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One of the problems the St Maarten police have with me, and I’ve been told this in no uncertain terms, is that I take a lot of pictures of the police as they work. Now if you’re doing your job, and you’re a PUBLIC OFFICER, on a PUBLIC street, you are a PUBLIC SERVANT, and it is not a crime for a citizen to take pictures of you. After all the police department has no problem with the million plus tourits that come every year, most of them carrying cameras. Now all you have to do is to google: Today’s suspects st maarten, to see the thousands of pictures I’ve taken of the police doing their jobs which is escorting prisoners to and from the courthouse. I have videos and photos, and if you simply search this site, you’ll see how well protected they are as they are escorted in and out. There were over 6 cars, over a over a dozen police officers, officers on bikes, motorbikes etc for ONE suspect, Carlos the Hitman from the Bling Bling gang. I sit in parliament, and almost every day I photograph the walk into the court house. It is simply impossible that those suspects, all three of them simply managed to get away. Who helped them? When Chucky escaped, and went on a violent crime spree for MONTHS until the police, who knew where he was all along, finally picked him up again. How is it that you can have four officers and two patrol cars within seconds for a fallen chocolate milkshake, but somehow these prisoners escape. St Maarten people are not as stupid as the police department would like to think. Everyone discussing this case, assumes that it’s an inside job. The question is, are the police even investigating HOW they managed to escape, and WHO helped them. It had to involve someone inside, someone waiting to drive them to where ever, and someone with a safe house for them. St Maarten is sixteen square miles. You have 3 escapees, one up on murder charges, and they disappear into thin air. Coordinating something like this would take a group effort, and I am not the only St Maartener who feels this way.


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