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peter de witte

Whenever I speak to Peter de Witte, he seems baffled about what his officers are up to. Here’s another one for Chief of Police de Witte. On June 20th the police ILLEGALLY entered a home, and took property. This is NOT their illegal entry on June 22nd. Evidently committing crimes and entering homes without warrants is something the police just do. Do I have proof of this? Yes! And not only do I have proof of this, on June 22nd 2013 the officer answering the phone at the police station, bragged: “I have your property”, “where’s your property?” The only way for the police to have possession of said property, would have been to enter the home illegally, while the resident was gone. Search the house, because the device was hidden, and taken it. Now when Peter de Witte is asked about his cops illegally entering homes to intimidate citizens, or the police assaulting or harrassing citizens, he seems confused. While you are investigating all of the other illicit activities your police have been up to de Witte, You can also ask them about their illegal entry, search and removal of property at St Peters #13.

Your officers are working outside of the law, they are intimidating and harrassing citizens as prisoners escape, and drug dealers reign. I have nothing personal against De Witte, I’m supposed to meet with him again on August 1st.

What should bother people, is that the St Maarten police are committing crimes, and setting up individuals to discredit them.

They will continue to harrass me with bogus allegations and charges that they can’t prove, and I will continue to post the information. How many citizens that the police have “beef” with are they harrassing, and committing crimes to harrass?

By the way people are contacting me on Facebook, I am not the first victim nor will I be the last.

Peter de Witte needs to clean house.

Cimarron Marlin was never fully acknowledged by the authorities for what he went through when he was beaten, imprisoned and threatened by police officers who refused to give their names, badge numbers or tell him what his crime was.

Peter de Witte will tell you that he wasn’t here for a lot of the previous criminal activities committed by his officers, but he is now. And it is shocking to me that he claims to be in the dark about most of their activities.


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  1. That why I believe in personal home security : my trusty shotgun. Any person open my door without permission will meet him


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