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Police Internal Affairs Investigating head of Philipsburg Patrol Division for Threatening Victim, Allegation of Corruption at Captain Oliver’s.



randolphbloieman03082013Inspector of Police Randolph Bloieman who was also St. Maarten’s representative in Interpol.

PHILIPSBURG:— The Police Internal Affairs headed by George York is currently investigating Inspector Randolph Bloieman for threatening one of the heirs of Captain Oliver’s in Oyster Pond. According to one of the heirs that is residing on the island, she called Inspector Bloieman Tuesday evening when she was told the officer was trying to obtain her phone number through SMN News. The heir said this officer is someone she trusted and knew for years. “Actually, he was the one that protected me on St. Maarten. Randolph Bloieman is my friend so when I heard he wanted to speak to me I called him but to my surprise the 34 minute phone conversation was full of threats. Bloieman said I should back-off and that I should stop everything that I am doing. He said two detectives told him that I lost my cases both in the lower and the court of appeals. He said I am in danger, something bad is going to happen to me and that I needed to accept a settlement and disappear from St. Maarten. Randolph asked me several times how much monies I wanted and if I was to going to risk my life for greed, I told him it was not about money instead I wanted justice for my uncle, lifelong savings, and the inheritance of my grandparents. Bloieman told me that there is no justice on St. Maarten/St. Martin and I should shut up and listen to him because he knows that I lost the cases. Bloieman said he would bring the parties around the table on Friday which is supposed to be my last day on the island if not something really bad would happen to me. He even accused me of hiring hit-men and said that I am a troublemaker. He instructed me to go directly to my room and to my car and not to set foot on the marina and other parts of the estate even though I lived there. He made me promise not to tell anyone about the conversation because if I did he would no longer be my friend and if he was not my friend then I should know what that meant.” The heir said she was shaken and scared for her life after the phone conversation but she knew that she could not keep it to herself so she went to the Police Internal Affairs and filed a complaint on Wednesday. 

On Friday, the heir got the opportunity to confront Randolph Bloieman in the presence of Chief of Police Peter de Witte and head of Internal Affairs George York. The heir said that Bloieman admitted to calling her and he also admitted to almost everything she said he told her. He told his boss he lost his mind that day when he made the call on Tuesday evening. The woman said that Bloeiman blamed SMN News reporter who called him last week Sunday to inquire what involvement he has with Captain Oliver’s because several employees and other persons on the premises accused him of being involved in corruption. “Several persons who spoke to SMN News said someone related to the people who claimed to have inherited Captain Oliver’s Estate has Bloieman by his balls.” She also said Bloieman denied telling her that she was in danger and that she was going to die, there are few things he denied but everyone in that room knew that Randolph Bloieman was not telling the truth because of their facial expressions. “He even said that the woman who now claims to be the owner of the estate was in front of him when he called me and when I asked him twice if the person was in front of him he said “of course not”.

The heir said she felt that she needed to confront Bloieman in the presence of his bosses to find out what changed between them because for her he was her friend and friend to her family including her late uncle. She also said that when she spoke to him on Tuesday she realized that someone was either blackmailing Bloieman or putting due pressure on him because the criminal cases are soon to kick off. Besides that, she wanted to know if Randolph Bloieman knew the other party involved in the three year battle she is fighting to regain ownership of her uncle’s estate. “To my surprise he said he knew the woman who claimed to be my uncle’s wife whom he constantly called by her first name.”

SMN News has taped interviews with Inspector Randolph Bloieman who admitted that he is friends with both parties and he wanted the two parties to settle because for him getting one million dollars is a lot of money and he never saw a million dollars in his life. Bloieman told SMN News that he is tired of the Captain Oliver’s saga and he felt that he could bring an end to the investigation and battles and in order for him to do that the blood relatives and heirs of the estate must accept a settlement. “He went as far as saying that the Captain Oliver’s case would give him a heart attack. He also admitted that he went once to Captain Oliver’s with his wife for a seafood dinner. Those interviews and all documentation provided to SMN News will be published after the current investigation is completed by Police Internal Affairs. The heir also intends to file a complaint against Bloieman with the Landsrecherche.

SMN News began investigating the inheritance of Captain Oliver’s that is being disputed in a Court of Law on the French and Dutch side of the island, ever since then several documents were provided to SMN News and taped interviews were conducted with the relatives and employees.

The heirs and blood relatives of the USD 25 million estate said that since Oliver Lange passed away in a hospital in Paris in September 2010 they have been trying to get the Dutch and French Justice systems to investigate the last testament of Oliver Lange but to date the investigation has not reached to court. “We have been living a nightmare these past three years because of constant attacks, threats, and intimidation.” The brother of Oliver Lange said he tried to file a complaint with the Dutch side police when his brother’s safe was stolen by someone they knew and the police refused to take their complaint. “My daughter called Bloieman from Paris moments after Oliver Lange died and his hospital room was robbed. We also called him when we learnt the safe was stolen from the marina and taken to Simpson Bay but at no time we were told by phone that there is a time frame in which a complaint must be filed, neither were we told that we could have sent the complaint by email. I came to St. Maarten from the USA to file that complaint and that was when Bloieman told me he could not take the complaint because 90 days had passed. My daughter checked with the former Chief Public Prosecutor and he told her to take the case to the French side because we are French citizens, up to now we cannot understand that because most of the crimes were committed on the Dutch side of the island. But we followed the instructions and the Gendarmes are still working on the investigations which amounted to be numerous and complicated.

The Prosecutor’s office on the Dutch side of the island executed an international request where they arrested and questioned two notaries and one of the witnesses that did not sign the last will which was sent to the Lange family two days after his death by email by one of the employees of Captain Oliver’s.



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