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format tester: notest outline 1september

-Francisco Corallo in Italy

-Cornelius de Weever controversy

-Kadaster and Roos

-Dupersoy (?) the brother

-De Witte

-Police brutality in St Peters photos videos

-Rudolf Samuel (Carlito and Maurice)

-Illegal Building? Still? No Permit – photos

-Prosecutors Officer, under investigation (by whom)

-More photos of Theo with Corallo – camera phone

-Lenny Priest new party – the downlow- lol!

-Jacinto Mock party –

-Soualiga Social Movement

-Jeffrey Richardson

-Julian Rollocks running in 2014

-Really Benjamin Kelly?

-Is Hyacinth’s sister going to write that for him too?

-Patrick Illidge and the cookie jar

– Romain still pissed, lol! unseen video and audio footage

– Leroy de Weever, behind the scenes

-Dr Lloyd perpetually confused

-Yohann Leonard – panicked – ask Carla for documents

-who are the police getting the under the table bonuses

-Sarah manages to get out of another one

-Maurice Lake – Rudolf Samuel – Carlito

-Changes at GEBE….again?

-Billy Dee Vs. Roy Marlin, but Sarah is both of their girl

– Gracita politically dead

-More issues with the permits

– How can the busdrivers and taxi drivers fight the permit scandal if they can’t unite?

– Spadaro buys more politicians

– Who does that Ring Road property belong to now

– Kurt Ruan running next year? lol set up

-Maria Buncamper- as soon as she launches a another comeback, there will be further charges

– New emails from Roland Duncan……………shut down!

-Recherche investigation according to Control Unit

-James Richardson and the dirt

– Dead fishes in the Salt Pond, smell of decomposing body???

-Internal police investigation-cover up-what’s new?

-something brewing at the prison….sos

-bus drivers claiming evidence on Laveist – old newss –

-the truth about william marlin’s time in power

-sarah has a new plan, but will it work


-more on Laville

export from sxmgovernment to new blog

export only march april may to start

new photo shop photos debut 🙂

National alliance audio

Yanchi Leonard audio

Norman Wathey audio

Find photo and video files June 20 police department

Post Roland Duncan info….sigh

go through pages, remove all d.g. photos free up space for heavier or transfer to new blog

syndicate blog, re-route conduit, transfer subscribers, integrate followers, post links to fans and friends

keep checking back with michael

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