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If you ask around, most people in St Maarten don’t really believe that Marcel Loor, simply flew into Paris with a kilo of cocaine. I’m not one of the conspiracy theorist, but Loor was having money issues, considering he owed a lot of money and the court appeared to have had some type of lien on his bank accounts, and also his girlfriends. We know that he was allowed to leave St Maarten. Marcel Loor is a man with a lot of information about corruption in our law enforcement, because he was corrupt. He has a lot of dirt on a lot of people, and when he was having issues with accessing his funds, there was a sense of fear that Loor, knew to much an would reveal all if put under enough pressure. When I took Loors pictures and spoke to him a few months ago, I pretty much asked him if he was going to bust the bucket anytime soon. He was very coy about it and didn’t reveal much. He was very friendly, but got suspicious when I started asking him more probing questions. He was like some type of St Maarten rockstar, everybody was greeting him, women kept coming to him to hug him and ask him how he was doing etc. There was also an undercover police officer nearby, who I know, and I told him I wouldn’t take his picture, or publish anything about him. So Marcel Loor is supposed to have a lot of information on our Dutch Law Enforcement, he’s is ALLOWED out of Dutch St Maarten with a kilo of cocaine, but they were WAITING for him in France. France don’t play, he can say that it was planted, but Loor already has an infamous criminal record, and seems proud of it. Without any doubt the French won’t tease him like the Dutch penal system did, they are going to execute to the full extent of the law. Whether it was greed, a set up, or more, I don’t see how he can extracate himself from this one.


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  1. Why did he change so much… I’ve known him since 1987 when he was living with his Parents in Holland. He was always a “show off” but I never suspected him of being capable of doing all the things he has done. I don’t know if his parents are still alive, but I am sure his mother will be so hartbroken. Very sad indeed
    (sorry for the “bad english”)


    • Yes Dennis his parents are still alive, we still have contact with them. And I agree with you, we never expected him to do these things. It’s a pity to see how an old friend can degrade himself like this. But his enchanted smile still works apparently!!


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