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I’ve been doing my best to avoid politics for the past few months for a reason. I’ve been busy with something else. A lot has been going on in politics. The one way that you can get me back into blogging, is by pissing me off. Bibi Shaw reported on her SMN-news website that the government was falling. She received a lot of criticism for that, but I’d been told the same thing. I just refused to run with the story because I didn’t have enough info, and I didn’t know if it was a test to ruin the blogs credibility. Bibi took the hit, and Maurice Lake in his infinite stupidity decided to use the blog story as a reason to censor the press. Considering that I am the ONLY St Maartener in the media rooms, I’m not worried about it. If I can’t attend press conferences, so what. I will stand outside, get the pictures and the people will still get the full story. So yesterday I went to Philipsburg to speak to a United People’s Party source, who did not show up. Instead I ran into Leroy de Weever with Rene Richardson on Fronstreet. I harrassed Leroy and Rene for a while about the fall of the government, but they assured me that the rumours were untrue. I spotted Johann Janchi Leonard, and there was also Benjamin Kelly and Jacko. We discussed politics, and I’m telling you, it’s very interesting, and it will be even more interesting next year.
I have NO friends in politics, and I don’t care who likes me. If you’re cool with me, I’m cool with you, if you try to diss me, I will slash you to pieces. There are no friends in government, every man’s for himself, so why am I investing my time in friendships?
There are politicians who I believe are okay, it doesn’t mean that I can trust them as far as I can throw them. There are politicians that I don’t like, and there are the ones that I loathe.

Louie Laveist, I don’t dislike him, he is a very personable, charismatic guy, and that’s why he gets the votes. He’s upset with me right now, I’m getting the cold shoulder but that’s okay. Just because I don’t have issues with you, doesn’t mean I can’t blog about the scams that you’re running. You’re making over $500 a day on those Haitian busdrivers alone, and all of the voodoo and obeah that they are working for you, won’t work next year. You have that illegal filling in and building at the Lagoon. No one’s supposed to mention that everyone’s supposed to smile and be cool. Louie had the chance to clean up his name last year, he chose not to. He chose to deal with septic. Well the shit will hit the fan next year.

I can afford to remain quiet for awhile, but when the campaign starts, I will be sharing blows, and enjoying it, it’s what I do best. Politicians believe that bus fare is going to buy your vote, and a bit of cash here and there will. Everybody’s gotta eat, but the average person isn’t as cheap as the average politician.
I don’t dislike Louie Laveist, and there are a lot of people who love him. He assured me that he’s running next year, and here’s my advice to him. Clean up your illicit activities before next years election, because it will all be exposed.
You only deal with the Haitians because the majority of them are illegal, without work permits and easy to manipulate.
Frans Richardson is coming out with his own party next year. I asked him today who was going to be on his slate, he pointed to the legislativie hall jokingly, and said everyone in there. Now how do I feel about Frans? I don’t dislike him, although I’m supposed to. In St Maarten politics there are a lot of detractors, and many had negative things to say about Frans. However there are also those who love him and are extremely loyal to him. Frans’ asset is that he’s helped a lot of people, and so he has a lot of faithful voters. His deficit is that he can be a prick, or some have considered him to be somewhat aloof and prickish. If Frans intends to go on his own next year, he has to be nicer on a more consistent basis.

William Marlin the leader of the National Alliance has spent years, decades even explaining to the St Maarten people why the DP and UP were bad, and why he would do a better job. He was given a chance, albeit a short one, and he failed miserably. He enacted the same policies as Theo and Sarah, he divided up the shares with his friends and family. He gave Ministerial positions based on who the person was sleeping with…….which would be his son. He ignored a lot of people who he’d made promises to. William Marlin is pretty much, the poor man’s Theo Heyliger. But at least William Marlin has loyalty in his party. Many people in the National Alliance hate William Marlin, and believe he should not be the leader of the National Alliance party. Especially right after 10-10-10 when he couldn’t form a coalition with anyone although he had the most vote. His own party considered him to be too arrogant, and they wanted him removed. The only person who stayed under Marlin’s testicles was Kendall Dupersoy, and he got his rewards last years, let’s hope he’s satisfied, he won’t be getting anything else next year.
Lenny Priest is coming out with his new party, but according to my sources it’s just sour grapes for Lenny Priest. William Marlin had promised Mr Priest a lot. Much to Lenny’s dismay, when William Marlin got to power he forgot all about Lenny. So Lenny set up this new party out of spite mostly, just like Jeffrey Richardson. It’s a leveraging tool to get what he wants after next elections. People like Lenny, Jeffrey and Jacinto are no different from the parties which they left, and they know that they’re not going to get a lot of votes, they’re are simply hoping to get enough votes to get a seat, disturb the natural order of things in St Maarten and use their votes and the St Maarten people to get what they believe they deserve and are owed. I have very little faith in Lenny Priest’s party, because I know Lenny Priest from way back when, and I guess I just know a little too much about him
When it comes to the Soualiga Social Movement and Alston Alvarino Lourens. I have a lot of emails of Alston and Shoozalstonbaby

Richardson’s lying ass. According to one DP board member. DP STARTED THE SOUALIGA MOVEMENT!!! THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY STARTED THE SOUALIGA SOCIAL MOVEMENT, AND DOWN THE LINE ALSTON AND CO. TOOK OVER. I WOULD HAPPILY TAKE ALSTON TO MY SOURCE, BUT ALSTON WOULD NEVER ONE TO MEET MY SOURCE, becaue Alston is a coward who only knows backdoor slander campaigns. Is it Nature or Nurture? Meaning was he born that way, or was he simply raised that way. I believe it’s a combination of both. Don’t trust Alston, Shooz or any of those DP owned crooks. I have emails of Shooz telling me that Maria Buncamper was the one funding and propping up the foundation. Now I’m trying to figure out if they were simply trying to throw her under the bus, or if they were double dealing at the back door.
Jacinto Mock is a somewhat controversial ex-member of the National Alliance. I remember when he fell out with William Marlin and the National Alliance, I saved all of his Facebook postings. Jacinto was bragging on line that he had access to secret video tapes of one Julian Rollocks in sexually compromising positions. Jacinto claimed that the video was found stored at an address on E. Camille Richardson street. Now don’t forget Julian Rollocks is William Marlin’s first cousin. So Jacinto had to go. My issue with Jacinto is that I’m one of the few people who have read his posts and updates on a regular basis since 2009. And if you read his postings you’ll realize that there’s something ‘off’, delusional and erratic about him.
Leroy de Weever swears up and down that he is not running next year. I don’t believe him, and neither does Rene Richardson, Jacko or any of his friends. Leroy de Weever might want to retire now, but when political season starts, and Sarah comes a calling, you can best believe Leroy will be back on the campaign trail.
Jesus Richardson believes that I don’t know what his “big” secret is. The reason why he’s always nervous and anxiety ridden. Don’t worry Jesus, my former classmate. It will be my pleasure, to penetrate NO VASELINE next year, and I hope you bring your buddies too. Jesus, St Maarten is only 37 square miles. Here’s something I learned…………If more than one person knows something about you, it’s no longer a secret.


I’ve been stockpiling info for months now, I have to unload


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