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Take a good look at the Dutch police officer above. I have a lot of his pictures to pull up.  What is it about the St Maarten water that turns the Dutch Corrupt as soon as they get here? Or are they dirty before they get here, so they send them here? Now officer above, I’ll get your name again. What you people did was an illegal entry based on factless lies, rumours and heresay. So why is it that the St Maarten Police department, both Dutch and Local, are commiting crimes, to catch people who criticize them in something? I firmly believe the Parliamentarian who told me that the Dutch tried to set him up by putting kilos of cocaine in his car.

That’s why I know Loor is dirty, but I can’t take the police setting him up off of the table. Loor evidently was going to talk, because they were really putting the pressure on. Loor couldn’t be busted in a Dutch country, because he had too much dirt on the Dutch officials. So he was allowed to leave Dutch St Maarten with a kilo of cocaine, and the excuse that the police and immigration used, was that THERE WERE NO DRUG SNIFFING DOGS, BECAUSE THEY WERE IN HEAT! Yes, readers the Juliana International Airport, one of the Caribbean‘s TOP drug mule portals, could not search Loor because they dogs were in heat! Undercovers were watching Loors every move,

So now drug lords you know, when you want to move your drugs through Airport Security, you only have to pay the dog handler, to stimulate the dogs until they’re horny, and you’re scot free, you can transport as much drugs as you like. Which is better, before when the drug sniffing dog, was really good at his job, it would mysteriously die.

Isn’t that RIGHT officer Doghandler Wallace?


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