the number of the Court case on first page and on the second page! According to those summons, the Complaint against Judge R.W.J. van Veen it is in fact “two in one-AKTE VAN APPEL and MEMORIE VAN GRIEVEN”.

13.        Should be noted the fact that all summons and other forgeries are undersigned from the “right hand” of the criminal (Judge Mr. Rene van Veen) – de griffier Mrs.Maritsa James-Cristina. She is the fearless griffier, undersigning and participating in all criminal activities in the Court of First Instance Sint Maarten!

14.        On March.21.2012 the Applicants submitted second Complaint against the criminals in black robes – Judge Mr. R.W.J. (Rene) van Veen and the Court recorder- Mrs. Maritsa James-Cristina (see here).

15.        Along with the second Complaint the Applicants informed Judge Mrs. M.Keppels that, the Applicants will not attend any imaginary Appeal Court Cases, or in other words- will not be part of this disgusting charade (seehere).

16.        On March.22.2012  the Applicants did not attended “the hearings of the imaginary Appeal Court Cases”.

17.        On March.23.2012 the Applicants received this time not one, but three “Vonnissen”- see herehere andhere.

18.          The Applicants would like to direct your attention to the third “Vonnis”- BURGERLIJKE ZAKEN OVER 2012This “Vonnis(without a number) cover all Appeal Court Cases  in year 2012 –BURGERLIJKE ZAKEN OVER 2012.Person Van der Zwaag does not exist..etc. Every reasonable person will consider that this ”vonnis” was written by illiterate person, or person with “mental issues”. Anyway, further below  this “vonnis”  is referring to the pending Appeal to AR 184/2010 – I quote:

1.2  On behalf of the trustees, Messrs. M. Le Poole, LL.M. and H. Seferina, LL.M. stated at the case-list hearing of the Court of Appeal of 13th April 2012 on Sint Maarten that they do not take over the appeal proceedings. Then prejudiced right was requested as the Court of Appeal understands in view of the provisions in article 23 paragraph 2 Fb.



2.1  The request for prejudiced right, that means of the appeal of Busarov and Evmolpia against the judgment given under General Case-list 184/10 of the CFI, as based on the law will be allowed.


19.           After the  miserable attempt of the psychopathic criminal –Judge R.W.J.van Veen to “transfer” the his responsibilities  to the Appeal Court did not succeed, he“forget” about the “Appeal Court Cases EJ 20/2012-H-61/2012 and EJ 21/2012-H-62/2012” and ten minutes before the hearing to the  “ BURGERLIJKE ZAKEN OVER 2012” he arrested the Applicants on April.13.2012 8:30am in the Court House of Sint Maarten,  relying on his own forgeries- EJ 20/2012 and EJ21/2012(seehere).After ten minutes in the Police Station the Applicants were send to Point Blanche Prison Sint Maarten.

20.           On April.16.2012.11am the APPLICANTS WERE FORCED TO BE PRESENT TO A HEARING. In this hearing the insolent criminal threatened the Applicants that if they do not cooperate/surrender the property of the First Applicant (current Appraisal –over two million US Dollars), he will extend the imprisonment with another 30days, and another 30 days…etc. The Applicants declare that not thirty days,-30 years are not sufficient treat and they will not surrender the property. After this statement the Applicants were send back to Point Blanche Prison Sint Maarten. On the next day the APPLICANTS RECEIVED ONLY “PROCES-BERBAAL”, NOT REFERING TO ANY Court CASE (see here)!


21.        On April.26.2012 the Applicants were forced once again to a hearing. Once again the psychopathic criminal –Judge R.W.J.van Veen threatened the Applicants that if they do not cooperate/surrender the property of the First Applicant, he will extend the 30days imprisonment with another 30 days…etc. Once again the Applicants declare that not thirty days,- 30 years are not sufficient treat and they will not surrender the property. On the next day-April.27.2012 the Applicants were released under conditions(see here) I quote:



The examining judge in bankruptcy:


Suspends the order of remand in custody ordered against Yordan Stoilov Busarov pursuant to article 85 Fb effective Friday April 27th 2012, 12.00 hours.


Thereby sets the following conditions:


a.         that the suspect complies with the provisions in article 86 Fb, namely that he may not leave his residence without permission of the examining judge;

b.         that he complies with summonses to appear of and by the examining judge and/or of and by the trustees Messrs. M. Le Poole, LL.M. and H. A. Seferina, LL.M., employed at HBN Law.


22.        According to this “shade of a man”, I -Y. Busarov am a suspect of what, suspect of requesting Proper Administration of Justice? The fact is, that since April.13.2012 –up to date- July.15.2013 (for over fifteen months and counting) the Applicants areillegally  deprived of liberty  from one greedy psychopathic criminal, dressed in a black robe  and acting as a Judge– “Mr.“ R.W.J.van Veen.

