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ANGUILLA–Seven young men received gunshot wounds to various parts of their bodies in a shooting incident at Blowing Point that sent shock waves through the usually tranquil community of Anguilla on Monday evening.

Three of them are in a serious condition and two already have been flown to Puerto Rico for further medical attention. Another may have to be sent overseas. Three of the injured have been dismissed from Princess Alexandra Hospital.

The incident took place near the Youth Centre and Amy’s Bakery in Blowing Point where reportedly a group of young men mostly in their early 20s were gathered. The police are investigating the incident and requesting that anyone with information come forward.

THE VALLEY, Anguilla:— Seven persons are now in the hospital in Anguilla injured by gunshots. According to information reaching SMN News, a drive-by shooting took place after 10pm Monday night in the Blowing Point area leaving seven injured. “The shooters used machine guns to fire shots at people who were standing in the area.” One of the seven persons had to be flown out of Anguilla for further medical treatment. SMN News learnt that the victim who was flown out received a bullet to his head.

Up to press time on Tuesday Anguilla’s Commissioner of Police, Rudolph Proctor did not release any information on the shooting. The shooting came one day after police and other law enforcement officers seized 31 bales of cocaine which has an estimated street value of USD 25 million. The cocaine was seized during a joint operation conducted between the Royal Anguilla Police Force and the Criminal Investigation Department. During the drug bust some three persons from the Dominican Republic were arrested while guns and ammunition were also


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  1. while you report the news you may well be placing a tombstone over the leeward islands….especially sxm and Anguilla so much so that in time the affect will be an economic disaster in both islands….

    .i do remember the days when Anguilla was a safe wonderful island to brunch off the porch of an eye doctor with the former wife of senator Brookes reflecting on many subjects including the islands safety….now if what you report is accurate, the use of heavy weapons indicates a home base of those that feed on the drug trade and the venue of terrorists,….what needs to be done appears to be an immediate force of joint naval patrols that bring the flow of drugs/weapons/terrorists to an end else you truly are making a case where the state department might list these islands ‘unsafe’….and then you do not need a new runway expansion but, more food stamps and poverty as tourist dollars retreat to a safe haven …

    .soon Havana will open and you can bet American’s will stream to that island with its beauty and safety….the fate of the future is in your hands…u have time, but the clock is ticking…and a few more murders will seal the fate of sxm……


  2. I don’t know what Anguilla coming to,I use to live in Anguilla,for a very long time,What the youths are doing,I don’t understand,They don’t have any understanding,Very small minded,The crime the kill againt one another,This thing that they have,Most of the young men of the Blowing point village,can not go to the valley,This person can’t go this place,Its all over Anguilla,Its not what they cant an can’t do.Other people live in that samee island,What you all are doing hurting people that don’t have anything to do with you


  3. Me
    I went Anguilla about 6 months ago to check on my mother place and I had on a color T-Shirt and when I stop in the Valley to buy a beer and the folks there know me very well they ask me where I was going I told them in the east and my friend told me do not go up in the east with that color shirt on you would have to change it. I was so shock I ask if they was kidding they told me no. I was not going to buy no shirt for that and they can fly in hell for my part. Can you imagine that my parents from Anguilla and they full of sh………t they do not realize what they are doing to the place. If Anguilla needs help in their country send to Her Royal magesty the Queen for help them. I know for sure not much people from sxm will be coming over there for August Monday.
    May The Heavenly father help Them


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