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Is the St Maarten government falling again?

– Apparently it is.

Who’s behind the rumbling behind the scenes?

-Romain Laville, of course – but he wouldn’t be doing it, if he didn’t believe certain people had his back.

What’s Prime Minister Sarah Wescot Williams‘ role?

– She too busy infighting with Leroy and Roy to notice.

What is Theo Heyliger’s part in all of this?

– He controls Maurice Lake, but that’s it. He was supposed to be controlling Romain Laville too, but Romain Laville double crossed him once again. Romain knew that he could not pass the Ministers screening, when he promised Theo his seat. Now Romain has his seat, the money and the power to continue to make Theo miserable. His political career is dead, what more does he have to lose?

What’s Gracita’s role?

-Another dead fish in the water, owned and operated by Theo Heyliger, she has no choice but to cling on to whatever power she has, she won’t be getting the vote next year, she forgot family and friends while in power.

Why is Romain upset?

The deal wasn’t just a monetary exchange. It was also about the funding the Minster of Tourism would receive. But Romain, how can you get that funding, when you didn’t give up your seat.

-What’s Patrick Illidge’s part in all of this?

– 🙂

How is the United People’s Party holding up?

– Most have been in communication with the “NEW” parties being formed for next year.

How will Sarah fare in next year’s elections?

Terrible, but don’t worry about Sarah, she’s already made arrangements to piggybank on the success of one of the “NEW” parties.

What about these up and coming “NEW” parties?

Many have “OLD” party members funding and backing them behind the scenes, there’s nothing “NEW” about them.

Why is Roland Duncan scared?

– He talked too much trash to the Dutch when he had immunity. Now he has NO immunity his words have come back to haunt him. He wants the Dutch and everyone else to just forget his statements, but now it’s payback time.

What about William Marlin?

-Next year won’t be as easy as he thinks it will be, his people continue to negotiate with others, it’s all about the bigger, better deal.

How will Theo Heyliger fair next year?

– Everyone’s pretty much seen through Theo Heyliger’s bull. Next year he’ll just hand out more money, but he will try to be discreet about it, considering he’s under so many different bribe and corruption investigations.


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