23.          On July.02.2013  the Applicants also find out from the Director of the Cadaster  that , to cover his/their  tracks, the  criminal  Judge Mr. R.W.J(Rene) van Veen and his “Puppets”/ Clemens Roos,Notary M.Mingo,  F.E.Gijsbertha  and  Hendrich A.Sefarina illegally  “transferred” the remaining two units(#2 and #3)  to the one and only Albert Van der Waag.

24.              According to the “Deed”, “the Wannabe” / Mr. Hendrich A. Sefarina, (without the knowledge of the Applicants )nearly one year ago has represented the First Applicant and “sold” unit  #2 and # 3 to no-other, but Mr. Albert Van der Waag!

25.             According to this  “Deed”,   Mr. Hendrich A. Sefarina “sold” to Mr. A.Van der Waag Unit  #2 and Unit # 3  for USD 275 000.00!  This  “Deed”  do not specify if Mr. A. Van der Waag   “purchased”  Unit # 2  for USD 1 (one US Dollar)  and Unit #3 for 274 999.00  or “the other way around”, but “who cares”? According to the arrogant “White-Collar criminal” Mr. Clemens Roos: –   Mr.Albert Van der Waag purchased each Unit (#2 and#3) for USD 275 000.00, or in total USD 550 000.00(five hundred and fifty thousand US Dollars)! Please compare the “Deed’ and the Cadastral Extracts! It does appear that the criminals in question are “in love” with the amount USD 550 000.00! Units #1,#4,#5,#6 and#7 were “purchased” from the one and only Mr. A.Van der Waag  not ones,  but twice( see here and here) forUSD 550 000.00!

26.                Should be noted the fact that the arrogance of the criminals in question is limitless. According to this“Deed”, “the Wannabe a player”/ Mr. Hendrich A. Sefarina and the others impudent criminals  – Notary M.Mingo and the Director of the Cadaster/Mr.Clemens Roos once again forgot about “ the Court Case EJ 20/2012 and the Appeal Court Cases- EJ 20/2012-H-61/2012 and EJ 21/2012-H-62/2012”  (see here , hereand here ) and “sold” the remaining two units  to the one and only Mr. A. Van der Waag  I quote:

1.      Mister Hendrich Arthur Seferina……by these presents acting in his capacity as a Trustee (approved by a Courtorder of the Judge in First Instance of Sint Maarten, dated Feb.27.2012. Case number EJ 21/2012)….etc.


27.             For the Applicants it is not clear, are those people mentally ill???

28.        Please find more details and legal interpretationhere!



29.           The Applicants believe that, after examination of the facts above(and their legal interpretation) every reasonable person will consider that under the supervision of the President and the Vice-President of the Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie (Mrs.L.Hoefdraad and Mr. R.W.J.van Veen), this Court has become a “factory” for blackmailextortionkidnappingmoney launderingmortgage fraudstax evasionrobberies and forgeries!

30.        The Court of First Instance Sint Maarten has become a “harbor” for any types of criminals and profitable “money-making machine” via extortion and blackmail. The legalization of any type of criminal activities has become a common practice.

31.        The real question is: Why the de Ministerie van Veiligheid en Justitie,  Procureur-Generaal bij de Hoge Raad der Nederlanden and the College van procureurs-generaal are “turning blind eye and deaf ear” to the insolent criminal(s) dressed in a black robe(s)?

32.        This greedy impudent criminal(s)  are still “Civil Servants” and/or part of the Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie van Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten en van Bonaire, Sint Eustatius en Saba.

33.         Who has given the right and the power to these despicable persons (mentioned above) to destroy people’s lives, just to enrich themselves illegally?

34.         For how long the competent authorities will continue to insult the Dutch Judiciary and themselves by ignoring the facts?

35.        As mentioned before, it may take years, but the forged documents will be annulled, the truth will prevail, the criminals (mentioned above) will be punished and the Justice will be served! “On the other hand” the “stain” on the Dutch Judiciary and on the Kingdom of the Netherlands will remain forever!

36.         The Applicants will submit dozens more (if not hundreds more) irrefutable evidences, undoubtedly proving the statements above.

37.           Should be noted the fact that, the fearless and insolent “lieutenant/right hand” (of the criminal –Mr.R.W.J. van Veen)- the “manager and/or de griffer” of the Court of First Instance- Mrs. Maritsa James-Cristina will continue to be part of the Gemeenschappelijk Hof van Justitie van Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten en van Bonaire, Sint Eustatius en Saba for indefinite period of time.


38.        The Applicants are submitting that all and above is a mockery with the Dutch Judiciary and that is one unacceptable fact! All this is happening in 21 Century within the Jurisdiction of the Kingdom of the Netherlands! It is unbelievable, but fact.

The Applicants hereby are declaring that, to the best of our knowledge and belief, the information we have given in the present Open Letter is correct.

Respectfully: Y.Busarov.(Second Applicant).

On behalf of Evmolia PF(First Applicant).
Sint Maarten.


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