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Three DHL pilots that travel to St. Maarten every week became victims of robbery last week while they were at Mullet Bay Beach. Three youngsters raided the belongings of the pilots that were left on the beach and stole their cellular phones. A witness on the beach saw when the three culprits committed the act. That eyewitness called an off duty police officer who managed to run down the suspects and arrest them in the parking area of the Princess Juliana International Airport. SMN News understands that the vendor’s booth holders and persons selling on the beach are encouraging the bandits that are constantly robbing tourists on the beach.

The three pilots filed charges against the suspects as the eyewitness managed to identify two of the three suspects that were caught last week when the incident occurred.

On Tuesday night, the pilots became victims again, this time two unknown persons entered their apartments and stole their personal belongings, such as their wallets that contained monies and other personal items, keys to their vehicle and the vehicle that was parked outside their apartment building. One of the pilots was unable to fly back to Puerto Rico on Wednesday as he was busy filing a report with the detective department on St. Maarten. Up to press time the police department did not issue a report on the house break in that took place Tuesday night.


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    the crushing of sint maarten continues

    ” bandits that are constantly robbing tourists on the beach”

    what are you folks thinking? the answer…your not!

    as the word of chaos in public safety spreads, so to will the economic collapse grow,,,,,.

    the wild west is now in play in sxm as we watch all but end of the island economy, first by a trickle, than by a flood…

    you folks are in ‘self destruct’ mode…cannot see reality and

    heading to hell!


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