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As Minister of Justice, Roland Duncan was in charge of the BTA scam, his bode/chauffeur Marina Serrant along with Evelyn Hodge were arrested, Evelyn took the fall. Being Minister, Roland Duncan was immune from prosecution. Is there a statute of limitation? And now that Duncan is no longer Minister, can he be prosecuted for his activities. It’s fascinating that the police want to harrass the small man, when the big dogs in politics are commiting crimes blatantly.

Roland Duncan teamed with shady businessman Samir, to pull a royal scam on St Maarten. Samir has a building in Cayhill. Although the structure is not legally built, with no permits for the top floors, Duncan decided that he would turn this illegal structure into a $100 million dollar “Justice Park”. The money would come from illegals and immigrants paying for various permits. How can St Maarten’s TOP legal mind involve himself in an illegal project, and a permitless business and VROMI not get involved. When Karakters built an illegal wall at their establishment. VROMI showed up with bulldozers. The Minister of Justice decides he’s going to invest $100 million dollars in a permitless building, and the officials look the other way.

Minister Duncan, as Minister of Justice was tied to the illegal prostitution trade. How can a Minister, especially the Minister of Justice be a pimp while he is in office? In St Maarten, anything’s possible. Documents were shown where the acting Minister was involved in the “Hypnotique” brothel, and the flesh peddling trade. When will this investigation be followed up?

Roland Duncan saw me on the day he resigned under pressure. He said “Roumou you can’t blame me for everything anymore”. No I can’t, but I can ask why an investigation of YOU has not been followed up.

The trend is continuing there is a new Minister of Justice, however the police being used as Ton Ton Macout like henchmen continue.

Many of the times in St Maarten, when police are committing crimes, they do it under the orders of some government official, or one of the local mobsters with a lot of money.

As opposed to harrassing, setting up and insinuating about those who write about their unprofessionalism, maybe the Dutch and the police can investigate the politicians who are blatantly committing crimes with no remorse.

In St Maarten, the higher your position, the more you are allowed to get away with. Therefore it appears that people like Theo Heyliger, Louie Laveist, Roland Duncan, various police officers are commiting the most unlawfulness in St Maarten, however they will never be investigated nor prosecuted by their OWN.

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    while i do not represent former Minister Roland Duncan, i would hope that Mr, Duncan retain counsels wherever this publication was published and to file a mega million dollar defamation suit seeking the assets of the ones’ publishing falsehoods and innuendos that are untrue, outrageous and damaging to this man who stood tall to achieve sxm independence….the damage of this publication of falsehoods are horrific and need to be accounted for by a mega million dollar defamation suit that will return this man of courage honesty and intelligence to the position he honored so well…beyond shame, beyond disgrace and an immediate retraction if not made suggest greater damages suffered by Roland Duncan…


    • I am simply reblogging what has already been published. Everything you read here, has been in one publication or the other before today. So good luck to Roland Duncan. He did a lot while being minister, he no longer has immunity, he is not above the law


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